Mirage opens an enchanted music box, which plays a tune that puts everybody near it to sleep until it is closed again. Aladdin proceeds to tell the others of his life long before Genie, Jasmine or anyone but Abu. After returning a letter declining the offer, the Queen’s suitor, King Pector, decides to battle the Sultan to the death for the insult. It turns out to be a trap set by the al-Muddi, a race of mud elementals who like to eat humans. When Iago notices everyone around the palace acting strangely, he suspects the Sultan might be preparing for a party. He gets his chance when he comes upon one of Mechanicles’ contraptions a giant robot built in his likeness.

The jewels turn out to be ruined city’s royal family, who are all powerful wizards, in disguise. By trying to avoid the prophesy, Iago makes it come true, and unless he can defeat the monster, his friends and Agrabah are doomed. Now everyone must recreate Sadira’s fantasy in real life, and Aladdin must give Sadira true love’s kiss before the spell can be broken. Then the treasure turns out to be a trap After a giant shark which can live on land attacks Agrabah, a flying ship manned by the ever-vigilant Captain Merc, who seeks out the shark, comes to the Sultan asking for a crew. When the sunlight touches the gem, the sorceress Queen Deluca arises, as the hawk is revealed to be her husband King Zahbar.

Once Al realizes this, it’s up to he and Genie to conjure up a mirage of their own to fool the sorceress, or else lose their friends, and their city.

Aziz refuses and escapes; Minos promises Aladdin they will find him, and work hard to repay their past crimes, having finally found as monsters what they had all along love.

While Thundra is distracted by Iago, the others steal a rain cloud to take back to Agrabah to give water ayak the people, only to face the wrath of Thundra once she discovers Iago’s deceit. Three small aladcin destructive tornadoes sweep through the marketplace of Agrabah.

When Jasmine is captured by a clan of warrior women who desire her allegiance, the Sultan is determined to save his daughter himself. On the night of the full moon, Aladdin is caught between his promise to spend the night alone with Jasmine, aghoil his desire to help his friends uncover a mysterious treasure. Transcribed by Katie Ann.

Unknown to Aladdin and the gang, Zin is forced every night by his dark-side Zang to turn into a dragon—the former city’s protector—who destroys the town. A total of eighty-six episodes were made; counting the third movie as eighty-seventh and official series finale.

But when all the demons are released the become the giant smoke demon Sootinai, who tries to burn down Agrabah. Written by KGF Vissers. When Jasmine, Iago and company burst in on the wedding, and despite interference from Genie and Carpet, Jasmine is able to make it to Aladdin and he is drawn to her as well.


Realizing that she can’t bring herself to destroy Aladdin and Jasmine’s love, she protests, but Aziz will not give up, and turns on her and Minos, killing Minos.

Ayam Aghoul

While flying around with Carpet in the sky one day, Aladdin is spotted by several tiny sprites who follow him home to the palace.

Iago finds a treasure chest. When the sunlight touches the gem, the sorceress Queen Deluca arises, as the hawk is revealed to be her husband King Zahbar. Hades brings Jafar back to life, and the two team up to get revenge on Hercules and Aladdin by turning them against each other.

Caliph Kapok, a disembodied wizard, pays the Sultan a visit and asks Aladdin to help rejoin him to his evil body. Season 1 Episode Despite being scared, the kids agree, and end up trapped in a hole. A few escape and warn Aladdin, and they head out to stop Mozenrath and rescue the other sprites.

Thundra, finding Iago episdes, decides to take matters into her own hands. Nine episodes were first aired on the Disney Channel aghoup early as a preview for the series. After climbing inside and taking control, he defeats a local hero, Dominus Tusk, to prove his worth, but Mechanicles wants his robot back, and when he takes control of it again, Wahid is still inside.

Aladdin’s new friend Zin and his evil twin Zang may have something to do with it In the final confrontation, it is the Sultan who saves the day, and Aladdin learns not to underestimate his future Sultan-in-law. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. It turns out to be a trap set by the al-Muddi, a race of mud elementals who like to eat humans.

Stuck with a logical, remorseless head as well as a loving, headstrong body, it’s up to Jasmine and the guys to get Caliph’s head separated from his body so he’ll reverse the spell and put Aladdin back together, as well as save the syam kingdom.

Genie convinces the aladdih that the shaman isn’t their leader, because of his hurting them, and they turn on him—the shaman is then killed by ayamm ill-gotten magic. Luring Aladdin and his group into a trap, they plan to use Mechanicles’ robotic insects with magical “mood stones” that Abis Mal has, which change a person’s emotions to a specific emotion to throw the group into disarray to complete their revenge.

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Aladdin Genie Jasmine Jafar Iago. Aladdin and the gang must get Wahid out, or he will have to take advantage of an awkward situation to be a hero after all. Everyone praises Carpet, and Aladdin vows to let Carpet do the flying from here on out. The next morning, everyone’s memory has been rearranged so that Sadira is the princess and Jasmine is a street rat. After facing off against a magical creature threatening the city, Aladdin encounters the wizard responsible for the creature, a young sorcerer called Mozenrath, who took control of the Land of the Black Sand after obtaining the former ruler’s power.


As Abu is found holding the gauntlet which triggered the trap mechanisms, Aladdin rages that’s one theft too many and intends to leash his handy friend, who runs away, followed by ever-greedy Iago.

When Genie understands, they promise they’d wait to be together until the time Dandhi’s life ends. Genie falls in love with a female genie named Eden, but she is not a free genie, having a young, homeless orphan girl named Dandhi as her master. But when the Unkbuut kidnap Jasmine, Aladdin will need to face his fear to rescue her.

Genie accidentally gets infected with a magical cold that causes his magic to go out of control every time he sneezes, so Aladdin and Iago go after the Aladdn of Machana in hopes of curing him before Genie can do too much damage. They eventually find the once-princess, who is a pick-pocket and in rags.

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Now Al and Jasmine must put aside their anger at each other to rescue Uncouthma. However, due to the interference of Aladdin’s friends, both Aladdin and Mozenrath’s spirits are sharing the same body.

He is forced to prove his theory and Abu’s freedom is on the line if he can’t. Aladdin and Captain Al Bahtross have to work together to solve the mystery of the kraken sinking the merchant ships. Aladdin and the others, however, are a little apprehensive about letting the Sultan come along, but they have no choice.

Mozenrath imprisons the heroes, leaving them to die at dawn by the burning of a diamond mechanism in the ceiling. Soon only Genie and Iago are left, and they learn that a mystical gem which fell from a chest is the cause of this battle. When her father forbids her, she goes disguised as a palace guard to help rescue Aladdin. Goofs Iago and Abu are supposed to be immaterial. While passing through a frozen wasteland, Aladdin, Genie and the others encounter an abominable snowman’s castle.

But Jasmine will have to stay there and entertain the King forever.

As the Netherworld Turns

Jasmine receives a cute pet that, when frightened, grants the wish of whoever is frightening it in hopes to save itself from the danger. Jasmine, meanwhile, is forced to undergo a number of “initiation tests”, during all of which she auam and nearly succeeds in escaping. Aladdin, skeptical, is soon proven wrong when Carpet is stolen by Abis Mal and Haroud.

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