Recurring worries about the morals of teenaged girls and young women permeated such accounts, prompting claims that their repeated attendance at movies would lead to the compromising of those morals. Viola, believed to be a boy, is admired by the Duke, becomes his page and is sent by him with a message to his sweetheart Olivia”. Such campaigns initi- ated a longstanding tradition of aligning stars with both consumerism and physical self-improvement. Moreover, mainstream movie theaters served an informal, come-and-go-as-you-please audience. The regular Vita- graph production is one complete picture a day, or six a week. The chase comedy they watch seems unobjectionable, but it is shot in New York City and the chase goes past the Waldorf and Park Avenue hotels, plunging Mary into a “fairy- land” of riches. Often it reaches ten a week.

With the many new warm-weather studio locations — including IMP in Cuba, Melies in San Antonio, Vitagraph in San Diego, and Essanay in northern California — few would yet have guessed that “Hollywood” alone would win out and become synonymous with American studio filmmaking, but the Times exhibited a prescient boosterism in talking about the touring companies: Poverty continued to be widespread, especially among immigrants, rural inhabitants, and African Americans. An action genre growing in popularity was the Civil War film. Automobile manufacturing began in the mid- s in the United States. Among Griffith’s entries in the genre this year. As Eileen Bowser points out, in this era when nickelodeon programs always were built from several short films, exhibitors expected to receive new films in three large genre categories — comedies, dramas, and westerns.

In the second, the U.

Or a film might engage with social issues and debates of the day, participating overtly in discourses already ani- mating other channels of social commentary. For all his Civil War films, Griffith infused unexpected ele- ments from the woman’s melodrama — with its conventions of suffering and private triumphs — as a metaphor for the South’s experience. The film’s acting style is complex even while adhering to theatrical tra- ditions.

Adaptations from Shake- speare were one way the film industry could promote itself as an ennobling enterprise — not just a low business tempting children to crime and women to ruin — but one must remember too that Shakespeare’s plays were closer to popular entertainment than they have become an evolution traced by historian Lawrence W. As Hiram Abrams explained, “The exhibitor agreed to take the program of the producer over the contract period. It marked the inauguration of a theater build- ing boom across the country.

FILM Amech-hah-Extrait – TomClip

At the end of a subsequent day, our pretty stenographer has already put on her hat when her bosses’ demands for more working hours cause her to break down into comically exaggerated tears.


Investors now had more faith hqh the future of motion pictures, and that led to rapid expansion of production. The earliest experiments in the exhibition of feature films took place inwhen a handful of historical-biographical epics based on successful plays such as Queen Elizabeth, Cleopatra, and Richard III were screened in rented legitimate theaters.

At the usual fifteen minutes for a full one-reeler. It was by far the deadliest pandemic in modern history or perhaps recorded history: Stein, tellingly, related her stylistic innovations to a quintessentially modern and American mode of constant change encapsulated in the moviegoing experience.

The focus shifted from simply coping with demand to doing everything possible to expand the market and maximize profit potential.

It is important to stress that the story of Pickford’s sky- rocketing income is not just an early version of the kind of narrative we are familiar with today about, say, a waitress earning minimum wage in Los Angeles getting discovered and catapulting onto the Hollywood A-list. Many films dealing with World War I would be examples in this decade.

The suffering mother Grace Henderson must now invent a gender-shift fiction to account for the shadowy figure hidden behind closed shutters, and so she deceives Agnes’s two suitors into thinking that the brother’s battlefield death has driven Agnes insane. Two years later, Pickford signed with Zukor’s key rival. A commentator in Life magazine foresaw the dawning of our “wired” global village: Despite what some accounts have argued, the Trust companies were no more reticent about advertising their stars by name than their Independent counterparts.

For Griffith the dark mansion in The House with Closed Shutters embodies the years of Reconstruction as some- thing to which male failure in the war can’t help but cling. Cyr — also a Winnebago, who acted under the name Redwing — as an Indian maiden who starts in a traditionally passive characterization. Percentages in a survey by New York City’s reformist People’s Institute were higher, with “fully three-quarters of the children” attending at least once a week Inglis.

Films directed by D. The relatively short dura- tion of nickelodeon programs — typically about an hour this year — also meant that workers were able to squeeze in time for movies, even when only 8 percent of them had a regular schedule of forty-eight hours a week or less Cashman, Ascendant Rockwell’s combination of realism and nostalgia for the simple pleasures of a premodern era remind us again of the transitional nature of this period.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The more or less ineffectual legal constraints on com- petition employed by the MPPC gave way to brute economic constraints, as industry leaders turned moviemaking into a big money proposition demanding prohibitively huge capital and logistical resources.

Set mainly in the late s, just after Mexico’s defeat by the United States but before California statehood, Jackson’s story ha which the film follows closely in outline — cen- ters on the amecch love of Alessandro, a mission Indian, and Ramona, from an aristocratic Mexican family.


After all, the last Indian Wars conflict at Wounded Knee, South Dakota was only twenty years past, horses were still everywhere, and the distinction between films of the “Old West” and those set in the present was often hazy.

Perhaps we can run the film backward and have Lear chase himself. Pro- gressivism, sustained through the previous administrations of Roosevelt and Taft, had affected not only government, but the related spheres of journalism, academia, and activism.

Readers were encouraged to imagine the lives of those in “Filmland” as an enhanced version of reality, a parallel to the increased opulence on display in the films produced.

It opens in a dingy tenement room in Manhattan’s Jewish ghetto, as a girl in her late teens Dorothy West watches her mother die. In one, Aemch lost its appeal in the suit initiated by Harpers in for the film company’s use of Ben Hur, a legal decision that ordered motion picture producers to recognize the copyright of authors instead of making free use of books and plays. The advertis- ing value of the stars was clear to the exhibitors because, as they had discovered, stars were a great draw for the public.

Star photo postcards were offered for sale in bulk by exhibitors to resell to their patrons. The business world found supportive inspiration in efficiency expert Frederick Taylor’s fulm book on the influence of industry upon Ameri- can life.

Equipe de tournage du Film Amech hah

Alternately, a film might tap into topical issues less for the sake of earnest message-mongering than for sensationalism and curiosity value. As is not unusual among the year’s films, the female lead is the emo- tional pillar, and Ramona survives after her husband is driven mad and murdered. Stars were also central to the drive for market expansion undertaken by Paramount and other industry leaders because growth required expansion into broader demographic gilm — winning over well-to-do audiences — and into all regional and international markets.

This vol- ume highlights some of the most illuminating examples of their crucial interrelationship. Similarly, the growing acceptance of athletics as part of a middle-class existence encouraged in part by the active lifestyles of celebrities, including movie stars translated into a more liberal conception of casual clothing.

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