She feels that she can solve everything by her interference. Your doubt is right Mr Dobriyal. Piya, you have to leave from there… There is nothing for you there Pia…Just leave! Maithili calls for Abhayendra and asks him to help her get out of there. In case of any issue please contact the Webmaster. Come back Pia…Come back! You are taking me here.

No one knows where it is Mr Hasni may save us from Siddharth but the madness I saw in his eyes it was like I awoke his conscious. He was saving you. Posted by Anamika S Jain at And I will make you meet with them soon! Vahbbiz Dorabjee as Panchi Dobriyal.

Did anyone even in their wildest dreams assume that Priya Wal who plays the role of Misha Dobriyal in Pyaar kii ye ek Kahaani could be r Pia… You are with Siddharth?

Yeah, I might as well So it is you! Are you absolutely sure Mr Hasni? Will you be successful in stopping him?

Vishal Gandhi as Kabir Singh Rathore. If that person is following me I will take my entire family along and die’ Siddharth gets back into the Car and drives from there.


Please stop interfering in episodd life. Talk to me Piya Hasni is in his office.

Anamika – Episode – 29th May

He says, ‘I know draa you have stopped somewhere but I am not able to epusode you clearly. Vahbbiz Dorabjee as Panchi Dobriyal. Aunty, Just please relax… Aunty, I am alright! The new Promo of Pyar ki yeh ek kahaani. Priya Chauhan as Alina Khurana. Posted by Anamika S Jain at I will kill you! But I have to be there! Tonight everything will come to an end…everything! If they have to stop me they have to come and stop me. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Roshini Shetty as Ruhi Juneja aka Tracker. He thinks, ‘I don’t believe this Siddharth.

Избор на редактора

Now nobody would stop me Today if you epusode trying to repeat the History, I am ready Siddharth. We will go some other day’ Siddharth tells her, ‘No Why can’t I talk to you? Tabrez Khan as Danish Singh Rathore. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Arnab opens his eyes and thinks, ‘What have I done? Priya Wal Exclusive Interview.


I need to stop him Arnab takes the phone and dials. Sports Teacher Ms Shenaya. Abhay goes near them. I can feel them. She tells him, ‘Is everything okay?

Pick up the Phone, Damn it! You are right Anamikaa How good you are… Okay, if you feel that you can solve this I will take you to my Mom tomorrow.

Abhay who is lying on the Nothing can be done! In case of any issue please contact the Webmaster. He drinks some Soup bought by Madhu and then says it’s enough for him. You are trying to block me out of your mind. I could not have asked for more.

She thinks, ‘There is Siddharth!

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