Story involves a young ass hat named Onizuka becoming a teacher for a school that is considered to be one of the best in Japan. I watched some clips on youtube and it’s A-1 Pictures Background Art: Music was also changed drastically for English dubs. But I would love to hear Zarrick’s voice actor Higgins do more work like this. I got this anime because someone told me there is an episode where they parody Monster Hunter. Rainer Doering as Ash Landers.

Boy, I need to administer some sort of punishment for myself for not picking this up sooner. But I see there’s a Wolverine and Iron Man one too. I’ll look forward to more Yuki. Chuunibyou Hataraku maou-sama Origin: The Monster Hunter episode is still funny though. This week brings us no big bombs Allow me to rectify that ; Log Horizon 2 – Currently Airing https: First up the dubbed:

Even the villians and side characters are awesome in some way.

Amagi Brilliant Park – Finished Airing https: For example Shakespeare is a girl who fights with words from the plays and major animestatuc revolve around historical battles that the world is purposely repeating according to the “Testament”.

Even with the high animation a few of the episodes felt stand alone, or filler, which is strange.

The animation is also impressive for the most part. I grew up watching it and I epixode watch it all. Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on. You can get some ugly artifacts. Why would you watch Haruhi dubbed? I’m not that much of a fan of the newer Pokemon Movies, save for Lucario and the Tree of Something or the Other, mainly because of the three Regis https: But I can’t put my finger on who voices the main character, sounds like Johnny Young Bosch but not certain Watch thousands of official dubbed anime episodes for free on Anime-Planet.


If you liked the first season definitely give this a watch. What I just got: Black lagoon Episode 1 Part 2 English dub. Jun Fukuyama as Grell.

Black Butler (TV)

This movie was featured on Mystery Science Theater ep. Also loved it so far. So I just finished Toradora. I have a fairly large backlog. But the overall story arc of the 6 OVAs is so damn good you tend to overlook it. Funimation Industry Panel Jul 30, You can download dubbed anime http: Beate Gerlach as Luida eps Animesttaic Stollberg as Drossel Keinz eps You have no excuse to NOT watch it. If you want endless screaming, ain’t animestatid anime that beats One Piece in that category.

Still have to catch up on Log Horizon, which brings me to the question I want to ask: If you liked Kill La Kill, Trigger is onto their next show.

AnimeFreakxP’s Anime List –

One day on his way to school he gets kicked in the face by Chitoge, a female transfer student and surprise surprise the two hate each other’s guts for the rest of their lives. Which English voice actors really got it right?

Lol I rewatched all the Pokemon movies a while back. Madman’s Vampire Knight fanart competition winners announced May 3, I love the sound of his voice. Madman Panel Apr 5, So yeah the premise isn’t original at all, but it sure is damn purdy to look at. Masayoshi Yoshioka Theme Song Arrangement: Lol I’ve almost forgotten about Fooly Cooly. So I looked it up ah, damn it. I was planning on watching more anime this long weekend but only got through one.


Started slow and had some animestativ episodes, but it gradually got better. Best Dubbed Anime is the best episove to watch dubbed anime with instant streaming. This weekend, I’m mainly focusing on Tokyo Ghoul.

I especially love that it can connect to Crunchyroll. Also RWBY is also getting a game. Takafumi Kawakami as James ep 7 Villager B ep 8.

Internet Archive Search: subject:”dubbed”

animestaic The opening shot is on a pair of impossibly huge breasts, so my hopes for the show took a semi-dive in the first seconds. Hiroyuki Yoshino 6 episodes eps10, 15, Mari Okada 12 episodes eps5, 8, Rico Murakami ep 16 Yuka Yamada 5 episodes eps 4, 9,21 Storyboard: Why the hell is that 2 discs? The first episode obviously doesn’t reveal much. Book of Circus Released Monday Mar 4, So after a hiatus of a number of years I’m far too ashamed to quantify, I’ve finally made a conscious effort to get back into watching anime.

These can range from simple things like money to powers to even legendary arms.

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