You need to login to do this. The boy, with a smile on his face, says Seen in this sketch from 8: Hey, y’know who’s gay? Death of a Child: TomSka June 27,

The character Desmond the Moonbear from asdfmovie 2 has also been given his own Twitter account [12] though it is not active. Similarly, the sixth installment released on February 9th, , received over 3 million views in just 3 days. Like us on Facebook! Youtube Comment Edition April 15, A remix of the song by the same group, this time using various comments from the original video. I want an ice cream! A German dub of the fourth movie. I used to be a cow!

Pretty much everyone, due to the art style. I Fell for Hours: The videos asf consist of several short skits featuring various stick figure characters and occasional dialogues. The baby in the beginning of “asdfmovie: You need to login to do this. Just watch it and you’ll know what we mean by that.

In addition to asdf, Asdr has uploaded several other films to his YouTube channel, many of which are live-action. It does absolutely nothing.

The theme from its credits and from other videos by TomSka is available on Newgrounds and on SoundCloud. You know what I hate? A Stylistic Suck -filled alternate third movie. Hi babe, yes I am real man. Failed a Spot Check: If you can keep up, or are similarly insane, you can see almost all of them in this single compilation if you haven’t already.


The song and its instrumental version are available on Amazon. Father watching son making an orange and an apple talk: Oh no, here comes one now! Like Father, Like Son: The full version of the theme from the fifth movie’s credits, from tomsdogdotcomand from the Eddsworld video Eddsworld: You want to go skateboards?

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One deleted asdfmovie9 gag showed two people looking at a paper airplane Seriously, I didn’t think this would ever come out. In another video, two characters try to hold an intervention for Larrywho keeps doing this to people without realizing it.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

I Like Trains Kid: The short skits mean that knowing what’s in them will spoil the what can loosely be called gags very easily, so we recommend you watch the movies before reading the trope list.

Twice in Mine Turtle: From 7 and 8Sam Lavagnino a. Some kids seem indestructible; to wit the “I Like Trains” kid and his assumed Spiritual Successor the airplane baby.

The long awaited tenth movie which is totally not an April Fool’s joke. Sharkrobot [13] and Hot Topic [14] have also sold merchandise based on the videos. Which gets cheese thrown at it. The Muffin Song asdfmovie feat. May 11, at Take a Third Option: Skits from the asdfmovies have also been remade by the fans.


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The guy who gave him the bomb comes back a few seconds later and takes it back. The Black Speech for turning the father into an ice cream cone is a backmasked “memeicus icecreamicus”. The Cow-Pretending-to-Be-a-Man wears a baseball cap backwards and carries a skateboard. Tom drew inspiration from The Lazer Collection and other animated flash videos at the time, which he then decided to make his own animated series in a similar style.

A guy in 8 is afraid of backstories. All of the characters are completely out of touch with the reality we know. Then again, they could be asdf’s version of Kenny.

This is how the kid in the fourth movie mugs the mugger. Beep Beep I’m a Sheep feat. No One Could Survive That!

Seen in this sketch from 8: The butterfly in the ninth movie that lifts a girl up by her finger and takes her away.

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