Effectively second-in-command behind Hannibal although Murdock outranks him , he is the one who arranges for supplies, equipment, and sensitive information using numerous scams and hustles; several episodes also suggest that he is also responsible for arranging the team’s weaponry, especially when overseas, often via highly illegal means see season three’s “Skins” for one such reference. Many early episode scripts listed the character as “Face Man”. His relationship with Hannibal is built on respect and, while Hannibal sometimes has to order him to do things usually by saying “Move it Lieutenant” in a stern voice , Hannibal oftentimes treats Face like a son and calls him “kid,” usually when he is apologizing for something. Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal. Joint Service Commendation Medal. Although in early episodes he is depicted very much as a suave but general hustler , often seen in leather jacket and jeans and merely trying to make a life for himself while on the run, by the second season his interests tend towards more cultural facets, such as country clubs, art purchasing, and wine tasting – albeit often obtained via, or used in, various cons – and his wardrobe reflecting this, containing more tailor-made suits and up-market designer items. Note that for the original broadcast, two endings were shot, with viewers able to phone in and vote on the outcome on whether Bancroft really was Face’s father or not.

Army Commendation Medal with one oak leaf cluster. Afghanistan Campaign Medal with two bronze service stars. Throughout the film, Face matures from a womanizing joker to a calculating professional – to the point that, in the film’s climax, he , not Hannibal, plans the A-Team’s legal redemption. Registrati al nostro messenger su Facebook e salta la fila alla What The Fox Competition in piazza dell’anfiteatro Registrati Dal 1 al 5 novembre. Nel recita nel film Dying on the Edge. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation. Archived from the original on

Ha debuttato al cinema nel in Cento ragazze e un marinaio con Elvis Presley. Note that this is the birthdate of “Templeton Peck”; Richard Bancroft probably never learned his birthdate. The following are the medals x service awards fictionally worn by Lieutenant in the movie adaptation. Throughout the film, Face matures from a womanizing joker to a calculating professional – to the point that, in the film’s climax, he sbefla, not Hannibal, plans the A-Team’s legal redemption.

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National Defense Service Medal. Decker and his MPs to steal medical supplies that Murdock needs after sberpa shot despite knowing there was a high probability of getting arrested. The character’s full nickname varies in different media.


Vediamo com’erano gli attori ai tempi della messa in onda della serie e come sono oggi. He does, however, mention that Face wandered into the orphanage when he was five years old and was “first orphaned by his family and then by his country. Introduced in the Pilot and many other episodes, his nickname is clearly given aattore ” The Faceman”. United Nations Korea Medal.

In the filmPeck is played by Bradley Cooper. Facebook Twitter condivisioni. Nel George ci ha purtroppo lasciati. As in the TV series, Face is depicted as a handsome, smooth-talking ladies’ man, but is also shown having a relationship with Captain Charissa Sosa Jessica Bielwho pursues the A-Team after they escape from prison.

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Lo stesso anno viene scelto come attorw star in un episodio di Hawaii Five-O, poi arriva nel il momento della serie Chopper One al fianco di Don Burdick. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is also the team member who usually organizes the fees for their services, due to his aptitude with numbers, as demonstrated in a number of episodes, and at times is shown to have the ability to count large amounts of money or value expensive items within a matter of seconds.

In the pilot episode, it is revealed in a discussion with an elderly priest, who it is suggested was his mentor during his youth, that Face spent his youth at a Los Angeles orphanage run by the Catholic Church, although whether Face himself is actually Catholic is never revealed.

Vediamo adesso i protagonisti dello show nel dettaglio, com’erano ieri e come sono oggi. Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation. What’s interesting is that he does this despite knowing that he will likely be beaten and interrogated as he doesn’t seem to be surprised when he is hauled off for interrogation. The name “Faceman” originates from a popular slang term used by girls for attractive male students during Stephen J.

As well as a number of cameos in other stories, the car was prominently featured in several episodes, including season two’s “Chopping Spree”, where it was used as bait in an attempt to catch car thieves. Richard Bancroft [2] December 7, [3]. He tends to treat B. Iraq Campaign Medal with two bronze service stars. Originally serving as an infantry Soldier thus earning a Combat Infantryman’s Badge “Face” commissioned as an Intelligence Officer assigned to support a Special Operations Force Team where he met his soon to be fugitive counterparts.


Nel ottiene grande successo impersonando il Tenente Scorpion nella serie TV Galactica e nel lungometraggio ispirato a essa. Despite his complaining, Face is actually a very brave guy who is willing to put the team before himself. Joint Service Commendation Medal. Afghanistan Campaign Medal with two bronze service stars. Other examples drop “The”. The elderly priest is not seen again after the pilot.

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Many early episode scripts listed the character as ream Man”. Templeton “Faceman” Peck as he appears in the second season opening credits. When Hannibal is elsewhere or captured during several episodes, Face is often seen to be at the helm of the team, planning their course of action see season two’s “Bad Time on the Border”, season four’s “Wheel of Fortune” and season five’s “Point of No Return” for examples. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Nel compare anche in un cameo nel film A-Team Face tends to treat Murdock like a little brother and acts sberlx a mentor to him and often takes Murdock with him on scams which Murdock loves and placating whatever delusion Murdock is currently having, although not nearly as aftore as Hannibal does.

Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal. Archived copy as title CS1 maint: Although Fiilm found out earlier, Bancroft made him promise not to tell Face, who is furious that Murdock didn’t tell him sooner about his father. Face’s relationship with the rest of the team is that of a surrogate family.

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Face seems to have an affinity for heavier caliber revolvers as opposed to the rest of the teams. Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal. Benedict answers, “You don’t mess with it, kid. In “The Island” Face lets himself be captured in order to find the prison where the doctor who once saved B. Cannell, narra le avventure di un commando di ex-combattenti della guerra del Vietnam di nome A-Team, un gruppo di soldati un tempo arruolati nelle Forze Speciali statunitensi.

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