Lists with This Book. Get it free with day trial. But if you want to sink into a book of poetic prose, images and charming characters struggling against the fear and racism of the time, this should appeal. One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga by Marcus Sakey and it is our featured series of the month. This short novel is full of caring, compassionate characdters. Swan Place Oct 30, The Gray Man is back!!!

Love, religion, and family are crucial elements of her work; though, few people have every really accused her of getting too preachy. If you’re looking for a gentle, heartwarming love story this is the story for you. As an author, Augusta Trobaugh understands the importance of, first and foremost, entertaining her audience. The author has a history with the Westminster Schools of Atlanta. I have lived in small Southern towns with these suspicions, and experienced that hatr This story was so touching and surprised me with its depth. The Tea-Olive Bird Watching Society is basically a spin on the classic movie set in modern times and following the machinations of a group of women determined to commit a crime. There are several secrets in this book and the answer to the final one isn’t all that clear to me. Apr 08, Nada rated it really liked it Shelves:

And his nurturing her into the beautiful flower she Lovely story! I’d say this novel is more character-driven than plot-driven.

Quite a lovely read. Although the majority of Trobaugh’s writings have been described as “Christian fiction” Dutton Publishers has told Publishers Weekly that they are reluctant to call it anything other than “good clean fiction that depicts southern life.

May 24, Maryanne Vetrone rated it really liked it. P BelleBooks, Inc. Mr Oto is a lonely American Japanese who has run away from his family in California and become a gardener for a Southern lady, Miss Anne, in a small seaside town in Georgia.


Sophie and the Rising Sun is a romance that deals with the problems of racial tensions and gives us an account of love’s power to overcome even seemingly insurmountable obstacles, such as great disparities in age or ancestry. The contrast of mobies and pathos. If you want slowness then this is your book. The movie also does a better job at capturing the zeitgeist of the era–while the book mentions the historical events that shape the setting, everything else about it could have very well taken place in a different decade.

As such the advent of the mysterious Mr.

The gardener of a town matron Miss Anne is a quiet fellow named Mr Oto. Augusta Trobaugh beautifully describes the growing connection between them and then explores the racially charged tension their relationship creates. Oto is viewed as suspicious for his quiet demeanor and Asian heritage.

Sophie and the Rising Sun

Love always seems to find us when we are not searching Oto in attracts a lot of attention. Taking place in a small town in Georgia, this is not a passionate love affair but a rather elegant one as is the writing in this novel.

Sophie and the Rising Sun”. This story was so touching and surprised augysta with its depth. She has auugusta tackled race on a number of occasions, bringing together disparate individuals in difficult situations and exploring the manner in which they overcome the hate and discrimination in their vicinity. Sophie must now decide how much she is trobzugh to risk her life a future with a man who has brought such joy into her life.

Get to Know Us. The performance is what turned me off so bad. Oh, what a lovely little book, a gentle tale of wartime love Sophie and the Rising Sun was released in ; the drama stars Julianne Nicholson, Takashi Yamaguchi, and Margo Martindale, and it was directed by Maggie Greenwald who also wrote the script.


Gentry is then assigned to track down the people who took the hooded man.

Augusta Trobaugh – IMDb

The story focuses on the main character Sophie, a single spinster trobuagh has spent the majority of her adult life caring for her aging mother and two elderly aunts, who suffer from dementia. Oto – and that is all I’m going to call him, as his given name deserves the reveal it gets – is a lovely, lovely character, a man who has done a bit o I had no idea what to expect from this Netgalley book.

If this had been all there was to the story – a gently growing connection between two people of different races and very different backgrounds – it would have been trobakgh good book. Maybe they escaped and started a life together. High to Low Avg. Oto’s new found life comesunder seige. Oto drives the plot forward. Most of the reviews seem to classify this as a gentle little love story. I really enjoyed how he felt so much for the heroine without even really knowing her. The book is about the choices the characters make in response to the war and the consequences.

And if they did get away, they still have a myriad of problems of a mixed union at such a volatile time in our history. Augusta writes the sorts of sweet tales that leave people feeling warm, satisfied and contented. Swan Place Oct 30, Jun 22, Nikita Maria reclaiming my literacy rated it really liked it Shelves:

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