They are given a single present, a wrapped box. Yuhi leaves to try to get to the other side, but runs into Akiyama. Ceres warns her that Aki will not be coming back, and that “that man”, too has been reborn and reincarnated is already taking over. Wei and his men come to the Mizuki house to pick up Toya, but Toya asks to see the Mikages. He prepares to return to the Mikage building to persuade Aki to leave, but she stops him, saying that he will die. He cuts the Mikage collar from his neck, then uses the dagger’s unique properties to destroy the door. Wei gets Toya’s dagger and badly hurts him, but Toya is able to make the dagger reappears in his hand and cuts Wei’s eye. This is a complete episode listing for the anime series Ceres, Celestial Legend.

He replies that it is not his fault. The old man forbade Toya to leave the island, and Toya is content with that until he meets the young Aya. Yuhi goes to see what is happening and Mikagi stabs Aya through the chest. Toya goes to the Aogiri residence and tells Suzumi that he still cannot remember Aya. He is about to return the celestial robe to Aya, but sadly this means that he will become a complete human being. Yuhi stabs him with his chopsticks out of sheer fury. Aya catches up with Toya by a fountain. Aya cries as she holds them.

Toya carries Aya out of the water and is shocked to find a webbed red material between his fingers. Her grandfather tells her the marks are a sign that Aki is the rightful heir of the Mikage and he will be fine, but that she must now die.

Aya asks who he is, but ceeres says he has no memories of his own except of the names Toya and Mikage. He tells the doctor that cerse was travelling around beaches in search of his memory of the ocean, was chased by thugs and dumped into the sea.

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Aya ecres from the hospital and finds Toya in his room struggling to bandage his wounds. They stay and find work in Niigata. The old man forbade Toya to leave the island, and Toya is content with that until he meets the young Aya. Toya gives Aya the celestial robe and he just becomes mortal.


Aya goes there while the Aogiris are searching for her. The agree to meet at the overpass where they first met Toya at midnight. He turns and points the gun at his father, but a guard also points a gun at him and Aya’s grandfather orders the guard to shoot him.

Ceres tells Yuhi that Aya is a personification created over the last 16 aayshi, and that they are both the same yet different. His father and brother come to visit, but Yuhi refuses to see them at first.

As she unwraps it, Aya becomes increasingly uneasy. Kagami wants him to hook him up the same machine Aki has been subjected to, promises he is going to return Toya’s memories. Yuhi tries to awaken Suzumi epizode calling out to her, but she can’t hear them.

Yuhi tells Shota to slowly crawl backwards, as the rubble he is on is too weak to support episod weight. Shota, who has paralyzed for the last two years, was hospitalized three days before after being afflicted by the bacteria.

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Ceres emerges from within Aya and tries to attack the doctor controlling Yuki, but Yuki stops her, begging Ceres not to hurt him. Aki goes to visit his grandfather. Upset that Aya was hurt protecting him, just like his parents, Shota starts to wheel away.

Suddenly, she stops falling and begins floating instead, landing gently on her feet. As he crosses the street towards her he gets hit by a car and Aya’s choker falls off. He objects that the shock to her system might cripple her, but Kagami says that Epidode will then take over, which is his objective.

Yuhi stabs him with his chopsticks out of sheer fury. Tomonori lashes back that Yuhi is just the abandoned son of a mistress, and has no right to refer to his father’s wife as “that woman.


Alec Howell is told to give her a drug to manipulate her mind. Aki takes her captive and, back at the Mikage building, tries to rape her. Retrieved from ” https: Aya runs over to Aki, but is warned by Ceres to get away from him.

The chief dies on the boat after everyone else gets out. Howell dubbdd Toya that he cannot ask for forgiveness or even understanding, and that they just wanted her cooperation in ensuring the survival of the human race.

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Aya continues up an elevator, and at the top finds Kagami waiting for her. Toya tells Yuhi he might not have much longer to live, maybe two years, maybe longer. They go to the island, where Aya remembers seeing an already grown-up Toya and offering him a shell. Aya returns, and she promises she will stop the C-Project, and that she will rely on Ceres to help her from now on.

He tells her how afraid he was of losing her that it mentally destroyed him. Directed by Hajime Kamegaki and produced by Studio Pierrotthe twenty-four episode series is based on the fourteen volume manga series written and illustrated by Yuu Watase. Yuhi goes to see Toya and tells him that he’s taking Aya away, as he promised before. Aki tells them that the real Aki has gone to sleep deep within his own subconscious. Chidori, wanting to protect Shota, awakens her own dormant celestial abilities and transforms into an older, taller, and much prettier version of herself, similar to Aya’s transformation into Ceres, but retaining her own mind, will, and personality.

The sight of the relic inflicts scars on Aki once more, the mark of the Progenitor himself, who had been slashed to death by Ceres.

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