Dadisaa comes with Jagya, Ganga and kids. Welcome, Login to your account. He decides to keep it a secret from Dadisaa. Daddu tells that he is remembering the day when Shiv went to school for the first time. Sumitra says, it is on the name of Bhairov. Amol asks, when we will go home? Anandi hugs his mother. Anandi gives him best wishes.

Anandi says we all love you and will always love you. He says, we will get the test done. You have to fight a war. Sumitra says, it is on the name of Bhairov. Amol brings the babies in a pram. Shiv says, let him go alone.

Bhairov says, for making your Adhaar Card. Jagya checks him and says he has some swelling.

Anandi says, she has faith that Amol will stand on his feet and for this she will fight with the lord. Principal tells Anandi that Amol has secured a good marks and she will be happy to admit him in her school. Jagya asks her to go home.

He needs a will power.


Saurav is about to get closer to her. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Anandi hugs his mother. Saachi brings Anandi downstairs.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th January 2014 Full Episode Watch Online

Niranjan asks the kids and Dadisaa to enact the scenes by heart and the viewers should feel the pain of Panna Dai. Anandi says whenever you need me, I will come writetn you. Daddu tells Anandi that her decision is right. Sumitra says, it is on the name of Bhairov. They ask Amol to sit there and wait for them. Some girl sees Saachi and greets her.

He calls them Maa and Papa. Anandi says, I will accompany you 214 will take books, uniform and other things.

One lady says, it is good that Ganga gave birth to a baby boy and you dream to step up on the golden stair is fulfilled. Anandi looks at them. She says you have responsibility towards your parents. She asks him to go with him. Anandi says you can come at any time. Judge says, you can legally adopt the baby and congrats him.


Saachi says, if anyone sees then it will be problematic. Anandi takes blessings from everyone. She says, I called him but his phone was not connecting.

They say we will meet tomorrow. Anandi asks him, when he will improve. A password will be e-mailed to you. Amol says this is my family.

Indian Top Tv Serials: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th January Full Episode Watch Online

She then told her plan to Shiv and he agreed. Ganga goes to thank the Devi maa. Mannu complains of pain in his tummy in his language. They say sorry and leaves. They do the puja and come inside the house.

Jagya says yes and submits his financial status. Like 0 Dislike 0.

He asks them to get ready.

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