But at this point I expect full producer intervention. I love half the cast so i do want to watch it, but then this episode sounded liked a very mixed bag. Mimi April 26, at 9: Not to spoil it to much This is the time for bonding. But then Eunhyuk feels so bad that he tells the girl that her ride is free and now Tak has to collect. Episode 15 eng sub. They automatically receive your IP address when this occurs.

He had more of a baby face in Boys Over Flowers, but now he looks much more mature. Her name is Hwang Bo. Five days later, we open at the airport. I love half the cast so i do want to watch it, but then this episode sounded liked a very mixed bag. I guess I can chalk it up to getting older. April 22, at 8:

His group was not nearly as entertaining as Shi-Yoon’s group. Is these a 1n2d barefot spin off I think Kang Hodong needs too try something different from 1n2d concept and too think its international can they keep up with constant travelling I think these show is not going to lasts coz some of them will do dramas eventually and would overload right?

Aw these three I wish they were together the three chingus and I love bareefoot Eunhyuk totally understands Hyun Joong. I believe Kshow does to. Happily thanks to everyone support, Eunhyuk successfully completes his 3m dive without any issues but unfortunately is deducted points for the shape of his foot, scoring 23 points out of a maximum of 30 points. They need to be all awkward together and get to know one another. Then they get hungry and Jong-shin votes barefokt they spend the whole thing on food.

You always have the answers–as to where to watch variety. Meanwhile, after the dust settled, the cast members resumed their training to become divers, looking forward to participating in a legitimate competition.

Lee joon taking 20 min just to dive have me dying. No, not just you.


Come to Texas, son, and I’ll feed you tacos! They get to see what a video recorded by the other cast members, so I do think this is their first time maybe addressing each other and talking like this.

❤ The Official SBS Barefoot Friends ( 맨발의 친구들 ) Thread ❤

Anyway, one of the reasons why i’m looking foreward whats next for Barefooted friends is the fact that Kim hyun joong can be himself and show his funny personalitycos he sure gave me crazy alughs on we got married and anytime he guest on variety xD. KHJ’s popularity and success decreasing?!?!?! How you igure out how to address someone is sort of a complex.

Not unkindly, just honest. Lizzy4e April 23, at 2: Suddenly Jong-shin pipes up: Seems kinda boring compared to the Friennds segment that just finished Yoo Jae Suk isn’t in this show.

[Eng Subbed] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 19 – | Hyunnies Pexers’s Blog

Ha, some names are better than others. But this show totally reminds me of a reality series I’ve seen possibly on Discovery Travel or something in the early-mid s, where travellers usually caucasian went to some southeast Asian locale and had to find work to do, in order to earn enough money for their lodging the amount was predetermined, I think – so the mix of producer intervention and Rich People Slumming It struck me as familiar in this recap.

It’s nice to listen to the language once in a while, kek. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: KShowOnline reserves the right to edit or remove any material without further notice that is judged to be offensive or inappropriate.

Barefoot Friends Episode 1 [Eng Sub] – Vidéo dailymotion

He just lays it out straight and I think people are so shocked that laughter is just the natural response. As a show of support we find out that his older sister and mother has come out to spectate and cheer him on.


I wonder how that is going to turn out Im surprised Yoon Si Yoon is Enrique in real life too, he’s very cute and cheery like little kid. Daebaksubs has just released the English subs! What we’re watching by DB Staff. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

Eunhyuk totally owes him for that ride, since they each take one-half of an Australian couple and give them side-by-side rides. Uee is Adorable pt 2. If you watch him on SH and Taxi to promote for the drama he was very different.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. And you can see how when they were driving, they had guards and their assigned cyclo driver following. To live like a common citizen here in Vietnam for the next 24 hours.

Both females, that’s it. The fact that I get to see Hyun Joong every week is enough for me.

In this sentence, “And it looks like Eunhyuk and Hyun-joong are dong-gap? But I do wonder if this will remain forever or it will change after he get another role and fantasized by it. But he has no shame, which totally works for him.

In any case, there were donations made for good causes while the show aired, which I personally think was a good thing as well. But this would get too confusing in a school setting since the older studends in the same grade could speak in banamal or phrased more commonly “talk down” to the younger ones; and conversly those younger would have to “talk up” episoed those who happend to be barrefoot a few moths before.

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