Over k teachers to be sacked. NDC has elected ‘bloody’ flagbearer – David Prah. T Nettey Memorial Cup Oscars We are way past the initial fervor of a select few filmmakers actually being able to make quality movies. GHBabe, oh i see your point. Afua on the other hand is reveling in her relationship and defends any advice to the contrary.

You might also like. Established professional film makers initially met the initiatives of non-professionals and their use of the medium of video with suspicion. A Lot Like Love. The Wedding Party 2. History Since the late s a booming video feature film industry evolved in Ghana. For Nina, her life has been devastated from the one true relationship she ever engaged in. Everyone is a director. Of course he or she got nothing to write about except fill the entire script with foul language.

Notify me of new posts by email. But seeing one for herself was enough to tell her there are good ones out there. History Since the late s a ,ovie video feature film industry evolved in Ghana. Shahurkh Khan kissed Katrina Kaif in his newly released movie,jab tak hai jaan. AKu, i am not blaming nigerians.

The State of Ghanaian Movies: Why Are We Progressing At A Retrogressive Rate?

Passion of the Soul. Ghana movies are retrogressing because we are giving our movies to nigerians to direct instead of directing ourselves. Synopsis Two friends with so much in common but with different perspectives to personal relationships. Pascaline edwards can never compete with majid.

Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movies

I enjoyed reading this article. Two friends with so much in common but with different perspectives to personal relationships. Ghanaian actors abroad Bedates year throughNigerian filmmaker Frank Rajah Arase signed a contract with a Ghanaian production ghxnaian, Venus Films, which involved helping to introduce Ghanaian actors into mainstream Nollywood.


Most of the films nominated is a far cry of great movies. Kotoko eye early qualification to avoid calculations SONA: A poor actor cannot be a good director. This may take a second or two.

He seems to have settled peacefully into this character to the extent that he plays it in almost every movie. Refused A UK Visa? Family Fantasy Musicals Period Piece. Unseen letter to a friend from Princess Diana revealed her fears over her biography. Everyone is a director. Gradually, production networks and systems of distribution evolved and since the beginning of the s, each year saw the release of about fifty video movies made by private and GFIC producers.

For Nina, her life has been devastated from the one true relationship she ever engaged in. Emem Isong, a Nigerian producer comments: It could be YOUR fault!

Cedi falls ghahaian record low as foreign investors shun Ghana bonds. Several other producers as a result started shooting in cities like Accra, Ghana, channeling the savings into investing in better equipment, many of them trying to get their films onto the big screen. Films depicting African witchcraft are popular in Ghana, despite criticism being directed towards them. For us it is a good development. There are numerous low-budget visual effects films produced in Ghana, including the science fiction filmand the film Obonsam Besu, also known as Devil May Cry.


You guys dont have anything to say ern,ya all haters. February 25, ghanaisn See Shocking Details Photos.

It’s time to work together for victory — Zanetor congratulates Mahama. Not being a hater, but reading the films nominated for this years award, it is an embodiment of this article.

Twi films are referred to under the sobriquet of being “Kumawood” films, while other Ghanaian films are sometimes known as “Ghallywood” productions. When it comes to our movie industry we lack in everything except picture quality as you stated. Frank is a great actor n play any role given to him… Majid plss wake up once again…. I think the industry is seriously loosing its bounds.

Best dressed stars arrive on Academy Awards red carpet Got a grumpy cat? Growing up, the only thing you had to worry about was the ghost or witches in the movie but nowadays there is a whole lot to worry about.

The State of Ghanaian Movies

Sammy is not a very humble guy. Trust me I was embarrased with the foul language. Unfortunately that is what we see in Ghana movie bedmqtes today.

T Nettey Memorial Cup Oscars Semi-Cartermatic, well said, imagine a producer by name socrate sarfo?

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