But he was just awesome. Little snot, no coughing.. I sent a tweet out to Gabby offering to come pray with her…naked of course. At every club with Bron. One time she said something about Math and since the internet apparently stalls in time? Okay now lemme watch I have an autographed basketball in a case in my office.. I fell asleep on the couch tho.

I aint watched not nah episode. She always bringin his cryin azz up here.. I hate when ppl go in on this baby. Even when she was a little more than thick in Sparkle. Carrington Oh how i’ve missed your dissertations. She better not take that damn ring tho. Gabby aint sleeping with a married man..

Carrington Oh how i’ve missed your dissertations.

I like this show so far. I told Dditomen she gave me this cold, little snotty nosed ass. Check out the latest and hottest breaking stories in popular culture. I would think he knows Dr. They stay doing too much Got sat down somewhere.

My kids was just complaining that Everybody Hates Chris is only on Fridays now I still to this day wished that show was still on. But he was just awesome. His mama and he dude Lambo just irk my soul.

You and E trying to kill me. Lawd it feels good to have a team that wins their games. So it will be late June til I have time for Mary Jane. My husband was like what kind of hoe shyt is that freezing cum.

It’s real simple, there are characters on shows that irk me, that chick that died from the walking dead, the daughter seadon Revenge, Emily on General Hopsital shyt the list can go on point people are entitled to feel how they want to feel about a character and I like all the ladies in sex in the city You don’t know what kids do.


Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 2

San you know I dont play I have a birthing belly. Hate that its mostly Black women with the short sight too. R Willi dont make me fight you today.

She light years ahead. Is it hoe chit or desperate? Trying to wait for everybody in the tunnel and kiss on them. You mean because of their accents how it sounds when they say it?

Beta I see epjsode laughing like that saying woo woo woo. Hell folks didn’t like Todd Manning on One life to live I never watched scandal or BMJ. Thats a real epidemic. Deborah Mathis is the mother of Alison Mathis.

Let me watch this show Aint but 2 so far and its BET so you know it’ll rerun I think you would enjoy the writing tho. Newest Oldest Newest Newest Oldest.

These ppl here chirren episodde sick all day everyday. Younger kids dont do dishes as chores. I aint got time for whatever it ill Mary Jane doing til after April. Saw this twerk vid on the tube I saw that and felt bad for her.

Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 2 – DDotOmen

They must have gotten her a tutor bc I can recall on and park she didnt know the word congratulate…. I love yo mama! I was on the No Scandal Team at first, then I saw one episode and went back and binge watched until I got caught up. From executive producers Lena Waithe and Halle Berry, Boomerang follows childhood bing Simone Rpisode and Bryson Broyer as mart step out of their powerful parents’ shadows and try to make their mark in business and with each other.


Aftershow Kara finally gets her big break. Figured I’d show SR some more love in I sent a tweet out to Gabby offering to come pray with her He’s like of course they would do that shyt.

In Case You Missed It: Being Mary Jane, Episode 3

I fell asleep on the couch tho. First thing’s first – I had no plans to watch what I had automatically assumed was “chick tv” They around too many kids and other shyt to not wash their hands.

Its still on TV for a reason. Interferes in college basketball. Beebers Rochelle is funny as hayle.

One of my bros will NOT watch Scandal because he cant stand that they have a black woman playing the mistress to the yt President. Last night Omari’s wife was like who gonna want me with these!?!?!?! But they can have all these hips and nipped waist. wpisode

Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 2

Hip hop clashes with pop culture in an exciting and groundbreaking webseries for BET. They must have gotten her a tutor bc I can recall on and park she didnt know the word congratulate Last I recall, the wife was on the floor chuncking shoes at the husband talmbout “Get out!!! Gabby saw this script and was like “Shyt, better than Bring It On”.

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