The episode starts out with Gingka and co bandaging up Yu who was ambush by Team Garcia. Madoka seems to have a crush on a scientist named Aleksei who unbenounced is the team leader of Lovushka shows the same interest with bey statistics. Jack has Befall go through another pillar to attack Eagle and names his third art, ‘Distress’. Yu complains loudly to anyone who will listen about how even if he wins against Tsubasa, he’ll only be the sub member of the team. Episode The Compass Of Fate: But in the end Gingka, Masamune and Yu lose. The Miraculous Spiral Force. Ziggurat looks on as the two bladers are frozen in time and trapped.

Retrieved May 8, Rock Orso stops Galaxy Pegasus attacks and knocks it into the cage. American DJ appears too, and it is revealed that the two DJs will fight each other in a bey battle to determine who will get the rights to announce the final matches of the world championships. Beyblade Metal Fusion – Gingka vs Reiji metalfusionfights 7 years ago. Because Gingka won Battle Bladers he is automatically selected as Japan’s first representative. Faust screams in pain as the Spiral Force increases power.

Dxmian of nowhere, Masamune appears and challenges him. Gasur and the others take stage as Excalibur does also. At the arena Masamune spots Zeo and follows him with Gingka chasing him.

On The Edge” Transcription: They tell Kyoya to go on while they battle them. The Eagle beast transforms into a Dragon-like bird, which swirls around the stadium, frightening all of the audience and leaving Hikaru traumatized, reminding her of L-Drago.

At HD Academy, Ryuga is battling training beys from the academy, he launches his bey with his hand and then uses Meteo L-Drago’s spin stealing capability to win the battle. Zigurrat tells him to go help find Ryuga. After the mist from it is cleared, it is shown that Zurafa has stopped spinning, giving Pegasus the win and thus, entry to the second round of the World Beyblade Championships.


Beyblade Metal Masters-Episode 40 (The Furious DJ Battle!?)

Gingka tries to fire up Masamune’s spirit, and Striker goes in for one shot with his special move. Kenta then enters the stadium wondering where Benkei could be.

The second match begins with Tsubasa and Yu vs Wales and Sophie. Julian tells him he reminds him of himself, but Dashan asks him why he joined Hades. Ziggurat is after him because samian perfect blader to test on.

Masfers tells Gingka to stay out it but Zeo continues to attack. The battle begins excitedly, and Galaxy Pegasus already starts moving around in a circle.

Retrieved May 8, Two Beybladers, including Mei Mei, the Chinese girl who had invited them to Chinatown, come out of the main one, and Gingka and his friends are surprised to see such a small boy at Mei Mei’s side who apparently holds some authority over her. All of team Gan Gan Galaxy members get shocked eposode that announcement because they never heard of a cyclone battle.

Faust tells him he is not Toby and doesn’t know who he is.

The Wild Beast Unleashed. Vince is facing Masamune and when Masamune seems to become a threat to him the other two join in to try to destroy Masamune’s Ray Striker. Soon enough however, Masamune learns that Chao Xin has customized his Virgo, into a Poison Virgo, making it even harder for Masamune to win the battle. Competing Bladers, Demure and Beyblae are competing in the same battle while Marcus’s other friends are competing in different groups.


Beyblade Metal Masters galaxy 5 years ago. Kyoya falls to the ground again and Leone gets rammed next to him. Ziggurat one day and joined HD Academy in order to put Toby into a better daiman. Meteo L-Drago then starts to spin faster from the power it stole from Evil Befall.

He asks Julian why is he helping him, but he doesn’t answer. Kyoya is announced the winner. She tells the others to go on while her and Wales battle Julian. Ziggurat tells Zeo that Toby’s treatment will continue and that he can rest.

Masamune tries again, but it has no effect and him and Striker gets pushed back again. Meanwhile, Julian plays a piano at a concert. A pile of small rocks lies on one side of it. After a moment, he faces them and expresses his irritation at not being able to control Galaxy Pegasus at all. He goes on the offensive, eliminating his competitors. Just before the finals, Gingka and co. When they all arrive at Beylin Temple they see the rigorous training mrtal bladers are doing.

Beyblade Metal Masters | Episode 44 | Part 2/2 | English Dubbed – Dailymotion Video

Ryuga notices Destroyer is a reverse-rotating bey, but comments the only true reverse-rotating bey is L-Drago. Everybody starts to think that Gingka was going to win but then Selen told him that the fact is that she has never been defeated in a knockout battle before, not even once. Gravity Destroyer stops spinning, but Julian says there will be a new, stronger Excalibur.

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