Just next to the Mod is a vent, jump in and take it to the next floor, once you hop out head up the steps to the Silver Fin and inspect the door lock to update your progress then follow the blood trail into the Maintenance room. Head out, you can unlock the door if you want to but it only leads back to the First Lady. Use your plasmid Curious to slip quietly among themselves and leave the laboratory through the front door or is the turret. Head out of the Service Bay area now keeping an eye out for newly spawned Splicers, head up the first set of stairs on your right and into the Manta Ray Lounge. Burial at Sea Part 2. Consisting of two episodes in which you play as Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth, you discover Rapture, December 31, , just hours before the fatal tipping that the city will sink into horror. Climb inside to reach a new room or you can run a projector for more information. Elizabeth Booker then pointed the presence of a mysterious weapon behind a gate, it is a stove-radar.

Then pick up the bottle containing the Electroquartz located on a display in the store right. Search the gravestones to the left of the entrance to her grave. Pick up the plasmid circle of iron left on the shelf. Never Saw It Coming. Head back to the main floor and inspect the large clock in the center of the room to get some dialogue then use the clock key to wind it and open up the Prayer doors, there isn’t really much inside unless you are running low on Eve you shouldn’t be then head back out and wind the clock once more to Leisure. There are six total optional quests in the game. So be sure to have recovered all the items before leaving this level. Ok folks it’s time to work our way through Burial at Seas Episode 2.

Once in batuysphere elevator, press the button to join the office of Fontaine. Gray, it you have not noticed yet, yellow he asks questions and it is red alert.

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Audio Logs Read all the cinemas Infusions Audio Logs In this section you will find 17 audio logs hidden in episode 1 as well as pictures of each of their position. Elizabeth Booker then pointed the presence of a mysterious weapon behind a gate, it is a stove-radar. Use your plasmid Curious to identify his movements away or cross squarely using invisibility.


Elizabeth opens a loophole to reality or the bottle is still there. Ammo is scarce, and health is more important. You will encounter the first Handyman in “The Plaza Of Zeal” area, after leaving the Gunsmith shop for the first time.

Why Video Game Secrets Matter. There is a bridge patrolled by snipers past the Grand Central Depot. Once you have absorbed 20 pieces of ammunition you will unlock. Descend at the Daily Bread and Elizabeth ask you to open the door. Then get ready to fight, because you will face one of bhrial biggest gatherings of enemies in this first episode.

That’s it in here for us. Comments on this Article There are no comments yet. In the Main Campaign, killed 75 enemies either with a Vigor or while the enemy is under the effects. After the next series of events head through the broken glass and collect an envelope from the desk. In the skin of Elizabeth you can do nothing against him, he will be continually avoid when you drive through the area. Remember to search the body to find life, ammunition and money. You can also open a door in the kitchen against three hooks.

Take the time to search the offices and watch the two cinemas Knowledge for All at the bottom right and left of the room, which shows you all the talent or madness of Sander Cohen. From here, make your way down each floor using the stairs and knock out the Vox enemies as you go. On your way, you catch a strange procession of little girl with pale face lead by a domineering bathyshpere. There are 10 achievements within this piece of DLC that I will help you through.

Take the door on the left to exit the airship and down a long path you will come to a locked up door, use the vent on the left to enter instead. The second, “Sex without compromise” is to the left of the entrance of Cupid’s Arrow image3. Before taking the elevator Home Delivery, enter the Haberdashery store on the right.

Obtain coode collectibles to get the “Eavesdropper”, “Infused With Greatness”, and “Sightseer” achievements.

Next, shoot a couple rounds from the pistol to get the Handyman over to you. Welcome to Monument Island. The Whole Story Top 5 Games to Play with Friends. Enjoy also to close the air intake.


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On the right of the room, and a part flooded is electrified by electric cables. Get out of the infirmary and join the red teaches Test Drive. Additionally, there are four secret achievements with the “Burial At Sea – Episode 2” bonus downloadable content:. Once the plasmid recovered out of the First Lady. Replace now the first floor and enter the surgical wing Handyman. At the end of the next vent you will drop down within the Silver Fin.

Find a way to repair the Protector Try moving Protector without success, it will have to find another way to recover. Examine the machine Lutece Interact with the fault to see that overlooks the town of Colombia.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Plasmid Mods Locations Guide

Head back up to the control room now and pull the lever to lower the bathysphere hanging above, this will bring in some more Splicers for you to take care of. Crack open the safe 5 picks required to find the bathyspheere. Now use the eppisode to open the watchmaker Work door and take the elevator inside. Find a nearby vent and climb in then proceed to take them out one at a time either with darts or melee attacks going invisible with Peeping Tom works well.

On the lower floor, consider picking up anything lying around and above the piece of equipment Shirt – Mousetrap improved, behind one of the benches at the bottom right. Normally, it will take most of the game to obtain a good amount of gear. If you dismount close to an enemy and press before you land you will make no noise, use this technique to drop down behind enemies and knock them out quickly after, if you pull this attack off three times you will unlock.

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