Anyone care to tell me where it’s located. In the large room head down the stairs and enter the door with Sleep written above it. On desk with Eve and Lamp. Pull the to see through walls and reveal enemies for a small amount of time and hold the trigger to turn invisible, be careful as this can chew through your Eve fairly quick, knocking out 15 enemies from behind while invisible will see you work towards. Ok folks it’s time to work our way through Burial at Seas Episode 2. After the next series of events head through the broken glass and collect an envelope from the desk. Room behind old man winter.

Shadowfox83 Shadowfox83 4 years ago 6 Thank you for the statue code since I can’t seem to find the voxophone for it. You should also find another vending machine to possess for more cash if needed, once ready enter through the Service Bay doors. Up and Running 46 Sign up for free! Walk around the back. Exit the vents after listening to Lutece Twins and Daisy. We now have everything we need, all that’s left is to make our way back to the airship with the tear back to Rapture.

At the Lutece device turn left and jump over a counter. Head back out to the large main area and while avoiding the Big Daddy head along the left wall to some double doors, use Peeping Tom to see two Splicers inside, keep and eye surgocal them from outside and enter when you can to get the drop on them.

Crouch down and walk up to the desk in front of you, if you use Peeping Tom you should be able to see three Splicers all packed together, fire a gas bolt at one of them and you should knock out all three unlocking. Ok, for those who are missing them, the fink one isthe one in the handyman area is Once you arrive enter through the tear and you will unlock.

Head into the next room, grabbing the medical bag and straight to the next door where you will receive suitd crossbow. Head back out and follow the path along until you come to a switch on a wall.

Make your way back into the Operating Theater, note that a couple of extra Vox may have spawned but they shouldn’t be any trouble, once you get back search for a door on the upper floor with a keypad and enter ” to open it. Opposite the lock on the door is a diary. Go through big doors now, infront of you on the desk.

If you listened to Audio Diary 10 you will know the code ishead inside and Peep to see there should be one more Splicer remaining as well as a pair of turrets downstairs but we will get to those in a sec, take out the Splicer then loot what you can in the area, across a walkway and in another room you will find a safe requiring 5 lock picks, open it up and collect the Possess Turret Mod, this will make possession of turrets permanent rather than temporary.


Once you reach the bottom head into the crawlspace on the left wall. Inside, loot what you can from the lobby and office then head into the elevator and take it down.

The Devil’s Cartel Guide. Making Some Noise 21 Paid in Full 95 Eventually you will come upon a turret, simply wait for it to look the other way then walk around behind it and into the next vent, at the end will be another turret, use the same method as above and sneak past.

BioShock Infinite Walkthrough – Page 7

Take them out one at a time then head into the main area and collect the CO2 Scrubber from the bathysphere. Now back to Rapture. Use what you have learned so far and knock them out one at a time. I can’t say which one as its hard to find but search the labs. In this same area on the large circle table in middle. Buril in the Clouds.

Hit the button and enter infknite the next room to find Suchong. Just next to the Mod is a vent, jump in and take it to the next floor, once you hop out head up the steps to the Silver Fin and inspect the door lock to update your progress then follow the blood trail into the Maintenance room. On desk with Eve and Lamp. Head back out and search the upper floor for a locked door with a combination lock. Inside be careful to avoid the broken glass and puddles so you don’t make any noise to alert the enemies as you move through the biozhock system, once you reach the end drop down to the floor below and head down some stairs quietly to knock out the guy at the doors.

Head through the right next where biosock can find a vending machine Possess it for some money then restock if you need to. Head out, you can unlock the door if you want to but it only leads back to the 22 Lady. Enter the classroom bioshck and along the back wall there is a vent you can jump into with some money and food inside, drop back out and creep up on another enemy at the door and take him out, search him after to receive a lock pick and use it on the door to receive a tutorial of how lock picking works this time around, there should only be regular pins and a red pin on this one so no need to worry about the aat.

Take the door on the left to exit the airship and down a long path you will come to a locked up door, use the vent on the left to enter instead. Inside on the floor on the right at some lockers.

bioshoxk When ready head in and collect Old Man Winter from the display, once the little film is over some Splicers will bust their way in and start attacking Atlas’s henchmen. Ok folks it’s time to work our way through Burial at Seas Episode 2. Back in the area with the large statue of Fink head through the passage you can see going under the stairs opposite the statue and you will some some steps leading down to a locked door.


Video and graphic content belongs to it’s respective owners. Head out of the Service Bay area now keeping an eye out for newly spawned Splicers, head up the first set of stairs on your right and into the Manta Ray Lounge.

Remember the room we originally found the code in with the large safe, head back there now, there will be a Splicer waiting inside but he is usually already facing the vent, when he’s knocked out you can open the safe requires 5 lock picks inside will be the Winter Forget Mod for Old Man Bjoshock. Inside search through the store as there are a few bags to pick up some cash and other small items. Ride the elevator back up and at the top you will be able to collect your gas bolts.

BioShock Infinite Guide

Head through a door on the right and follow the path set for you and check out all the nice little pieces along your way. Out of the vent again head to the left of the room and go through the kitchen, you should be able to find a couple of cans of food to seq your health bar and save the medical sex for later.

Completed Burial at Sea – Episode 2. If you go up a small set of steps along the right you will come to a locker room area where one more Vox will be, dispose of him then loot what you can, once you are done, look for the Patient Ward doors and go through. In the Chapter Selection load up Return to Rapture and while waiting for Ryan to doro his big talk empty your crossbow of ammo and have Peeping Tom and Ironsides equipped.

Bottom level of the area with freight hooks.

BaS Episode 2 Door Codes – BioShock Infinite Message Board for Xbox – GameFAQs

From the upper floor, look for a freight hook just above a vent, jump to it and land on the small platform under the vent, climb in to reach a side room that is otherwise inaccessible, there will be only one Splicer inside so do what you have to then search around, there should be a couple of lock picks and a vending machine, use the two lock picks you should have found to open one of the doors and exit the room.

Inside the Manta Ray Lounge you will find another horde of Splicers, there will be two more Houdini Splicers here one in the main area and one in the upstairs section in the back.

In the lounge go up to the 3 bottles and turn them to open secret area. Hand of the Prophet.

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