And so we begin! Favourite moment of the episode: Abel 1 years ago. Episode PeteZahHutt 3 years ago. That would be pretty funny. But the fun didn’t stop there, once they were left to their own devices, the squad began to explore and grind for the next episode.

Both the known and the unknown. Tucker best summed up the situation with, “You’re our priest, bitch”. Nubbles 6 months ago. For non-sinister purposes of course Tom on the new non-blocky Minecraft objects: And as always, when they are together doing their own things, hilarity always, and I mean always, ensues. I’ll re-upload this when I can Rip my bank account Thanks for your participation my beloved actresses!

Another awesome ianite poster made by benjamin weu.

Tom on the new non-blocky Minecraft objects: Our re-adventure to visit the Chaos Dragon ends The real meat of the episode is about 40 minutes in when CaptainSparklez is confronted by Farmer Steve for stealing his armour and his apples. So my earbuds have been slightly broken and I just got them to work right as Matt got really loud when he was crying over goldy.

It is time for us to usurp the throne. They soon met a man named Prince Aldor who gave them some information on the bizarre land they had fallen into.


Custom Map 3 years ago.

Minecraft Mianite: EVIL UNDERGROUND LAIR (S2 Ep. 65) – Vloggest

Wonder what Matt from FyreUK is up to now? And as always, when they are together doing their own things, hilarity always, and I mean always, ensues. Sparklez finds Tom’s clearance work on captainsparilez home and decides to move, Sonja continues to learn about the mods and I’m too lazy to check about the others. Sonja was charged with “theft, trespassing and mischief of the worst sort” So disappointed Aureylian was born and raised in St.

The gravestones would be there too Aureylian is 5’4″ tall. Captain Sparklez was born Jordan Please use the talk page for contact. My rating – 7. Content Thruster 6 months ago. What is this Trinity Island you speak of? Anyway, Sonja ends up gathering everyone Tom, Dec and Waglington to do dress up as captainnsparklez – in fancy hats might I mention – to surprise Tucker as well.

Even though we haven’t seen them yet.

So there wasn’t much of a rumble but more a heated conversation. We’ll be Live streaming daily at 12pm This is their idea actually but yeah the story is miaite so, maybe I just copy the red line anyway Just kidding, but imagine if they travel to some sort of isolated island which is identical to the one used on Trinity Island.


Season 2 debuted on the 31 st of january and ended on the 29 th of june.

Minecraft Mianite: THE FORTRESS OF FURY (S2 Ep. 29)

Abel 1 years ago. Yah Rogue is a cringy team. Rip everything ; Conservation 1 years ago. Minecraft mianite jail break s2 ep 14 mp3 download. And the fact that Dec says it will occur once every Minecraft week, which would roughly mean one every other episode, could mean some madness nearly everyday.

During the blood moon, mobs spawn relentlessly and are all aggro-ed towards players. My rating – 8. So Firefoxx and Sparklez are escorted to the courthouse, that the town happens to have, by the Town Herald and Farmer Steve, respectively. New DC – https:

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