While looking for clues, they find themselves transported to the magical world of Harry potter and are persuaded to attend a wedding! Kite Runner – Rated: Georg needs a new nanny for his seven children right away and is desperate enough to search for one online. Standstill by thoroughlymodernJulie reviews Music guides all. Despite what he says, Harvey does care about some things. Then he knew he hadn’t seen a dog that big before and decided it must be a wolf. Set during The Half Blood Prince.

The ship laments as the years go by, draped in rusted wreaths and keeping watch over the dead. Ever wondered how Viktor really asked Hermione? Also interwoven in its fast paced plots are the personal challenges that the C. Story idea not mine. A Day in the Life of Shreya reviews Shreya could have written a ten page essay on the topic ‘A day when everything went wrong’ looking at the series of unfortunate events which were crashing upon her. Download app for android https: Mini Magical Moments by MegTao reviews word moments from all eras and all characters. Special 9 no air date — 60 mins.

Why was it then that she didn’t feel worthy of his love and what was it that would convince her? A perfect well planned trap for CID officer Abhijeet.

The Last Dance by shewhoguards reviews As the ship sank, the band kept playing.

Hercule Poirot series – Rated: Don’t take too seriously. August Sunrise by twinkles77 reviews The day Sirius runs away from home, set in the summer ane before his fifth year.

Photos for the Memories by Tonkswyrda reviews Tonks finds a stack of old photo albums, and looks back on the life of Remus Lupin. He had not seen fit to inform Sirius of just who the new recruit was, nor did he tell Tonks exactly who would be at headquarters.


Special 10 no air date — 60 mins. Knavery by gryffindormischief reviews Late night happenings at Grimmauld Place. Maria does not return to the Villa, nor does she stay at the Abbey. Written for the Proboards holiday calendar challenge. How would tell her ful he feels about her? Possessed by SideshowJazz1 reviews A look at what Regan was thinking while she was trapped inside herself, under Pazuzu’s influence. Or he’ll be able to come out, a victor? Stuck in the Elevator reviews Take llve elevator.

Contrast by borderfame-sabrestar reviews NTxRL. Please read and review! What could’ve been if a certain scene had gone slightly differently. And he realized his mistake. Problem Solved by lemacd reviews prompt: Thief by Fossicker reviews Nymphadora Tonks is a thief.

Shreya Ki Sagai

The entire day passes in chasing criminals, finding clues and protecting the nation. But they are quite determined to find this thief who is no ordinary one.

Somebody Kind by lemacd reviews One shot Brandt should have known. The protagonists of the ane are an elite group of police officers belonging to the Crime Investigation Department of the police force, led by ACP Pradyuman [played by the dynamic Shivaji Satam].

What’s in a look? Maria’s wedding and transformation thru the Reverend Mother’s eyes. Special 6 no air date — 60 mins.

Jack Sparrow, Shreya – Complete. Consistent Unpredictability by sleepyzzzz reviews Dougal the demiguise liked knowing what happens next.

C.I.D. All Episodes –

I hope you enjoy! She’s got a bottle of wine and she’s not afraid to share it And that, Rose Tyler, is the worst one. ,ove are their thoughts?

The Wooster Wins the Day by SherlockianGirl reviews When Jeeves effectively kidnaps Bertie’s new winter coat, Bertie declares war on his valet and the two gentlemen are thrown into a domestic battle of wits and revenge. No need for reviews but they are appreciated! Whatever the decision making process was, it had to contain some heartache, intense honesty, and, naturally, some good old fashioned fluff.


The Turquoise Dress by rebecca-in-blue reviews “Maria was back — and in a new dress. As the years went on, piece by piece fell and scattered, peeling away, exposing a live wire. Dancing in the moonlight by Warmwoollenmittens reviews Georg stumbles across Maria dancing with an invisible partner on the terrace one evening and passions are ignited.

My first TSOM story. My thanks to mucwriter for giving this a once over before publishing! Hilarity ensues as inhibitions are lost. Stubborn by Noc reviews It was a matter of seeing it in a different perspective. A Black Brothers fic:: Lifeline by Elerrina Star reviews “By his own admission, the majority of Mike Ross’s life choices hadn’t been great.

Can they rescue them from the clutches of the evil Davy Jones? It can burn every relation in its path to ashes. Please read and review, thanks! I still forgive you, Amir agha by emily reviews What Hassan thought as Amir pounded him with the pomegranates. Complete Sound of Music – Rated: The Case of the Unusual Thief reviews A series of thefts have been happening in past 24 hours and the intriguing case is giving CID team a headache.

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