The traffic is principally in cart and other draught horses. Preliminary stations de Lyon and d’Orleans the charge amounts to about 1 it. Lazare , and Rue d’ Amsterdam 9, at the corner PI. Each guest on entering is furnished with a card, on which the waiter afterwards notes the dishes partaken of. Honore, was destroyed by the Communists in May, The evening may then be most agreeably spent on the terrace of St.

Hotels and Maisons Meublees If the horses have been used beyond the fortifications lor 2 consecutive hours, the driver can demand a rest of 20 min. Robespierre’s fall and execution, July 28th. Le Long , They are extremely popular with all classes information. Jardin des Plantes, Menagerie 11 — 4 or 5; hothouses by special permission. Sichel, Rue Neuve des Mathurins 86; Dr.

La Rotonde Ticket Price, Hours, Address and Reviews

The old Boulevarts, which would thus be omitted, may be sufficiently in- spected in the course of subsequent walks.

The stranger who makes a stay in Paris of some duration, and desires to avail himself of Information.

Tour on, Rue de la Paix Those who are desirous of exploring Paris expeditiously and comfortably are recommended to hire a Voiture de Remise by the day 25 — 30 fr. Place Napoleon and Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel p. Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers p. The total receipts of the Ave years — 64 amounted to , fr. The frightful scenes of devastation which were enacted during the revolution, especially inneed hardly be adverted to; they werehowever, beneficial in sweeping away the overgrown conventual establishments, which occupied the best sites, etaampes one- third of the area of the city.


In the Boulevart de Voltaire No. Formation of the National Assembly, June 17th. Battles of Eylau and Friedland.

Preliminary Within the City. Theatres des Gobelins, Avenue des Gobelins The various cafes-chantants, which are to be found here on summer evenings, afford unbounded delight to the middling and lower classes of Parisians.

Étampes Cinéma La Rotonde

Louvre 10 — 4all the collections, except the Marine and Ethnograph. Beefsteak bien cuit, beefsteak well-done, saignant underdone. They are extremely popular with all classes information.

Voltaire’s Irene was represented here in and received with thunders of applause; the author, then etampew his 84th year, was present on the occasion. The concerts of the Conservatoire de Musique. The performances commence at various hours between 6 and 8 o’clock, and generally last till midnight. Preliminary The largest hotels in the city, and perhaps on the entire con- tinent, are the two following: No charge for small articles which are taken inside.

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Hotel des Invalides p. The house is cap- able of accommodating persons. If the carriage be hired for a course, the driver may select his own route; if a Vheure, he must obey the directions of his employer. Application may be made to W. Jardin des Plantes extended. Honore and General Post Office. The usual fee for attendance at hotels is 1 fr. Side, where the continuation of the Rue Vivienne opens on the Palais Royal, is situated the subterranean Cafe des Aveugles, a place of popular resort, where, in addition to the usual concomitants of the cafe’, quaint performances are provided for the amusement of the frequenters.


In case you are travelling by car, there are parking spots available for you. Omelettes of different kinds, aux confitures, aux fines herbes, au fromage, au rJium, aux rognons, etc.

Honore, was destroyed by the Communists in May, These hotels are also restaurants.

In the vicinity, Rue de l’Echelle 1, Cafe de la Paix. The above are the tarids addresses; a change of residence, however, occasionally takes place.

Arnold, Rue de laChaussee d’Antin 20; Mr. The French defeated at Ravenna, Denis the Areopagite, who, according to tra- dition, suffered martyrdom on Montmartre about the year At the corner of the Rue Rougemont: Germain 71, near the Cluny Museum, for Comedies and dramas.

Entry of German troops into Paris. Usual charges at houses of the latter description: The performances are by no means of the first order, but are always conducted with strict propriety. Vin frappe, wine in ice. The chief endeavour of such establishments is to provide a varied and showy, rather than a wholesome repast, and they should therefore be patronised but sparingly. Outside passengers are not entitled to correspondence, unless they pay the full fare 30 c.

Warm Baths in the floating establishments at the Pont Royal and Pont Neuf, and in many different parts of the town.

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