Properly forming statements requires effort similar to a mathematician keeping equations balanced. This kind of series has very, very deep roots. Man’chi is not merely a cultural construct, but is an intrinsic drive, a natural instinct to follow a leader, and is therefore a difference between the two races that cannot be bridged. However, as I have been reading them as they came out, it was actually a nice refresher for things that I had not read in years. Cherryh is the master of alien and human interaction. If they don’t move, the other side will. The book closes with a Lord Geigi’s history and commentary by Bren.

Some characters get fleshed out a bit more, some are put on the back burner and others are killed. But Bren Cameron has received evidence that security has been severely compromised from the aiji’s high office on downward. There were several scenes that left me emotional. Mani, Damiri, the Guild, the Reunioner children, Bren – in this story, we get tells of so much of where the story is going, even if it never gets there. I was pleased to discover that some excitement was delivered at the end. I’ve always loved the politics and diplomacy and relationships and action in this series, but this time around there seemed to be too little of everything. Webb rated it it was amazing Shelves:

I’m so conflicted about this one. Cherryh is the master of alien and human interaction. Phoenix is carrying colonists and equipment to establish a new space station to extend Earth’s interstellar trade empire. May 04, John Carter McKnight rated it really liked it. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. For the first time in this entire series I started to loose serjes.



All communication between the atevi and the humans is via this single point of contact. Nov 12, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bren, Cenedi, and Bren’s guards take out the brains of the Shadow Guild and the old Guild leaders return to put things right. There is a lot of discussion between people and much of it was “can I help?

But now safety is foremost: Secrecy and safety are of the utmost importance – the Dowager and her Guild guards in addition to Bren’s Guild guards have discovered the identity behind the Shadow Guild, and until that individual can be either detained or eliminated, nobody is safe. The book closes with a Lord Geigi’s history and commentary by Bren.

It is preferred over lawsuits. She can be found at cherryh. Still excellent exploration of inter-culture peacemzker. The Pilot’s Guild, comfortable with the power it has accrued during the emergency, and stripped of its best elements by the battle to refuel, has become oppressive and oligarchic. After a while, there is only so much more you can do to the characters, discover about the world or politics before you are retreading old paths.

The last half of the book was all about the fall-out and smoothing things out. I never thought I’d say this, because in general I find the atevi politics more interesting than the human ones, but I’m ready for the whole Reunion plotline to explode, preferable with the kyo thrown in for good measure.

Peacemaker by C. J. Cherryh | : Books

Apr 04, Janny added it. However, this is an artistic license. The grand sweep of 15 books has built, layer upon layer upon layer, to our own deep understanding, and between the absolutely fascinating politics and the hope for peace finally becoming a real possibility and not just a house of cards, I’m stunned by the weight of the collective story.


View all 13 comments. Jan 31, Andria Kerkof rated it it was amazing Shelves: As Tabini cjerryh yet another surprise with a National Holiday celebrating his son’s felicitous ninth birthday, it’s up to Bren to molify Damiri-aiji. As always, Cherryh is heavy on the recapping, but this is the first time it seriously actively bothered me.

Cherryh deftly balances alien psychology and human vanities in a character caught between being human and part of peacemaket alien race.

Foreigner universe

After all the political manipulations and assassinations! For this reason, the assassins’ guild commonly referred to as simply “the guild” has considerable power, despite being supposedly neutral.

The ensuing story is not short on action, but stronger like much of Cherryh’s work on world-building, exotic aliens, and characterization. Science fiction series – Cherryh continues to churn out books in this series. The Foreigner series is definitely an acquired taste: However, we do still have a birthday to celebrate and familial matters to be seen to As always, politics takes center stage and is extremely complex.

At last—Cajeiri has his young guests from the starship, three young folk entranced by weather and trees and creatures with minds of their own. If they don’t move, the other side will.

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