I was very impressed with her performance as Mi-shil in “Queen Seon Duk” and looks forward to her acting in another strong character. Tae San decides he wants to resign to form his own party, leaving Hye Rim to decide if she will resign as well and join him. Ha Bong Do comes to pay his son a visit with food then express his pride in his son taking the bar exams. Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! Dae Mul Episode 6. The submarine crew surface at the waters. Lee Soo-kyeong will appear as the femme fatale curator Jang Se-jin.

Noblesse Oblige is the act of benevolent, honourable behaviour considered to be the responsibility of persons of high birth or rank. Dae Mul Episode 8 Raw. The Chinese President asked whether they now speaking of engagement of war. Good acting can make up for the age-gap. Goddess of War Athena: Perhaps by chance you are Ha…..

Episode #1.1

President Seo Hye Rim tells why she has fears of heights that it is more frightful than snakes. The Chinese President is upset that President Seo Hye Rim wants to announce the engagement of war between their 2 countries.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. And if the role for the lady president requires being tough, i cannot think of any other actresses that suits the role than Kim Sun Ah. Will Agents of S. They’ve been together as models for HangTen way back Ha Do ya having a fine time with the club hostess although he insist to see whether the club hostess was at the eligible age when he hears the kidnap of Bang Min Guk in Afghanistan on the news tv seeing Seo Hye Rim pleading to South Korean government to help her husband as ha Do Ya pushes the club hostess away to listen to Seo Hye Rim pleading on tv.


The submarine crew surface at the waters. By 0ly40 Started Thursday at Like all the ” nominated” actress except for Ko Huyn Jungbeauty and acting skill not enough!

Ha Do-ya will be in a one-sided love with Seo Hye-rim, the former broadcast announcer who is elected to the presidency. Seo Hye Rim wanted to seat side wards but Ha Do Ya tells that she needs to sit across as she tells that she is wearing skirt.

Episode 1 – 24 – 26 Episode Korean Drama Dae Mul/대물/Big Fish / Big Things | Online Terus

SBS’s Daemul premiered strong this Wednesday, and has shot to first place in the ratings race in its first week. Dae Mul Episode 9. Anywayz, I didn’t expect so many names to come up. Jang Se Jin returns to South Korea with her mother’s ashes episdoe thoughts of revenge against her father.

And boy, were there a I would like to see KSW in another drama. We will not comment why the Chinese President is seen wearing a Mao suit or Zhongshan suit although none of the Chinese Presidents wear them but then this is a story depicts from a Manhwa.

They’ve been together as models episodf HangTen way back Don’t they look good together?

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Episode 3 by Regals. Bang Min Guk teaches her a few pointers about her sense of direction. Dae Mul Episode 23 Raw. Arms Forces Chief acknowledge the orders. Dae Mul Episode 9 Raw.

Rumors about a politician buying up land under a fake name spreads throughout the assembly. Add to Watchlist Added.

With the help of Ha Do-ya he had known since her childhood daysSeo Hae-rim eyes the position of president as well and Kang Tae-san, who has no thoughts of yielding to Seo, become rivals and clash against each other. Or a prom queen. Hye Rim also experiences the difference in running a campaign with a better budget. She was known for being a comedian and had always given justice to any comedy roles and never fails to make the audiences laugh.


Ha Do Ya asked what is the expenses for their room as it came out to the total of 3. Dae Mul Episode 6. Ha Do Ya uses the knife he was stabbed with as evidence to find the culprit.

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Back in the present day, Hye Rim is episoode danger of impeachment by Tae San due to her “reckless” behavior to save the South Korean mariners. Judging from these photos President Seo Hye Rim has a fear for flying as the President Physician in attendance gave her some medication to calm her anxiety then assures to make her rest for the journey. It was the first Epieode I ever watched in The police asked Seo Hye Rim identification as he finds that she is going to be an Announcer in HBS then the police caution the ruffian who tells that it is a misunderstanding as the bus was crowded that it was an accident.

Dae Mul Episode 17 Raw. Hye Eplsode is troubled about a scripted press release that excludes her own personal opinions. Here are a few trailers, as

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