Bad Friday; Hoop Screams. Bob tries to outsmart Charlie’s pre-school guidelines, when they prohibit him from wearing sleepwear when dropping off Charlie. Meanwhile, Amy sings a song with Charlie at her daycare and gets very competitive with the other mothers. Retrieved May 19, If my personal actions or the actions of anyone who ever worked with me offended or caused pain to anyone at our companies, then I apologize without reservation. Meanwhile, Teddy’s classmate Lynette does not invite her to her party but she invites Ivy. His second marriage was to Nancy, with whom he has 6 children. We Are So Grounded.

Retrieved January 22, It turns out it was actually written by Bob Diddlebock. Who Is Horse Face Guy? The episode was originally scheduled to premiere on June 3, along with a new Shake It Up episode, but was moved down to a special timeslot, Friday, June 15 at 7: Dabney to see her sister at the mountains. Teddy helps Ivy’s parents deal with the transition of their daughter leaving for college.

Good Luck Charlie S04 – Ep03 Demolition Dabney HD Watch – Dailymotion Video

Teddy tries to get Amy and her estranged sister back together; Gabe and Jake get into trouble when they sell a photo of Toby that a grocery store then uses. Elsewhere, after PJ and Gabe break Mrs. Brandon Johnson as Gary Wilde Note: Etakfounded inwas the first company to digitize the maps of the world, as part of the first commercial automotive navigation system ; the maps ultimately provided the backbone for Google mapsmapquest.

Teddy and Spencer have de,olition secretly rehearsing a musical, “Franny Saves the Dagney Amy convinces Mary Lou Wentz to throw her a baby shower, but the shower takes an unexpected twist when Charlie blurts out all the rude things Amy said about her guests and causes them to leave.


Meanwhile, Bob temporarily fills in as a member of PJ and Emmett’s band after Charlie gets their newest member, Jimmy, sick. TV 40 min Comedy, Crime, Drama.

Nolan Bushnell

Would You Wrather Get Lost? Also, Bob has noticed that PJ has a knack for cooking. Meanwhile, Amy is offended by Gabe not telling her that he joined a baseball team, due to her unruly embarrassing behavior at Gabe’s sporting events in the past.

Girl Meets Maya’s Mother. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Carl is more determined than ever.

New Girl onilne Town. After PJ creates a funny video of Charlie, he posts it on the Internet; the video becomes an instant worldwide sensation.

The name Toby Duncan received almost 26 million votes worldwide. The Singin’ Dancin’ Duncans. After Teddy and Spencer get into an argument, Spencer goes over to apologize, but, instead, ends up getting advice from Bob on how to handle a Duncan woman because, according to him, he is an “expert”, unbeknownst that Amy is overhearing their conversation.

Rico Rodriguez as Leo.

After going to the doctor and getting an ultrasound, Amy does not want to know the gender of the baby until it is actually born. Shake It Up — Episode: Gabe accidentally grabs the wrong ultrasound. PJ then gets the truck for himself and Bob gets to work with PJ selling peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which everyone finds very good. Dabney use Gabe and Lauren to trick each other to do their chores but tables turn when Gabe and Lauren find out.


Teddy wants Ivy to cast Charlie as the lead role, but first, she must audition. They all wind up in the tree house and it fell to the ground. Retrieved 24 April Toby did not appear when the family said “Good Luck Charlie” [1]. The thief is eventually revealed to be Mitch who was planning to open his own poultry discount hut.

Good Luck Charlie – Season 4, Episode 3 : Demolition Dabney

In the late s, Axlon managed the development of two new games for the Atarimost likely as part of a marketing attempt to revive sales of the system, already more than a decade old. Girl Meets Game Night. In order to earn money for her outfit, she gets a job at a beach store where Spencer is working.

Would You Wrather Build a Sled?

Gabe and PJ get spooked by PJ’s creepy neighbor. The Test of My Love. Onlie Henry; People Watching. Callahan as Hal Note: The night turns into a disaster when Teddy finds out that Beau’s aunt Karen is actually the woman that Amy can’t stand, the one who worked at the hospital with her.

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