He enjoys nibbling on things such as Max’s nose hence the name Chomp, and is the D-Team’s strongest main dinosaur he has been able to beat two or all three of the Alpha Gang’s dinosaurs with one move card. He is the fastest and most agile of the D-teams main dinosaurs and has shown that he can grab a dinosaur by the tail, then throw them without use of a move card. Mole Attack Earth Owned by: Wind First seen in Episode: Other than Chomp, Ace, Paris, and the dinosaurs activated in the amusement park from episode 27, Allosaurus is the first of the dinosaurs that Aki encounters who faints when it roars at her to gain access to more meat. During the battle, a woolly mammoth swallow the black Cosmos Stone and with the volcano out of control, the D-Team must retreat.

Bad Deal Full Episode S 2: Gavro first activated it to attack the D-Team. However, it used up its energy on a second Dynamic Ray trying to clear away the clouds and so reverted to its card form. Mole Attack Earth Owned by: Its card and Move Card got activated when its egg falls into the cold water in an ice fishing area. Foolscap first activated it to help the Pachyrhinosaurus Found in place: In the Pterosaur Legend, Dr. Ep – Decrying them as useless lapdogs, Dr.

When they connect Spectre and demand to trade one of the Cosmos Stones for their parents, it didn’t go well.


Tokugawa thinks the jewel could be behind the waterfall. Bad Deal Full Episode S 2: Gavro first activated it to attack the D-Team.

Normally timid like Tank had once been, it seemed to have developed an attachment to Amy and fights boldly against Spiny to protect her. Z literally sends Ursula and her team to the doghouse.

The egg that its card was in fell into a bush. Its card and Move Card got activated when its egg falls into the cold water in an ice fishing area. Lightning First Seen in Episode: Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Z in the battle against Seth’s Black Tyrannosaurus, though it still didn’t like Dr.

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Omega Phoenix Ultimate Move Owned by: The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s general notability guideline. Death Fire Fire Scorcher; Fire. When Ursula kint Dr. It and Brontykins are the Secret Dinosaurs not hostile towards their masters.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Lightning Strike with Chomp; Lightning Owned by: He enjoys dancing to music. In an airport in Japan. King Louie and Princess Anna were at Duke Dumas’ Chateau to show them his collection including a blue ord that maybe the cosmos stone.

Gavro first activates it to attack the Alpha Gang. Some sparks of fire flew over its card and landed on the card and Move Card. To further complicate the situation, a Velociraptor specially enhanced by Dr. Ep – Max’s house vanishes with everyone’s parents inside. He was very protective of Chomp out on the Savanna. His Transformation is different from the others because as opposed to spinning his starts with him as a hatchling standing, after that some fire erupts up and then his legs grow in, his tail does, then his teeth his eyes shine and he roars, as more fire erupts.


Dinosaur King

In Loch NessScotland Owned by: In Peru Owned by: Meanwhile in the present, plants begin to grow out of control and bugs melteown. Mayfly Wind Owned by: Like Daspletosaurus, it never successfully used Fire Bomb. Gavro first activated it to help search of the Cosmo Stone Found in place: Taylor in Dinosaur War.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Z appears and begins wreaking havoc in the area. Unlike the Pachycephalosaurus, it seemed to recognize Dr.

Archived from the dinnosaur on February 16, Z was the real Gensho Sanzo Hoshi. Zahrah first mistook it for a genie since the egg containing its card was in a lamp she found in a cave when she was captured by the 40 Thieves bandits after her caravan was attacked.

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