Meanwhile, Ginger plans her own “surprise” birthday party. Leo Howard as Hart Hamlin. While shooting the scene, Zeke decides he does not want to become famous and drops out of the project. The boys add a bicycle seat to their rocket board so Jumpsuit can join them during their stunt, which the trio perform successfully. Later, the boys learn that Jumpsuit Johnson had the car towed away. Meanwhile, Ginger and Poochie discover that a cereal brand is falsely advertising dolphin-shaped pieces in every bite, while each box actually contains only nine dolphin pieces.

Later, Zeke name-calls Luther for driving recklessly, which upsets Luther. Edit Storyline Two best friends set their sights on becoming the world’s greatest skateboarders. Season 3, Episode 12 July 11, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody — Zeke and Luther are disappointed to learn that Death Ripper, their favorite wrestler, has suddenly quit. They decide to start an air rock band with Kojo and Ozzie, but Zeke believes that Luther has taken the idea too far when he gets the band a gig at the Yolo County fair.

Yes No Report this. After having fun accompanying Dingle, Luther decides to become a junior deputy. Later, Luther and Phil’s feud intensifies when Luther gives Phil a fake peace offering in the form of a prune Danish that he made with the Guatemalan devil prune, the strongest epsiodes available.

Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Zeke wins, and makes Luther his deputy mayor.

Luther xisney knocks Bobby out of his hotel window, and he is subsequently hospitalized. Zeke and Luther star in a commercial for a leather store and subsequently gain a posse made up of three fans: Luther gains confidence to talk to girls after seeing a hypnotherapist.

Meanwhile, Kojo scalps tickets to the match. At one point, Zeke and Luther visit the house of Dingle’s mother, where he lives along with his cat. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody — The boys sign with Fun Corp. Zeke and Luther 3 Seasons TV-Y7 Two best friends attempt to become world-renowned skateboarders by mastering tricks, entering competitions and defeating a rival with a coveted lhther.


Ng then tells Zeke that he must find a magical mountain quail egg that will help him achieve episoded trick.

When Zeke does not return from the tunnel, Luther goes in to find him, and the two learn that the tunnel was not as dangerous as they thought. Mavity appears in epiwodes short segments of this episode; each time playing a subtly different version of her character and each time effortlessly selling the new version.

When it is Zeke’s turn to skate, he removes his pants and skates while wearing makeshift pants made of cotton candy. Zeke hopes to win Olivia over before she falls for Rutger Murdock, the handsome host of a television show titled Adventure Boyin which he travels around the world. When Zeke learns of the doctor’s prognosis, he leaves the hospital in a wheelchair and winds up flying off a ramp and performing a mid-air flip before landing.

The Plunks, who have their own little sister, decide to let Zeke and Luther go when they learn that Ginger is missing. Luthr learns that defective donuts can be consumed by employees, and he eventually gains weight from eating too many donuts. Montoya, Claudia Lee as Bridget. Ryan Newman as Ginger Guest star: She realizes Monty is too nice and fires him in favor of her real brother.

Luthher Storyline Two best friends set their sights on becoming the world’s greatest skateboarders. When Zeke learns that Luther is taking over as Death Ripper, he tries to talk Mitch into returning to his old job, to which Mitch eventually agrees.

Sign up epiisodes add shows to diwney the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Blitz, David Gore as Kirby Cheddar.

Blitz, who performs an experimental knee surgery that has only a minor recovery period. Luther owes a favor to Charlie and Crowbar Plunk, who demand that he make Martha the new Skate Girl, even though he and Zeke consider her to be disgusting.


List of Zeke and Luther episodes – Wikipedia

Luther luthr the money to Don to repair the donut shop. Eddie tells the boys that the company is having an upcoming skate jam to promote the brand.

Zeke and Crowbar must each grind across a episkdes located above muck, and if Lutyer loses, then he and his siblings must stop bullying other children. Daniel Riordan as Dr.

The boys spend the night in diisney wilderness while avoiding the Psycho Scout, who, according to legend, is a Junior Scout who roams the swamp after having his face fall off as the result of coming into contact with poison ivy. Garm hires the boys, but they need to get to the company’s headquarters in Hidden Palms, California. After learning that Luther has won the cup stacking tournament, Zeke enlists Stinky Cast to be his new butt-boarding partner.

A once-in-a-generation young karate fighter named Jack joins the Wasabi warriors. Meanwhile, Ginger is selling Pootie Poo dolls at an increased price, after buying them all up from stores in July.

Zeke and Luther

When Dingle’s pool is drained, he tasks Luther with finding the culprit. Although Zeke and Luther do not understand the language, they star in the commercial without any problems.

Zeke and Luther borrow a snow cone machine from Kirby Cheddar for an all-night party celebrating Tony Hawk’s half birthday. He eventually calls the police on the skaters, after making repeated threats in the past to do so. Luther tells Zeke that his turtle, Terrence, has died.

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