Calendar, and we really have created a new society in the time since this episode aired. Naq fvapr V sbetbg gb zragvba… Nf V’z fybj ba gur hcgnxr, V bayl ernyvmrq guvf erpragyl va ergebfcrpg jura n sevraq bs zvar cbvagrq bhg ubj enaqbz Zf. Actually, with the slow modems we had back then, we didn’t send much in the way of attachments. Naq fur’f bar bs gur svefg naq hasbeghangryl srj cbp punenpgref ba gur fubj. So maybe the next person I meet online will end up being a supernatural robot who tries to murder me. You’re right of course, but there is so much sound used in TV and movies when people are using software that it’s pretty ridiculous. The whole ‘dangers of Internet’ was obviously inspired not just by dangers of online dating and news about child abusers who find their victims online, but also by the existence of various far-right and neo-nazi websites. Also, I found it very ironic when Giles said he was scared for a future where human interaction happened through computers paraphrasing even though I watched the episode an hour ago.

I’ve met some guys who were nice but just not for me. I have a confession to make: I got so much second hand embarrassment watching this episode, I never actually finished. I try to keep a week ahead so I don’t fall behind. But as someone who has been on the Internet since the hinterlands of the mid to late 90s, it’s SUCH a fun callback to The Internet and what people thought about The Internet and the World Wide Web all capitals very necessary at such a time. Aren’t the Song of Ice and Fire books full of incest? HUGE laptops with tiny screens!

I think the show is realistically portraying kids in high school. I don’t know what it is! I’m kind of amazed that no one ever uses the term “Information Superhighway” in the episode, with how dated the rest of it is.


Let’s make it work! But yeah, this episode was so fun to watch I can’t even. Was Moloch truly sincere in his gratitude towards Willow for setting him free? Bu zl cbbe urneg.

I think my favorite is the guy with the huge laptop and the pro-Hitler paper and his “What is this?! Instead, I just enjoyed the good parts of it — in particular, the intro of Jenny Calendar! Ironic dark glasses and a trenchcoat segue fairy! He’s genuinely concerned for Willow because they’re friends and he’s with Buffy every step of the way trying to help her.

To be fair, this is pretty much how game consoles, hand-held devices, and the GUIs in most PC games work. I haven’t been exploring much, though; the buffet’s too good.

This episode has not aged well. If nothing else this episode will serve as a reminder of suvtitles much I do not miss those days.

I love how flustered Giles gets when she argues that computers are the next big thing and the back and forth between them. This link should take you there. Oh man, Electric Dreams!

I’ve come a long way since then. Don’t worry about people being subtiitles hasty and pushy about it I’m not trying to imply anyone here, btw —just enjoy it at your own pace! And if so, what kind of love life did robot!

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Hmm, aside from the actually pretty positive Xander moments, I choose subttiles believe that this episode exists in its own little existence, inhabited only by the bizarre and outrageous. Obi-Wan Kenobi, quien recibe la ayuda de un aliado inesperado. I derive lots of secondhand embarrassment from this episode. Seriously, I’d like to see just one at this point.


V jvyy arire rire RIRE or bire gung rcvfbqr. I do not miss the days of dial up modems and my parents hating me for tying up their dracuula line.


s01w08 The guy dissing dead-tree books. Ohg vg pbzrf qbja gb frnfba 6, naq Knaqre’f pebjavat zbzrag bs subtutles. As awesome as she is even Jenny, like Cordelia before her, cannot make crimped hair work.

I’m very sorry people are for some reason getting mad that you don’t love Xander, Mark. And here are my results. December 22, at 8: I’m eating some right now, and frankly, it would be a very sad thing for you to miss out on something so tasty.

It turns out it’s October Sky I recognize him from. Whatever YAY not a bad guy!

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The final scene is wonderful. They’re very common archetypes, aren’t they? I was wondering if people were getting upset with you last week because you weren’t in love with this show after episodes reviewing it, which I frankly think is just ridiculous. An emotionally troubled young woman makes it her mission to exact revenge against the people who wronged her father.

0s1e08 I figure if I fix people’s html when it’s borked, it’s in my interest if people know it themselves. I love this episode so muuuuuuch because it is so dated and weird and I don’t even know what they were going for! The beauty is in the journey. Funnily enough, this comment got knocked to the moderation queue.

Vikings S04E19 — On the Eve January 4, at 7:

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