He gets scared and leaves. The inspector gets scared on learning about Yash’s identity and so releases the duo. Yash is a widower while Aarti is a divorcee. She asks Aarti to come out with her. Can these writers stop portraying men as infantantile beings with no responsibility of their own actions and words. I thoroughly enjoyed the earlier episodes and Adnan Ali and their small exchanges with Omar.

She asks Aarti to think about the day Ansh would realize that she lied to him about his father. Aarti is further surprised when she addresses her as Arpita. She gets shocked on learning that her marriage was fixed on April 2, which was her and Prashant’s wedding anniversary. Dusri Biwi- Khatam Shud! He tells Shobha that Prashant would neither realize his mistake nor would return home. Aarti and Yash perform their pre-wedding rituals. The drama has been directed by Anjum Shehzad and written by Samina Ijaz. On the other hand, Aarti is upset as she believes that Gayatri has demanded luxurious items from Shobha and Satyendra as a dowry.

Punar Vivaah – Episode 26 – Full Episode. On the other hand, Aarti also recollects Shobha’s advice to get remarried as Ansh needs a father, laet will take care of him in the future. Aarti meets Mansi and informs her that she has accepted Yash’s marriage proposal. When Gayatri and Vidhi perform the roka ceremony, Aarti gets scared. On the other hand, Mansi hands over a phone to Aarti and asks her to confront Yash.

Coming to the final scenes, the drama ended on a seemingly happy note with Ayesha accepting Farah into her home and the 2 wives and the lucky husband remain happily ever after.

Scindia family, except Yash, discusses about Aarti’s proposal for Yash. Aarti asks Mansi to excuse her as Dosro had to speak something important to her. She states that she was not comfortable with Yash. Yash is shocked when Pratik informs him that as per the customs the family would change Aarti’s name dramw Arpita. She feels upset and rushes to her room. Punar Vivaah – Episode 25 – Full Episode. To cancel the bachelor’s party, Paridi complains to Aarti about it.


Geo Kahani Drama Dosri Shadi Episode 07-04-2014

While doing so, Yash happened to touch Aarti’s waist. Yash too is left shocked when he sees Aarti. After the ceremony, the families rejoice. Dusri Biwi- Episode 22 Maryam April 27, Punar Vivaah is story of two individuals Yash a widower with two daughters and Aarti a divorcee with a son who unite in holy matrimony for the sake sake of their children.

I coudn’t agree with you more Can these writers stop portraying men as infantantile beings with no responsibility of their own actions and words. Meanwhile, Shobha tries to convince Aarti to get remarried for the sake of her son Ansh. The last few episodes have been high on drama and secured Osman Khalid Butt and Sana Javed has carved a niche for itself.

Flying car startup backed by Google founder offers test flights. After Yash leaves, Aarti tells Mansi that she has agreed to marry Yash for the sake of Ansh and that she does not expect anything else from him. He gets scared and leaves. Aarti does not reply and leaves.

Yash gets emotional, when Palak questions him whether he miss Arpita. Yash and his family too do not see Aarti.

Dusri Biwi – Last Episode – 4th May – Watch Latest Episodes of ARY Digital

In the evening, when Satyendra and Shobha go out for a stroll, Satyendra expresses concern for Aarti. Yash, however, does not agree with Vidhi. Paridi and Mansi decide to epjsode to the party to catch Pratik and Yash red handed, dancing with the female dancer. Shobha rejoices when Aarti states that she would give a thought to the proposal.

Yash decides to take his daughters to ddosri gaming zone. Shobha tells Gayatri that she had informed her before that Aarti was the only daughter of her parents.


These dramas do not contribute much as far as changing cultural embedded misogyny in all its’ shapes and forms. Aarti feels upset when she overhears their conversation. When Pratik returns home, he informs Yash about it. Aarti runs after him to stop him but fails. She tells him that she would participate as Ansh does not have a father.

Dusri Biwi- Episode 11 Maryam February 10, Aarti feels awkward with Ansh’s behavior. Gayatri tells Yash’s father that Arpita’s mother would perform Aarti’s kanyadaan. To his dismay, at that time, Mansi lxst Vijay move aside and the flowers get showered on Aarti.

I would like to see the positive message arising from tragedy death is inevitable, but how we deal with this in our control. Please enter your name here.

Doosri Shadi – Geo Kahani – Promo

Shobha gets furious and challenges Vimla that she would get Aarti remarried to a perfect groom. Punar Vivaah – Episode 6 – Full Episode. When Yash refuses to dance, Pratik convinces him.

Dusri Shadi Mubarak ho! He adds that he would also write letters to Yash. Yash is surprised to see Payal and Palak dressed beautifully in Indian attires. Aarti is surprised to learn that Palak and Payal were Yash’s daughters. She shares her wish with Pratik. Mansi tries to drma Aarti and tells her that she was looking good and she must not get scared.

Surajpratap intervenes and refuses to accept Shobha’s requests.

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