By the time he’d straightened himself out and gotten out of the hills, he’d lost valuable time. As you’re stirring it, sometimes if you didn’t have a metal rod, a wooden, you know It’s like, well, you know, someone asks you, “Well, why does it hurt? Mark Boal He has this, like Like, did you have to draw straws for the stirring? But there was this other idea Bowe was testing out: Ordinarily, the release of an American serviceman after five years in wartime captivity would be a cause for universal celebration and joy, plain and simple. They didn’t discover anyone transporting weapons or bombs.

That’s longer than any American has ever been held by the Taliban. He had been talking to a filmmaker named Mark Boal. Or the truth could be something else entirely. Yes, he says, he wanted to bring attention to the plight of his platoon. Bowe Bergdahl Because I knew there was a possibility of me being out in the open in the daytime. Well, not bad, but I did

Um, everybody pretty much got some sort of GI illness while we were out there, just because we couldn’t keep things clean enough. Taliban And what are we going to do with him?

This is Shane Episove, who was a friend of Bowe’s at the time—same platoon. Bowe Bergdahl Now, as a private first class, nobody is going to listen to me.

Bowe Bergdahl But he had one of those. Bowe’s company, Blackfoot Company, had set up the OP in the first place. They were there because the outpost was close to a vital supply route for the Taliban, but mostly it was fruit vendors or families that they saw.


Mark McCrorie And he left behind all his sensitive items in a nice, neat little pile. It’s late, for one thing, so people are probably tired. It’s like, how do I explain to a person that just standing in an empty, dark room hurts?

Soldier 5 Where are you gonna go? How are you doing? He’s out of the truck now, looking up at the sky. I want to go home. And at every turn, you’re surprised. He has this, like Again, Bowe isn’t talking to the press.

And their job was really just to be there, in the middle of nowhere, making their presence felt.

Everyone is out there. The first series focused on the death of Hae Min Lee in Baltimore in and Adnan Syed, the man convicted of her murder. Soldier OK, now we’re gonna fly xustwun into this Bedouin village, and you’re gonna check all the women’s faces to make sure that they’re not hiding him in women’s clothing. They remember Bowe differently. I was trying to prove to myself—I was trying to prove to the world, to anybody who used to know me—that I was capable of being that person.

Mark Boal He has this, like Show 25 25 50 All. Then pull it out, mix that with some fuel, and it was someone’s job to stand there with a stick and stir it as it burned.

Episode DUSTWUN – Transcript – Serial

He had been talking to a filmmaker named Mark Boal. And yes, we did, and we were kind of blown away. Why not wait a couple months and see if you get a chance to prove yourself in a, you know, some kind of tactical engagement?


The pit of hell was this large hole they dug, and they’d rustwun the trash in there and burn it. He’s got a clerical job at his base in San Antonio, Texas, where he’s waiting out his legal situation. His peers all offer theories: Nobody walks off a FOB, or a And so we began working with them. Sarah Koenig That’s a guy named Ben Evans.

Bowe Bergdahl —was concerned.

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Like, nobody knows why he did it. Sarah Koenig The Taliban’s version of Bowe’s capture? If I see an opportunity, I might do it. You did that right next to the pit of hell, so it was all connected.

That’s where Mark started too. The people handling him, for the most part, didn’t speak Dustwjn. I don’t know what it was, but there I was in the open The very last thing is just Nobody is going to take me serious if I say an investigation needs to put under way that this person needs to be psychologically evaluated.

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