The Family then head to the beach to play a wrestling game between teams headed by Henney and Jongkook. The Family fly and bus to the local village, with Jaesuk arriving late due to car troubles. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The day of formal filming follows with the Family gathering at a farm village, where everyone sets off for a local river to fish and play their first game. During cooking, Wonhee continues to push the women to do labor, causing ire from Hyori and Yejin. The Family then move on to the fields to organize stacks of hay, but not before distracting themselves with another race game. To determine sleep order rankings, the Family act out a piggyback date scene from Jungmin’s drama, featuring complaints of the men who must carry and endure Hyori’s body weight and a Konglish fight between Jaesuk and Hyori. The voices in the abandoned factory!

Bringing their eels home, the Family boss Chunhee and Jinwook around as they make raspberry wine. The Family separates into two teams to prepare to make kimchi: The Family welcomes guests G-Dragon and Sungrok, who fills in for the busy Chunhee, before heading to the village house. These episodes also feature guest appearances by SNSD: In the forest, the Family act out a martial art movie scene under Sooro’s instruction before delighting themselves further with some bamboo climbing and endurance games. Highlights include Hyori favoring TOP over Daesung as her favorite Big Bang member, Hyuk recommending the need for Jongkook to find a dominating mate, Jongkook being questioned about his history with Yoon Eun-hye , Daesung clarifying his female idol texting scandal, and Jaesuk’s tendency of wearing tight pants. Highlights include Yejin battling Jongkook to reveal his less mature childhood tendencies and how comparable the present day personalities of most members are to those from their grade school days. Following breakfast, the Family perform a morning wake-up dancing exercise before heading out into the mud fields to gather loaches.

Meanwhile, the other Family members play a bedtime game where Sooro tricks Daesung and Hyori into believing he has mind-reading powers. During dinner preparations, “Tall” Park Hae-jin and “Short” elder Yoon Jong-shin went into a cave to fetch locally fermented kimchi. Gathering at the village, the Family admire Yejin’s new perm and welcome Joon-gi. At the house, Jongshin and Jaesuk discover they used vinegar instead of cooking wine, resulting in sour braised ribs.

Highlights include the members’ ages expressed as “levels” and members expressing their future wishes 3 predictions as they jump, such as Chunhee scolding Sooro and Jongshin requesting vietsbu for the “middle-aged”.

Highlights of the game include the Hyori embarrassingly revealing her weight and Jaesuk’s series of face plants into the mud. Highlights include Daesung revealing his text message exchanges with a female idol, Taehyun falling asleep drunk next to garbage dumpster, and Jongkook admitting he cried when drunk.


Sung-hoon is shown to be very scared of marine animals which gives the rest of the members something to tease him about.

In a surprising turn of events, the Family “worst-team” of Jaesuk, Jongshin, and Chunhee win the final race of the day. During outihg, via phone, the Family greet and cheer on with Chunhee, who is away on assignment. At the house, Sooro and Jongshin escape Hyori to procure meat for dinner while Jaesuk remains behind to assist Hyori, to his disappointment.

Family Outing Ep 33 EngSub Daniel Henney

Highlights include Jongshin’s massive heel spacers, repeated falls by Daesung, and Yejin almost performing the splits while being raised. The episode ends with the Family recording a message 333 their thanks for the returning homeowners.

As the Family heads to bed, Jongkook departs to prepare for his comeback broadcast performance the following day.

Dressing up in large latex bib pants, the Family men give each other wedgies, followed by a runway show, before everyone head into the river to catch mullets with large nets. The episode opens with the Family gathering at the airport, traveling by bus to the local seaside village. Meanwhile, Jongkook and Daesung strategize over sleep order rankings as they pick vegetables in the ouying.

Highlights include Chunhee and Brian revealing their less glamorous pre-celebrity birth names and Sooro unsuccessfully attempting to induce Chunhee to declare his respect for Sooro’s acting career. Highlights include Jaesuk singing as TOP famjly Haru Haru and the Family finding a wide variety of fish, as well as a small shark, in their nets.

In the morning, the wake-up mission outig a cooking pot high-kick challenge, with Daesung, Jongkook, and Bumsoo tasked with breakfast.

Upon arriving, the “Family” was “tasked” to experience the county’s specialty—paragliding—atop Mt. Regathering at the house, the Family finish cooking and eating dinner, then perform an individual talent show. During cooking of the kimchi stew, the men discover they’ve added the potatoes too late, so are forced to prematurely serve the stew with the kimchi and other ingredients getting burned, thus incurring the criticisms of the other Seaeon members for the half-cooked potatoes.

Many humorous moments arise as a result of vietsu leaking into their bib pants, with 1 Sungrok reminding the audience of Chunhee with his clumsiness and 2 G-dragon and Jaesuk being held upside down to drain their bib pants, vietsyb mouthfuls of water as a result.

Finally, the Family harvest cabbages before recording a message of gratitude towards the homeowners. Highlights include the frequently errant throws from Jongshin and Hyuk and Jongkook pitifully enduring the sawdust falling on him. Upon reaching home, Jongkook takes out his frustration from losing vietsuh most of the games previously on Jaesuk who in turn begins playing around with other members and ends up receiving punishments as well.


The wake-up mission comprises vocabulary trivia questions. During dinner preparation, Jaesuk encounters difficulty catching eel from the water pot before teaching Chunhee how to pick vegetables, Bruce Lee-style.

Скачать Family Outing Ep 33 EngSub Daniel Henney – смотреть онлайн

Hoesang Village, MuanJeolla. Dinner preparations feature 1 “Dumb and Dumber” having difficulty deciding on how many pumpkin leaves to pick, 2 Jongshin, Jaesuk, and Hyesung attempting to vietsubb season the soup, and 3 Chunhee being bossed around and nagged by the tandem of Hyori and Yejin.

At the house, Jongshin becomes more familiar with Sooro and Jaesuk and Jongshin attempt to rescue the squid stew with ramen seasoning.

Lizzy Song Joong-ki Gary. Earlier in the evening, the dinner mission is started. Samsaeng Village, HongcheonGangwon.

[Vietsub][] Family Outing Ep (Guest: Daniel Henney)

Returning to the house, Hyori and Jongkook set out to pick edible flowers while the others remain to prepare dinner from the caught fish, where Sooro is relegated to being a spectator while Seungwon skillfully trims the squid. During the trivia wake-up mission, Chunhee makes a surprise appearance and is mobbed by Sooro.

After breakfast, the Family choreograph and perform a Natta traditional percussion show for the local village. During night patrol duties, Jaesuk quizzes Hyori about her ideal type before Yejin and Jongshin scare them with screams in the darkness. Later, the Family head to the beach to play a game where pairs squat and balance while greeting the new year.

Gamsan Village, Jeju Island. Surak Village, Sinan-gunSouth Jeolla. After completing this assigned task, the Family join forces creatively to film an advertisement CF for Korean beef, the local cuisine, based on the theme of a “love scandal” between Hyori, Yejin, and Yoon Eun-hye. Following breakfast, the Family herd the goats out to graze, giving the Family the opportunity to play a potato fertilizer sack race game, where foul play and Chunhee’s clumsiness are in full display.

At the same time, Jongshin, Yejin, and Jongkook gather peppers and sesame leaves, with the latter two having fun with wearing the leaves as masks before Jongshin heads off to find some fish and meat for the stew.

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