His sole film, the first silent feature to be made in Syria, was a financial disaster, since it coincided with the first Egyptian sound films. Four short fictional and experimental films during his studies: Born in in Beirut, he studied science and filmmaking at university in New York. Road Victim , 1′, Mini DV. She studied photography before turning to acting in Born in in Baghdad, he studied stage production at the Baghdad Institute of Fine Arts and received a technical training in filmmaking at the Media Academy in Hilversum in the Netherlands.

Rubin, The Truth, The film begins in Nazareth showing a life reduced to violent repetitive rituals, turning neighbor against neighbor in a series of senseless acts, all filmed without comment or explanation with a static, long-held camera. Born in Saudi Arabia, she studied first English literature at the American University in Cairo and then management and human resources at the University of Minnesota. But their efforts were fragmented. He has lived in the United Kingdom since The Arabs had all these. Arabic Dvd Omar el muktar lion of the desert movie for mustfa el akkad.

He studied mass communication at UAE University and subsequently worked in television. She studied mass communcation at UAE University.

Ali the Iraqi22′. He has worked as a journalist and critic. Born in Lign, he studied at the American University of Sharjah. He has made numerous short documentary films. The names of those who have completed at least one fictional or documentary feature-length film shot on 35mm, 16mm film, or in some video format are distinguished by being set in capital letters.

Arab Filmmakers of the Middle East: A Dictionary

These two concerns were brought together inin the last days of the Israeli 33 Day invasion of Lebanon and during the ensuing uneasy truce. Traditional Dances in the UAE: For an opposing view, see William R. Born in in Haifa, Israel, where she flim educated, she moved in to Helsinki, where she studied radio and television journalism. Gold35mmOperation: War is depicted as a tragic farce, boredom interspersed with sudden bombardments, endured by men who dream of a Europe symbolized for them by Anita Ekberg emerging from the Trevi Fountains in La dolce vita.


He has directed commercials and news reports for channels including MBC, Al Arabiya, and Al Jazeera and also worked as an editor on short films. Black Day12′, DV Cam. RedFree Me Cockroach ajher His co-directed first feature was produced by a French-based company.

He shot both his feature films in a wide screen fil, of his own devising: The various attempts at a political solution, culminating in the Oslo Accords in the s and more recently the so-called Road Map, have changed little for the Palestinians, as the Israelis continue their kkalam of building new settlements on the West Bank and of intensifying their occupation. Kaam the first Lebanese sound film in She was born in in Dubai.

Before Sunset ialam, 10′, DV Cam. Palestinian militants responded to Israeli state aggression with a first intifada infollowed by a second, beginning in and still continuing 8 years later, up to the Israeli assault on Gaza. Following the success of his lignf feature, he made some twenty-four commercial feature films between andsome co-produced with Syria. Exilic and Diasporic Filmmaking Princeton, N.

She has worked as a radio and television reporter in Finland. Sneaker13′, Mini DV. The broken wings of the title are those of women in an unenlightened patriarchal society, against which Gibran rails in vain.

In the Maghreb, the preferred pattern has been very different and study in either France or Belgium has become something of the norm. The other, younger, woman, Sahar, lives a very different life as a divorced kalm mother in Ramallah, teaching at Bir Zeit University and working as a novelist. He studied at Ajman University.

She studied at the American University of Sharjah but has spent most of her life in Pakistan. Short and documentary films: Born inhe became an amateur filmmaker while still at college. Once a Child3′, DV Cam. He studied at UAE University.


He studied at Sharjah University. A remarkable and highly active experiment in filmmaking by ordinary people, set up in and run by Hazim Bitar. But the Security Council resolutions did not allow for regime change, so the defeated Hussein was able to survive and subsequently to wreak a savage revenge on those—the Shia in the south and the Kurds in the north—who, wrongly expecting coalition support, had risen in opposition.

But even when living in exile, their commitment to their country and its predicament, matched with a deep concern for the Palestinian cause, is very clear from the documentaries they made during the civil war period. But subsequently, in Algeria, this militant phase—like the work of the Middle Eastern pioneers—has little direct influence on what is to follow.

Significantly, no one close to Tarek is either killed or wounded, and his parents, though left destitute and confused, are unbroken by events.

Inshe co-wrote a book with Charles Hoots: Seeing through the Sand50′. One short fictional film: Peace12′, Mini DV.

Arabic DVDs – New Arabic / Egyptian Movies

There is much truth in the traditional Arab joke quot- Introduction 9 Under the BombsLebanon Philippe Aractingi has 20 years of experience in documentary filmmaking from a production base in France and has recently developed an interest in improvisation. Deep Sight7′, Mini DV. The View with Rifqi Assaf,17′. Short fictional film adapted from a Ghassan Kanafani story: For the past two decades he has lived in exile, though returning to Syria to direct the masterly study of the impact on personal relations of a totally repressive society, The Extras

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