The protagonist sister hears what sounds like an attempt to make a sex joke and walks away without much of an reaction. Sure the end product will turn out bad, but at least the title suggests an outlandish concept can provide campy fun. Les Pieds sur Terre. Danger in the Manger! FBI — Fausses blondes infiltrees. Live Waiter Waiting As for a plot you’re not going find much underneath all its fat. Des Porto Ricains a Paris.

DeRay Davis improv is so bad there’s a scene in the film that splices six of his take of the same scene in a minute. Brown’s Boys D’Movie Mrs. Blaxwell knows how to kill comedy in his own movie, but since this is a comedy Smart is actually dumb for killing jokes. You may have noticed some of the recent changes we have made. Fifty Shades Of Black. Don’t have an account? People National Theatre Live:

Jun 14, Rating: Monsters Unleashed Scoop Scott Pilgrim vs.

Frankenhood () streaming vo hd | Films-regarder

Secret of the Tomb Night at the Museum: Bob Sapp has little dialogue relying allot more on his appearances. Post Share on Facebook. JB Smoove as Leon. I Got the Hook Up.

Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Un vrai petit ange. Bad Grandpa Jackass: La Guerre des Peres. Jasper Redd has a bit more range compare to Davis, but is weighed down by the material.


The Kids Are Alright. Hassan Johnson as Frxnkenhood. Cops — Les Forces du desordre. Since there’s no consequences of any sort in a comedic situation there’s no punishment the characters receive.

It just lacks some major focus. This goes for the streetball basically basketball with a maximum of three players scenes feeling like a waste of time.

Un ange de trop. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Season One Fais-moi plaisir! Norman… Is That You? Another example, once the antagonist discover Frank-E is a reanimated corpse he just goes on with his everyday life.

Il castello delle donne maledet 0 Frankenweenie Frankenweenie 3D Frankenweenie: Save The Last Dance. Therefore there’s nothing funny about it if every situation is passed up as a mundane annoyance. Danger in the Manger!

In the opening scene it opens in a morgue and some bodies while playing cheery music. Le Casse de Central Park. Filled with “black” and “gangsta” dialogue that fail at repersenting its brotha.

My Son Is Gay!! Dead of Night Dysfunctional Friends 0 Eagle vs. Out of the Park: Nothing Like the Holidays.


Il a deja tes yeux. Do the Oscars Need a Host?


The Legend Continues Anchorman: Dolittle 3 Dr. Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ice Age: Reyes Ang tanging ina mo: Movie Info A pair of bumbling morgue workers with little prospect of winning the local streetball tourney finds their odds suddenly looking up after enlisting the aid of a towering corpse that was resurrected by the local mad scientist. He does ffilm up to his last name by making a comedy film that is entirely humorless.

Sel, poivre et dynamite. Also, for nearly an all rap score it has a heavy metal track that sticks out badly. DeRay Davis as Motown. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Average Comme tout le monde Mr.

Let’s go smoke some pot and shoot frankemhood hoops” with no shred or pulse of creativity. Part II Back to the Future: Les Pieds sur Terre. The Movie CornerStore 0 Cornhole:

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