After looking through another point of view I can see why this isnt as big a deal to others. List of Ghost Hunters episodes – Wikipedia en. Says i cant watch it in my location I think Grant could shake hands with a full body apparition and it wouldn’t prove anything until there is a scientifically accepted explanation for the existence of ghosts. Something moved that picture frame on the table with a good amount of force, and it is on video for the world to see. I know this can happen so I found the Ghost Hunters evidence amazing because I can relate to it. The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits, 3rd ed. Buy Popular Products at Amazon!

What does it prove? Search the best articles from across the web and real people on Reference. It was a good episode. I recommend interested people to check out that book. Spookiest Places to Spend the Night. She bolts upstairs to the bathroom where she vomited.

Well, fine, it’s odd. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Once in a while they manage to catch something odd on video or audio. Not saying it’s necessarily fake but it seems so contrived at times. I cannot understand why this is not cashhtown news. Grant set up his digital camcorder facing a chair cashtpwn his room that was known to rock or have an apparition sitting in it.

E5 Ghostly Bounty Hunter. Years ago we couldn’t detect microwaves, thus had no idea they existed. A few seconds after grant gets up from this chair and leaves the room, the chair moves a little bit. We should be able to download the original audio files to listen to but it’s all tied into corporate sponsorship and ratings. It looks like you’re using an Ad Blocker. Eisode TAPS team leaves, delighted with the investigation, and looking forward to a return visit. Related searches cashtown inn ghost hunters.

Grant notes that the pipe and wiring have created what they call a “fear box”, essentially an EMF-saturated area that can cause physical problems or invite paranormal activity. I think it would be interesting if the scientific community would embrace this knowledge and study it, rather than just the opposite. I was surprised to see that no one has posted any information about it here on ATS.


Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. I have noticed that a lot of the “hardcore evidence” comes from grant. They have had other good pieces such as the bed spread being lifted up but this one in particular is amazing. My girlfriend always argues they debunk a lot of stuff so how could it be fake but if everything they found was proof no one would believe them. Well, if someone is super-sensitive, then they might have more of this energy to draw upon, thus facilitating more activity.

The Fear Cage

Some people theorize that certain people are more “in tune” or whatever with the paranormal, and as such not only have a higher sensitiviy, they also “feed” experiences more than someone else might.

I wont get into detail but I assure you there was no one there to throw it with so much force that it woke me from a deep sleep while lying on my stomach. When Jason discusses his experience with on the couch, Jack volunteers that other guests have reported similar encounters. Hunter posted by samureyed I cannot understand why this episose not national news.

CashtownPennsylvania — The Cashtown Inn: They sure do have a lot of compatition now like Paranormal State and Ufo Hunters.

The reason i am so ecstatic about this is because I have had my own experience where an inanimate object was thrown at me while i was sleeping.

I hate to say I’m a skeptic. In the morning, Steve and Dave review the recordings. Almost immediately, she gghost to feel uncomfortable and then nauseous.

Throughout the two decades the pair has owned the inn, there have always been paranormal reports by guests.

Ghost Hunters S04E04 – Cashtown Inn – video dailymotion

Still, it is only 3 occurances, so the odds are not that extreme. This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors. I have said before, I would like to see a new show similar to Ghost Hunters that focuses more on scientific evidence and measurements rather than characters.


I remember the episode where they caught a full body apparition on thermal cam that they could not debunk, it even moved its head! Firstly I notice the odd behavior of the camera men. It really wasn’t that long ago when you put it into perspective. Just wait a week and check youtube!

I hope iinn do Gettysburg itself someday. It would be very easy for Grant to give a small tug on that line from right around the corner. That odd things happen sometimes and we have no explanation for it. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders. Originally posted by banyan the camera crew is from the SciFi channel, and they are not there epiwode film the paranormal.

Next Cashtodn definitely think if it were true evidence they would disclose the evidence and allow for public scrutiny. A statue walks, Betsy Ross’ ghostHessian soldiers dwell in the cellar Says i cant watch it in my location Haunted History TV series – Wikipedia en. She bolts upstairs to the epizode where she vomited.

Watch Online TV Free. An hour later, Kris returns to her work and felt ill once more. For those of you that didn’t watch it, they finished up their investigation at the Cashtown Inn with some pretty decent personal experiences and were lucky enough to be able to stay the night there. And as is almost always the case with this kind of stuff, “I don’t know” is the trump card.

Remember, he knew exactly where the camera was and sat in that chair for a few minutes in the dark. Luxist Web Search Luxist Search query.

We can talk about “ghosts” or “entities” all day long, but what do we even mean by it?

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