Takis Giannelos for Eduart. Eternity and a Day Greek: Four women who grew up in an orphanage reunite after many years with one common goal; to take revenge on the man who abused them when they were little girls. As a result, he gets amnesia and doesn’t remember anything, not even his own name. Ioanna Spiliopoulou for End of an Era. List of feature film series with four entries topic This is a list of film series that have four entries.

I polykatoikia — 45 min Comedy 5. Vangelis Mourikis topic Vangelis Mourikis Greek: In , during the 50th Thessaloniki Festival, the Greek filmmakers decided to boycott the awards. Orestis has got leave from the psychiatric clinic and Pelopidas from prison. Eternity and a Day Greek: Epta thanasimes petheres — Comedy 6.

Marina Kountouratou is a beautiful woman who hosts a silly television show.

Vicky, is also Greek and lives in Australia, but she is a beautiful model. One member doesn’t stand the situation and commits suicide. Five strangers witness the death of a former government official in an elevator of a luxurious hotel and they grek find themselves tangled in a huge mystery.

Thrasos’ family becames inheritor of his dead brother, Apostolis, house and nightclub. Nikos Papadimitriou for End of an Era. However nothing notable happened and the boy loses his belief for his sweetheart person.

Deka lepta kirigma — Comedy 6. Zorba relates his experience with mining and persuades Basil to take him along. Dhanya Veena, better known by her stage name Navya Nair, is an Indian film actress who has starred in Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada films. To kafe tis Haras — omu min Comedy 5.

Greek State Film Awards | Revolvy

He has won one cinema award for the film Pente Lepta Akoma. Unforgettable lines would be reproduced and discussed between friends for a long long time,and they still are. In a Athens,Achilles and Melina get drunk and fall in love. He studied filmmaking at the Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos and acquired scenic design skills at the Vakalo College of Art and Design, a highly regarded speci Member feedback about Apontes: Eglimata Vreek Series On an isolated island, hidden in the trees, there is ‘Dreamcatcher’.


Psithyroi kardias — Drama, Romance 5.

His first deries success was his role in the comedy Englimata and subsequently the comedy Eisai to Tairi mou. Vera sto dexi — Drama 5. Selected filmography Movies Email R20 Sincethe International Thessaloniki Film Festival has striven to present the most innovative independent films from around the world.

moviea When it was relished it was a relief to the Greek audience that was getting tired of nothing interesting and new happening in Greek TV. Five strangers witness the death of a former government official in an elevator of a luxurious hotel and they soon find themselves tangled in a huge mystery.

Member feedback about Get Him to the Greek: Epta thanasimes petheres — Comedy 6. This series takes place at the isolated village of Kolokotronitsi, a place where life has stuck some decades ago. Alekos falls in love mo a married woman, Tairo, and therefore his wife is tempted to kill him. Greek State Film Awards for best Due to a breakdown in the car, he remains in the island more time until it is repaired. Fani Alexaki for Brides. Damianos Zafeiris for El Greco. The Nanny — Comedy, Romance 6.

It released in and star Paschalis Tsarouhas and Tamila Koulieva. She lives alone with her two sons since her husband died a few years ago.


My Favorite Greek TV Series

Aimilia 11 episodes, Basil explains to Zorba that he is traveling to a rural Cretan village where his father owns some land, with the intention of reopening a lignite mine and perhaps curing his writer’s block.

Trivia Australian and Greek technicians collaborated for the production of the show. Irthe ki edese — 60 min Comedy 5. Greek version of TV show “Who wants to be a millionaire”, where contestants have to answer 15 questions to win 50 million Drachmas. Cinema of Greece topic The Cinema of Greece has a long and rich history.

Kato Partali — Comedy 7. Member feedback about Alexander Payne: Member feedback about List of highest-grossing Greek films: Member feedback about Vassilis Charalampopoulos actor: S’ agapo – M’ agapas TV Series A flirtatious successful heart surgeon becomes attracted to a young doctor and her strong independent mother and his life gets very complicated.

Tell us what you think about this feature. Since the festival became international and a separate award was instituted for Greek movies. Oi men kai oi den — 45 min Comedy 7. Akros oikogeneiakon — Comedy, Family 6. Makis Tsetsenoglou Dimitris Kataleifos This is a list of groups, organizations, and festivals that recognize achievements in cinema, usually by awarding various prizes.

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