Go check the masterlist out: Just watch it till the end. What kind of secrets will the family members reveal this time around? A very early Mentaiko Christmas present for all of you! You guys are weird, okay? They brought me back from my dark times when I have fallen out with following idols. For the first time, my sub is not the most ridiculous thing in HaKaTa Hyakkaten.

Watch as the members try their hand at different things, like a maid cafe, a manzai, and even a Majisuka parody! The raw in H! HKT members’ families made funny anecdotal haikus to describe them, guess which member fits which haiku. Stage48 Translate48 Studio48 Chat. Stage48 Create an account! Each show a different guest a member of AKB48 or one of their sister groups is the “customer”, who must choose her oshimen from within the members.

Akiyoshi Yuka, or Mikan, another cute HKT kid that both myself and Half adore, to see her rank, in Fukuoka, would be amazing, this kid is a bundle of joy and for her to rank would be great!

[GUILD48] HaKaTa Hyakkaten 2 ep01 – video dailymotion

This time our release is a collaboration with Blue Mentaiko and as the self proclaimed godfathers of HKT subbing, we took it as a huge responsibility to sub the HKT documentary the moment we found out about it.

Granted we subbed this 2 years too late but a Mentaiko Christmas is timeless. You can watch it and find out how she does! A special thanks to Chuywho is helping me with timing starting from this episode. Mayuyu, Half, Tsunamu Timer: Hey guys, Mayuyu here! You money grabber you. The timing is great. An initial set of 12 episodes aired from October 7, to January 13, And actually, it might not be watermarked! And with this documentary, I hope you guys will come out with more understanding and more love towards the girls.


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HaKaTa Hyakkaten Season 2!

Run along to her website and watch these shows and the extended episodes too. Most of you have probably watched the latest HaKaTa Hyakkaten I subbed and if you watched till the end I announced a surprise collaboration for season 2. Afterwards the members hyaakkaten out a short confession-type scene with Sasshi playing the guy. So I hope to get the episodes out faster and maybe I would be able to catch hakaat with the show.

For the essay writing segment, the amount of Uso subs are either gonna make you really love the episode or really hate it. In fact there is 4 videos, the ones you mentioned and the making of. You can use BBcode in the comments. This is going to end up in the DVDs right? How will the teams fare this time and which group will clinch the victory? Is this a good thing? Would it be easier if I just sub the main speaker instead of subbing everyone who tries to interject?

Everyone, please look forward to our collaboration! Documentary of HKT48 October 11, They were my inspiration to start out as a subber.

Also, sometimes when I rewatch the episode for QC sexson, I realize that I have to pause the video to read the subs. I did manage to slip in one subtle Sasshi scandal joke.

The Documentary is here! Also, Lovetan is joining us from this episode onward. Nonetheless, here are the softsubs:. At the end of each episode, the guest announces her oshimen and awards her a badge with the guest’s huakkaten on it.

HKT48 has always been a dear group to me.

For the first time, my sub is not the most ridiculous thing in HaKaTa Hyakkaten. Well, the current plan is I will still release half-assed subs and AIDOL will correct my subs and release the correct ones. Then Sashihara, the guest and the oshimen chosen by the guest go out to eat at a restaurant in Hakata. Now they are probably my most favorite 48 group.


How do the members act behind closed doors?

Hakata Hyakkaten Archives – Halfnet

Go check the masterlist out: And of course, not forgetting the fans who continuously support us to this day. How to use Contact Info How to help Donations. The DVD bonuses tend to be just as enjoyable! Time and time again they managed to cheer me up and put a smile on my face.

Retrieved from ” http: And who will be crowed sports queen? Will there be any miracles? We appreciate the support and the patience. Personal tools Log in. I want that episode badly: You guys are weird, okay?

And just like Sayaka, I hope maybe some of you would get to know these kids and choose your own HKT oshimen! Naturally as myself and Half are big fans of HKT I decided to drag him off other, more important projects, so he could help me check my translations and get the sub quality up to AIDOL standard. That certainly makes for an interesting confession, it really makes you wonder if she will be able to do it and how it will turn out for her, right?!

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