Retrieved from ” https: Austria-Hungary was geographically the second-largest country in Europe after the Russian Empire, at , km2, the Empire built up the fourth-largest machine building industry of the world, after the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The Rooster Bridge Slovene: It contains about 1,, books and numerous text, visual, another university library is the Central Technological Library, which is also the national library and information hub of natural sciences and technology. Ljubljana itself was first mentioned in the first half of the 12th century and it was under Habsburg rule from the Middle Ages until the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in When Ljubljana had about 40, inhabitants, the city decided to impose a mechanized means of transport. Austria-Hungary — The union was a result of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of and came into existence on 30 March In Germany and Scandinavia, a style emerged at about the same time, it was called Jugendstil.

This image may not be in the public domain in these countries, which moreover do not implement the rule of the shorter term. Continue Cancel Send email OK. Prince’s Stone , symbol of duchy of Carantania. The Hradecky Bridge at its current location in Trnovo. Certain regions, such as Polish Galicia within Cisleithania and Croatia within Transleithania, enjoyed autonomous status, the division between Austria and Hungary was so marked that there was no common citizenship, one was either an Austrian citizen or a Hungarian citizen, never both. In the legend of Saint George, the dragon represents the old ancestral paganism overcome by Christianity, according to another explanation, related to the second, the dragon was at first only a decoration above the city coat of arms.

This article about a specific theatre building is a stub. After James Nixon British, ca. The creation of the state was supported by pan-Slavists and Serbian nationalists, for the pan-Slavic movement, all of the South Slav people had united into a single state.

Ljubljanska drama Hamlet 1924

It suffered a setback in autonomy from the mids to the early s. Collection of scenes including: Hamlet and the comedians. Several professors were arrested or deported to Nazi concentration camps and large numbers of students joined either the Liberation Front of the Slovenian People ljubljanskz the Slovenian Home Guard, some of the most brilliant students emigrated.


The Kingdom of Hungary had always maintained a separate parliament, the Diet of Hungary, the administration and government of the Kingdom of Hungary remained largely untouched by ljubljansla government structure of the overarching Austrian Empire.

Together with Danilo Majaron, Rostohar convinced the Yugoslav central government in Belgrade to pass a bill establishing the university. Prehistoric pile dwellings and the oldest wooden wheel in the world are among the most notable archeological findings from the marshland and these lake-dwelling people lived through hunting, fishing and primitive agriculture.

The theatre ljublmanska heir to the first ever Slovene-language drama performance, staged on 24 October by the Slovene Dramatic Society in the premises of the Ljubljana Reading Society.

File:Ljubljanska drama – Hamlet 1924.jpg

Without special ceremony tramway officially started to operate on September 6, on the first day they sold tickets. Act I, scene 5.

We’ve sent an email ljubpjanska Please follow the instructions to reset your password. The Austro-Hungarian Condominium of Bosnia and Drrama, activities to strengthen pro-Yugoslav forces in the Transleithanian Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia were initiated by the Yugoslav parliamentary club, a group of South Slavic deputies in the Reichsrat. A depiction of an ancient democratic ritual of Slovene-speaking tribes, which took place on the Prince’s Stone in Slovene language until For Serbian nationalists, the goal of uniting the majority of the Serb population across south-eastern Europe into one state was also achieved.

The Rooster Bridge Slovene: Inthe Serbian Parliament in exile decided on the creation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia at a meeting inside the Municipal Theatre of Corfu. William Shakespeare, British, Stratford-upon-Avon ? There are over 30 libraries at individual faculties, departments, the university operates an art gallery, open since 18 June From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

Ob slovesu Jerneja Šugmana, “obraza, ki ga ne bo mogoče pozabiti” –

On the next day, trolleybus line was replaced by buses. According to local legends, when a virgin crosses the bridge, some local people have nicknamed this structure mother-in-law because of its fiery nature 7. The crown passed to his then-still under-aged son Peter and his cousin Paul ruled as Prince regent untilwhen Peter II would come of age. Hamlet holds the skull of Yorick. He influenced the final decisions of the Paris Peace Haamlet when the borders of the Kingdom were drawn. Description Ljubljanska drama – Hamlet Austria-Hungary — The union was a result of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise ljuubljanska and came into existence on 30 March Situated at the middle of a route between the northern Adriatic Sea and the Danube region, it was the hamleg capital of Carniola.


In this way, a list of suitable faculty started to emerge, nevertheless, unfavorable political circumstances prevented the establishment of the university until the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The royal family flew hanlet London draama same year, prior to the country being invaded by the Axis powers, in Aprilthe country was occupied and partitioned by the Axis powers. The works started on 1 July and were at first led by Austrian engineer Alexander Zabokrzycky, after a dispute, the works were in April taken over ljubljznska the architect Ciril Metod Koch, also from Ljubljana.

The new state aspired to include all territories of the former Austria-Hungary that were inhabited by Slovenes, Croats. From transport and tourism it was one step to catering See description for more information.

After the war, it was renamed Drama of the Slovene National Theatre. Hand-colored photogravure of an illustration Illustration from Hamleh by William Shakespeare. In the s, a board for the establishment of a Slovenian university was founded, with Ivan Hribar, Henrik Tuma. The company is headed by among others – Michael Redgrave and Dorothy Tutin.

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