Yusuf says we made a peaceful agreement, how could I break it, and of course, it is not right to kill the enemy who pleads for mercy! I already know a great deal about all that you are telling me, tell me why you have come. Turhan says of course this can be discussed and a middle ground found Kosem says who has exposed? Yusuf says your majesty, forgive me, but it is no the right season for the seas. She was just fine before when we were in the harem courtyard together! Please credit either this page: None of us were worthy of you right?

She continues to think of herself as the only source of power. Haci presents a gift. Of course then it is possible for you even to buy it on the international market. Perhaps something she ate caused her illness. Cinci says stuck in my throat, Ibrahim says drink water. I will grand you the freedom to do whatever pleases you as long as you are enjoying every moment.

She says breathe, Ibrahim, breathe.

He says I have heard that Turhan came to visit you. Then Atike arrives and says are you okay Ibrahim, get up! She says never, I will never leave you alone. Yep, I will dive in the fun with you.

EPISODE 29 (59) MUHTESEM YUZYIL KOSEM: MURAD IV | Muhtesem Yuzyil English Translations

And you, how dare you show teeth to your Valide Sultana?! Just like the palace the Shah in the story you told me had built! Have I done some mistake?


The Janissaries say there is no going back on the cause! You do these things to teach me a lesson right? Don’t worry, your life is under our protection. Atike says Humashah accompany him to his room. Am I not your ruler? Are you willing for this?!

Hareem Al Sultan Season 2 Episode 1

For the person who uploaded subtitles to the series. Lalezar enters with earrings for Sivekar who says ohhhh look at the beauty of these. Notify me of new comments via email. Soltzn wanted to come meet and speak with you before, to explain everything No one is to enter! You did off when them, and now it is my turn right?

Haci says or to Cinci Huseyin Efendi. Am I not your ruler, do not be cruel to me!

Hareem al sultan season 2 episode 1

Your real task was to bring Osman and my favourite back to me! Where is he right now? Turhan says finally your work paid off, I congratulate you.

Melek enters and tells her “your marriage has been done, Humasah says oh God, thank you! This site is owned and operated by blogger user “CrazyTurkVids”.

God is my witness I will keep my promise. And if that isn’t enough you took the people’s wealth from them just to cover the palace in sable! Hopefully she returns and fixes these problems! He says if I know about it, perhaps I could help. The following week there will be celebrations for the wedding, and Atike sultana solfan for you to be present.


The old blog post showed how you can find your way through, but it was in arabic, there is no need for this anymore…. We will experience new things together. We will do harum enthronement here, in the barracks. Turhan says not yet, the most important thing right now is for Kosem sultana to not see me as a threat. You killed Sivekar sason, because of taking your earrings.

Dp says your majesty wait, don’t. Shall she seasob the String Haseki over us?! Kosem says and would I allow that? Ibrahim says what did you do, did you take care of the elders? It is possible to watch the series from episode 61 on youtube. Koprully and Turhan exchange grump glances. Huseyin says they have put our prince in the monastery, he will pass through the training for Pope. No one knows when, how and in what way.

Ibo says did you not hear what he said Cinci? Kosem says were they cleaned well?

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