The majority of the deck’s AoE is designed to sweep up small minions: The meta is the ladder, the ladder is the meta. Actually if you get lucky and curve out razorpetal weapon backstab elven into kobold and maly evasion vanish vanish kobold prep vial break weapon both razorpetals you can beat out zoo. So for 20 dollars the price of a normal cheap video game , you are not even garanteed legendaries. Paladin is back to its control roots, with N’Zoth to add as a win condition that old school Healadin lacked. SHudderwock shaman in the same tier as mill druid?? Following this strategy, Odd Paladin aims to use its minions and buff cards to make efficient trades and ultimately go in for a lot of face damage to win the game. Awedragon’s list is very combo based going as far as playing Coldlight Oracle and Prophet Velen.

May 18, at 6: Recently, Even Warlock has gained a lot of popularity on the Wild ladder. Druid’s access to an abundance of taunt minions and the ability to ramp them out quickly makes reaching the late game much easier than other C’Thun decks. Finally, because they’re seeing no success on the ladder in the current meta, the least we can do is give them a shoutout Standard Control Warrior is the quintessential control deck that picks up value through weapon removal in the early stages of the game. As a ftp player how do you reccomend me get this amount of dust? In Rastakhan’s Rumble, the deck did not recieve much support in Wild, and some of the other combo decks in the format actually recieved support, so the deck has been ultimatly placed in Tier 4, as the deck has been performing rather poorly.

April 15, at Ramp Druid is a deck that revolves around playing a lot of big minions after ramping up your mana the early turns. Good luck, I hope things turn up for you. Greetings, I am Tirth Mehta from India.

October 17, at 8: Tweek2k 3 years ago.

The early drops provided by the cultists of C’Thun helps Priest keep board control from the ssason game. Big Rogue is a very fun deck to play, but it is essentially like going to the casino. The Magnetic keyword allows Mech minions to be merged together.

Since Secret Hunter has such a low curve to begin with, it’s also not a big deal to have to regain any Mana Crystals that you may have lost. I feel like i have to donate my life to the game to hit legend now. The deck has begun to be less prominent on ladder, but with the recent success of the mentioned control decks, one could see a rise in N’Zoth Rogue to counter these decks. Secret Hunter remains relatively unchanged from Rastakhan’s Rumble since many of the new Hunter cards were designed around Beast synergies.


All meta decks are ladder decks, but not all ladder decks are meta decks. I’m off to make mid-range priest a thing. Portals Official site Blizzard Entertainment. Odd Paladin revolves around the card Baku the Mooneater, a legendary minion that places a deck-building restriction of only including odd-costed cards.

Every game last minutes? October 22, at 4: Moreover, aggro decks are the only one affordable. Many players are experimenting with Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End as a win condition, it will be interesting to see if it will find a place in the core of the deck or not.

Whether this trend will continue, it’s hard to say, but it is definitely seeming to be a decent tech choice for the time being. Odd Rogue Odd Rogue was one of the targets of the latest nerf patch. The major culprit was Even Paladin by a pretty large margin, but The Caverns Below didn’t help the case for slow decks either.

Yes, but I think that is mostly it meant the end of the worst meta ever, ONiK. The deck was mostly pushed out by regular Midrange Hunter, but you can still see it from time to time on the ladder. When Blizzard started work on The Boomsday Projectthey knew they wanted to bring the Mech minion type back in a big way and searched for a mechanic that celebrated Mechs but also felt different from the Mechs in Goblins vs Gnomesthe expansion that first introduced the minion type.

Hearthstone Meta Tier List – The Best Standard Meta Decks (February 2019)

Tech Cards Last, but certainly not least, there are a host of surprising cards both new and old making appearances in these varied lineups. Waerior Shaman is a deck that tries to use early-game minions to take the board and try to finish the game with burn. Looking forward to it. Tempo Mage didn’t recieve any new tools seaxon Rastakhan’s Rumble, so we’re featuring Roffle’s 8 Legend list again.

While still being great against Zoolock and Shaman, the Yogg-Saron factor gives you some hopes of lethal against control decks. Zul’jin gives Spell Hunter a more controlled Yogg-style affect allowing you to refill your board, remove minions from your opponent’s board, and refresh your secrets.


If innovation warior this keeps happening, warrrior Freeze Mage will make a comeback and start climbing the rankings, instead of falling down in them. Pally is actually pretty good, i think. It is a bit inconsistent, but still a okay choice to ladder with imo. C’Thun warrior still finds itself amongst the tier 1 lists by being the most flexible control deck in the meta. August 26, at 1: In most situations, this will leave opponents in an unwinnable position.

The spell-focused gameplay of Rogue simply cannot keep up with the minion pressure from Zoolock, Aggro Shaman and now Dragon Warrior. But I have yet to see a Yogg-Saaron that actually did good for its summoner. Removed and updated some lists. Hearthstonelutra 2, at 7: Kingsbane Rogue is a deck that combos the Kingsbane weapon with a lot of weapon buffs, such as Deadly Poison and Leeching Poison.

Ultimately, one designer had the idea of Modular minions being “sticky”: Slamming down a discounted Archmage Antonidas then proccing it once with a uearthstoneultra spell then allows the player to cast free Fireballs infinitely, with the full Exodia combo being playable in a single turn. You must hsarthstoneultra that guy that copy various decks aggro ones I mean and even disenchant to build such decks… just to hit legend and comment like you are a good player… hahaha.

May I suggest trying out Cube Warlock?

Here’s What’s Being Brought to the First HCT Championship of – Hearthstone

In addition to this, Sharkfin Fan a new pirate from Rastakhan’s Rumble has helped push a more pirate themed archetype for Aggro Paladin. Or maybe, just maybe some people have fun while they are winning.

The Tier 1 decks in Wild are pretty much the same as before Rastakhan’s Rumble was released, so Kingsbane Rogue can still take advantage of the polarized meta, stomping on control decks and struggling against aggro decks. Still, even without new additions to the archetype, the powerful Druid shell from previous expansions makes Togwaggle a relevant force in the Wild metagame. May 1, at 3: The deck can also hold its own against aggressive decks with its removal options:

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