Carrie is a pretty self-absorbed person, so that’s not surprising. No good catch – he was kind of bearing his soul and Carrie is As in that character who’s becoming really conflicted over what’s going on around him. Sarita Choudhury as Mira. And not even “The CIA”. Dana is on a road trip to Orlando, Florida! And that’s something worth remembering as Homeland’s writers once again attempt to tiptoe across a crater they themselves created. Otherwise expect untagged spoilers up to the latest officially aired episode in any submission or comments section.

The key to predicting how people will act is to understand their true motivations. Gerontion Original Air Date: My first was senator Lockheart. I was predicting something crazy like Brody. Catch up with previous episode blogposts “Have you ever done anything but make things worse? The Americans, Staffel 5.

Brody is a washed up terrorist, hell even one of his own “Muslims” turned him in. Dec 15, Security forces close in on Carrie and Brody. My second theory is Peter Quinn.

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He has definitely put on a few pounds. They never tell us why the cops don’t pursue the investigation any further. Brody returns to his faith for guidance in an unexpected way when he finds himself facing increasingly desperate straits.

Homeland, Season 2 subtitled. Saul tells Javadi that his bombing campaign was too small, and was beneath him. Another ponderous and Brody-less episode was turned on its head in the final five minutes with two game-changing revelations.

Yeah I’m really starting to dislike her character. Saul unveils his high-risk plan for Majid Javadi as he, Carrie and Quinn battle to keep the operation intact. View All Photos Nov 3, Carrie turns the tables on the mastermind of the Langley bombing, but recruiting one of Iran’s most powerful operatives has dangerous consequences. Otherwise expect untagged spoilers up to the latest officially aired episode in any submission or comments section.

Carrie meets a new client over breakfast and learns that the crippled CIA can still exercise power when needed. The actor who plays the Mom had her baby mid October so hopefully the Brody family has been written out for a few eps.


Oct 14, Full Review…. Yes, Quinn confesses to the murders and they let him go, but why?

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Just look at this from the POV of the Senator. I had a couple theories as to who could have helped in the CIA bombing. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Already have an account?

View All Critic Reviews The police have a photograph of Quinn from the neighbour’s security camera, and despite Subtitls attempts to pull in a favour and brush it under the carpet, they want answers. It has taken until the midway point of the season, but Homeland is finally back in its groove and driving forward with the handbrake off. It was an A- for me, the most cohesive and least problematic episode of the season.

Meanwhile, Saul gets a win from an unlikely source; and Dana struggles with her new life away from home.

Quinn in a towel. House of Cards, Season 5. Carrie investigates and ultimately becomes obsessed with returned POW marine Nicholas Brody, who may or may not be an al-Qaeda-trained terrorist; Brody struggles to resume his life with his wife and children whom he barely knows.

Out of the CIA and living in Berlin, Carrie is trying gerintion start a new life but realizes now she’s the one with a target on her back. That show was Homeland, and it is still keeping us guessing, only this time, it isn’t about whether Brody is a terrorist or not, it’s whether the writers have lost the plot. Homeland Season 3 opens during the aftermath of the horrific terror attack that decimated the U.

The Senator saying, “What the fuck? I initially subtiles it was genuine hesitation based on a legitimate attack of conscience; and then I thought Back in the U. Then goes straight back to it when Carrie asks him nicely. We’ve seen him broken down, and begin to show emotion after two innocent people died was a slow start as to who he is as a person.



Can Quinn’s disillusionment with the CIA lead to him exiting the show by season’s end and getting his own spin-off where he travels the world being a badass?

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Quinn, troubled by the collateral damage from a recent uomeland, tries to take matters into his own hands. Jul 22, Full Review…. Nov 17, After new information comes to light, Carrie and Quinn pursue a key suspect in the Langley bombing.

He started failing that polygraph and stormed out of the room. The return of Homeland that reminded me of the deeper ways in which these fictional series are raising issues and asking questions about Washington that even journalism isn’t. Saul Berenson Mandy Patinkinnow CIA chief, also feels the heat subtitlew the probe and it begins to undermine his efforts to revive the Agency.

Meanwhile, Dana runs away and Jessica seeks the police’s help in finding her; and Saul follows the money trail to an unexpected location.

This also means that Brody is cleared of homeladn involvement, at least to Saul and now Lockhart; however, I’m not sure how the CIA can hold its hands up and say: He’s was also a detective on Homecide: Brody embarks on a high-stakes mission, but his fragile condition threatens the operation.

The hoemland I interpreted this is that Saul is going to do something on his side that will make Javadi an even more powerful man in Iran. He openly tells Carrie he’s fed up with all of the collateral damage the CIA is leaving behind. View All Videos 1.

True Detective, Season 3. Quinn promptly has another moral wobble and retires from being a black ops spy assassin. I’m sad that no one got the reference. It gfrontion the CIA.

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