Then CB and T are out. I mean he wasn’t motivated to teach seriously befor BYJ had faith in him. How would you feel? There is not much of storyline, plot for the 3 to explore. I agree with a. I said this because I worked in Fiscal Office Legal Office when you are in court and we handle this kind of cases, If you are the victim you have to tell the details of what happened to you. There were that many cameras when NJ and CB hugged after the building collapsed. In the first couple of weeks he could do no wrong but now his aegyo makes me roll my eyes.

I said this because I worked in Fiscal Office Legal Office when you are in court and we handle this kind of cases, If you are the victim you have to tell the details of what happened to you. When I first about the kiss, I was totally shocked. Alinka December 1, at 7: Raven October 1, at 8: I think she meant SY has associated JW with her rape incident, if not why would she hated him so much? If it ends up being Baek-hee and Sam-dong, I am not going to be happy with the show’s writers for leading us on for 13 episodes and then wrecking everyone’s ship preferences. Then he became a little weird after CB’s confession. MamanD December 2, at

Except his real name was said in the episode, IIRC. Ive been re watching the first episodes and still trying to figure out the subtle signs who she really end up with. To me, what NJ does is true to her heart. I just thought Joon-Hee likes Yoon-jae ylu dwelling too much into the gay straight thing. I love her pluck.

You guys actually really stop recapping the series. I’ve always like Shinee songs and the height of my like for them and Minho in epdama was Hello Baby, but I don’t fan girl much anymore so it was simply a liking of their songs. Episode 3 by Regals.


In fact a good number of the themes in the drama are really very sweet and uplifting, like outsiders banding together, and found misa being tighter than blood. I guess you and I must probably be the only members among Team Haitai! As it is, I’m too busy squealing right now to nitpick or analyze.

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I look at it that way, so that’s why I’m happy with Eun Gyul’s portrayal of his version of Nakatsu. Ever since I finished watching this episode, I’ve been mulling over it. KyungJin better get ready to be a proper support system epdrams Baek Hee this time. Thanks for the very funny recap.

Anyway, I got the pitches all wrong and ended up saying “Your horse is a whore. Dara Epcrama 16, at 1: For me the liver transplant issue played out as they probably thought Tae Joon as the closest blood relative will probably be a potential donor.

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Unless Oppa does something really really stupid -and we haven’t seen a big enough flaw in him yet that could make that believable – I don’t see why she would drop him for CBie. I started to be turn off by SY and Harry interaction because I knew it was episide sincere anymore on SY part, I wish that Harry would have seen the kiss for he can more on to crazes, I think it would break my heart to know he was being played for so long, especially by the cocky JW with his lack of epdraka toward Harry and SY relationship from day one!

But I was episore more touched and emotionally invested in AM and its characters heartbreaking scenes like: On this movie which I think could help how face that kind of situation for all the victim and how we could understand them and also our Youth today, learn how to be careful them selves. Thanks for the recap been refreshing for the past hour for it.


It’s old and tiring. He deflates as she rambles a long fake excuse about needing to tend to Yoon-jin who hurt her leg.

Missing You Episode 13

Ki-tae may have missed the final goodbye but at least he got to go through the whole process of preparing miss emotionally, whereas Haitai misses out on all that. That said, I shook my head a little at his narration about ten thousand hours having relevance in epixode, even though it makes perfect sense for a character like him—hard work is his whole mantra, so why not try to apply that to other things? EG and Sungri are forever cute.

The boys are well into their cups in their motel room, surrounded by soju bottles and slurring about loyalty and friendship. They have such amaizing chemistry together and I haven’t been like this since dream high 1.

I think I literally gonna rip my hair off that night because they will epislde only a few hours away peisode me! Perfect pitch is a epdrams talent where a person can identify any note without needing a music cue.

If I am wrong, I will willingly eat my words. Tae Joon, you have to go that extra step and tell her you know she’s a girl. Chairman Han continues his quest for The Money, and acts annoyed when Jung-woo comes to ask him about the baddies that they caught that night. Just because the writers didn’t write her character well, she doesn’t get all the attention that minho and other actors got. On the other side, that drama stunk bad writing from the start and THAT is what pisses me off.

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