Does this make sense? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Start the movie and pause it when it loads and begins playing. If a reader of this post can try to replicate your issue and confirm if it works, that will be greatly appreciated. I got it working this way windows 7 and firefox: August 24, at September 28, at

When you exported it, did you select UTF-8 encoding, as prescribed in my unstructions above? I have been developing custom subtitles for Netflix content for two years. Click on the File menu and select Save As to do that. Hi, thanks a lot for the turorial, and could work for me. Subscribe in a reader. August 13, at

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You can then watch whatever is on your computer on podnapsi TV. Try it out and let me know what your experiences are. March 8, at When you say that it does not work with the Friday Night Lights series, can you describe in more detail what actually happens?

If so, do you know of any resolution or new method of inputing subtitles on to Netflix movies? October 29, at For illustrative purposes in this post, I will be using The Perfect Host movie and Spanish subtitles for that movie, which I found on the PodNapisi web site.

Hi Fendo, I think the main reason for the limited choice available in your country is primarily agreements that Netflix has to strike with the big production studios for streaming their content online in international locations. Sometimes that happens to me and what typically solves the problem is to log out of Netflix, close the browser, then re-open the browser, log back into Netflix and try to load the subs again.


December 30, at This may sound like an obvious question, but did you try to fix this problem by logging out of Netflix and restarting the browser?

All apple users deserve to have their spines removed. Ron, I think I have experienced a similar problem a few times in the past. Another reason for your problem may be that there is something wrong with your DFXP file. April 29, at You know, two minds work better than one.

Hello Thanks for your post I was wondering how to add subtitles in Netflix, and I finally found a more simple solution!. Let me know what the outcome is. So you need a converter box. Although the show is often very violent, the women of Colombia come across as very family oriented and loyal.

Narcos has brought us some problems.

September 17, at As far as I know, you can always sign up for Netflix and then cancel i. For example, see the following site for such set-ups: Pondapisi plugged them in but nothing,maybee the settings on my computer or something,Seems like it should be simple but so far I am unsuccessful. But this time no matter how many times i try.

Arrow (2012) S07E02 – English subtitles

Netflix true crime series Narcos spurs huge demand for Colombian women. For example, if the first phrase comes out at 1 minute 33 seconds after the beginning of the movie, mark that down.

Regardless I am going to give netflix a try. Please subscribe to my blog to be notified every time I post something new.


Hi Aiman, thanks for the kind words. Heres my two cents when im asked to locate the DFXP file.

Suits (2011) S07E14 – English subtitles

engpish August 14, at Funny that you ask why Netflix does not allow for foreign-language subtitles to be added more easily. When you exported it, did you select UTF-8 encoding, as prescribed in my unstructions above? A quick look at the first few lines of the subtitles reveals that they are lagging about 1.

Update — July 19 March 30, at July 19, at There is any work around to solve this?

This happened in Mac OS Englieh March 7, at I have a small question: December 4, at The subtitles in the SRT file seem to be lagging approximately 1. Over the past year, the properties have been tracked down by individuals thinking they will find large qualities of cash hidden, thus we sometimes podnzpisi holes all over the walls after a tenant leaves. Hello Emil, I just subscribed to Netflix with the 30 day trial, I have yet to try your instructions but prior to doing it I wanted to know if there was a way to set it up for playing the movies on my PlayStation 3.

Glad you managed to resolve your issue with special characters.

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