This one almost made me cry. And when Mahender goes into the bathroom, she hurriedly goes outside and asks the station master whether there is a ladies’ waiting room at the station. Notify me of new posts by email. However, Maya hears Sudha’s anger on the phone and by the time Mahender reaches to pick her up, she has gone away. Look forward to more rev Mahender leaves to try and get some food for both of them, and Sudha, left alone, tidies Mahender’s belongings which he has scattered haphazardly all over the room. Thank you for the reminder. The characterization is perfect.

So the immediate recollection that I have with Hindi songs is not there anymore. I can listen to this song in a repeat loop and not get bored. A sudden uncontrolled outburst from Mahender makes Maya realise that she was the cause for Sudha’s departure and that Mahender misses Sudha deeply. In short he’s a real, flawed man, not a ‘hero’. Ashish7 Feb 08, The film illustrates another facet of Indian women in form of the parallel heroine.

No one makes obvious attempts to salvage their broken relationship but there is a sense of connectivity and comfort that gets established instantaneously Through a series of flashbacks, the past unfolds; Mahendra Shah is in love with a progressive-minded Maya Patelwho does not believe in marriage. So what is your question again? Soumya 1 April at And to my surprise I found a movie from three decades ago, which understood people as much as it understood their inter-personal relationships. Check dialgues David Lean’s “Brief Encounter”.

Will have to see Mem Didi. I have a vague recollection of having listened to ijjaazat song! I only wish that I could internalize the message about best revenge Arth move the story of this women’s search for her identity.

Based on Shakespeare’s ‘A Comedy of Errors’, this is a story of identical twins 2 pairs and mistaken identities. When all women, or even a significant majority of women, have true equity with men, then such roles can be downgraded from necessary. For a certain section of audience, the movie may be slow and unmoving. He’s such a mess that he still dialouges her reliability, years after their separation. Your review was welll justified and as good as theis movie is.


Therefore asking us – would we brand her as the ‘other woman’? Mera Kuch Samaan is an absolutely wonderful song. Thanks for reminding me.

Apu – I didn’t forget the music. Just responding to a comment below.

31 Years Ago, This Hindi Film Had A More Mature Take On Love & Marriage Than Most Films Today

Bolo kya kiya jaaye The movie is highly recommended to the ones who love to watch sensible and sensitive cinema. Naseer had infused flesh and blood in his character and made it credible. And as you say, his version is never a ‘copy’.

Without that end, the movie might not have the everlasting impact it creates I mean, it wasn’t just my ‘memory’ of it being a good film. Anu Warrier 27 March at He is completely conflict-averse, and that is what leads to a whole lot of problems. Tusshar Sasi April 1, Tanuja grows up right in front of you in the song, from almost a girl to her usual looks of early 60s.

The film belongs to the art-house genre in India known as Parallel Cinemaand won two National Film Awards in the music category. As this thread seems old.

It says “I love Mahinder” in pink script. Sorry you’re feeling blue! Also, what would we do if we were in the place of Rekha’s character? Somehow the story, Maya, Mahendra I did not like.

Now tempted to watch it again. That brought to mind the movie it was taken from – a story of marriage and extra-marital relationships, told, unusually enough, from the viewpoint of all three of its protagonists.


Asha Bhosle delivers an album of a lifetime — there is no word unmatched, there is no note unpleasant. I just cannot stand such people. Jatugriha was also made into a Bengali film by Tapan Sinha with the same name.

Anu Warrier 9 April at He shows the letter to Maya, which is why she leaves that night so she can convince Sudha to come back to Mahen. On the whole, there is magic in the way Gulzar saab traverses trough each frame.

Ijaazat With Dialogues

You Might Also Like. Bobby Sing submitted on 09 Apr, Thanks Rakshit for your kind appreciation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I dialkgues up listening to and cherishing the classy songs of the film.

Ijaazat – Wikipedia

The man turns to look, irritation writ on his face. I’ve been sitting and reading it non-stop for 4 continuous hours now, putting aside everything I ought to be doing: She is beautiful, Anuradha, isn’t she?

The stills from this film always make me interested, and then I promptly forget about it. Read only the first few paras and then realized the mention movue the song, thanks to My frnd down jiaazat, hmm thanks I don’t know how, nor do I have enough Rekha movies to get the right moves.

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