And I want them to work on Windows Media Player. The Conqueror of Shambala. Watch it on SciFi for now. A link to fanfiction. Does Anyone nkow any good irc channels to download Gundam Seed Destiny. I am blind, downloaded 2 different eps of the first one, and one was avi MB , and the second one was rmvb 78MB , and it was on dile-up. Hey does n e 1 know n e good sites to download the english version of the inuyasha movies? These are a couple of my fave anime torrent sites… http:

And is there any sites where you can download naruto starting from episode 1? Hey narutofan, although i agree with shadowblast, you can find avatar at http: Some one please give me the all eps of Yu Yu Hakusho or tell me where to get it. Anyone know if the Naruto dubbed is going to be available anywhere? Oh, I already kno about youtube, so dont tell me that one. Anyone know where to get direct English episodes of Shaman King? Ive been looking everywhere!

Does any one know where to download Midori Days? Then you can put it up for download. I also like bleach but there are plenty of bleach site out there. Full Metal Panic complete! The best place to watch kyo kara maoh season 1, 2, and 3 is Youtube and Crunchyroll.

Where can you watch knockout season 2 English dub

However, sometimes a video may be removed by the video host, but they are pretty quick to fixing the problem. If it at all helps you, i usually go to inuyashaworld. I need a website that is fast and no Bittorrent or anything like that. Hey anna, try crunchyroll. Hey Mouki thanks for the username and pass for help with inuyasha.


My only source is destimy internet. Again, epieode to them would help somewhat.

Also, updated list epksode our media: I need Movie 3 preferably with english subs, ikiktousen original japanese dubbing. So I cant download Jkkitousen programs. Yeah, do you need BT sites, info sites, referal sites? Does anyone know any sites where you can direct download NO crummy bittorrent! I am looking for information type sites. I also want Sailor moon but I dont think they are available but if they are email me and lemme know pleeeeease. Hey, um, I bet no one will help, but i need some.

I was just lookin for Shaman King… I might just buy the DvDs, rip em, and put em on a site of my own for the world to download. Yes it would have the English dub voice actors. I am looking for Fruits Basket episodes in.

Best Anime Sites

I bet there you find a nice Site. You have to wait for them to finish. Where can you watch Engllish My Goddess dubbed in English for free?

I have to keep most of the leechers out. And Yu Yu Hakusho, Slayers full episodes? The best place for Anime Video Game reviews.

Before i go insane! Hey narutofan, although i agree with shadowblast, you can find avatar at http: Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?


But, I think that I will be using bittorrent. Not to mention the community is amazing.

Best Anime Sites | ForeverGeek

I will have the first and second one on my site by the end of the week, as well as I iwll be having the third one on there. I know of a good place to get torrents and that is: Bankotsu, I searched up Inuyasha in kazaa. Conqueror of Shambala movie subbed? Subs are your best bet. eestiny

The page at the top said Parent Directory, and then it had a list of Inu episodes with. For inuyasha websites there are more for real player than there is for windows media player i know that http: Can anyone tell me the exact URL so I can find it again??? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Here you will find nearly every episode shown on Cartoon Network but are not yet available to purchase. Does anyone know a decent site for direct download inuyasha movies?

In Black Butler Anime and Manga. I just want to watch it once. Where can you watch Ah your Goddess Season 2 English dub? CAn somebody please tell me where i can get them!!????

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