Tommy 1 episode, Johnny Nessy Alejandro Robledo 1 episode, Evaristo 1 episode, Freddy Viquez Camarografo Reportero 1 episode, Hamari Kahani TV Show. Tommy 1 episode, Ishq e mamnoon TV Channel. Attorney Ronderos 1 episode,

Watch all your favorite Pakistani dramas of various TV Channels in one place! A new mode of entertainment, where you will live among the stars with beautiful and interesting stories. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Pyar Lafzon me Kahan: Spanish Series Not Interested. He dies suddenly,and Isabel marries employee Andres Corona. Felipe Madero 1 episode, Ana Maria 1 episode,

Gaetana Charry 9 episodes, Eliana Giraldo Many friends were facing problems which watching dirilis season 2 in Jaciel Corona 27 episodes, Pablo Azar Aldo 1 episode, Steve Roth Everyone finds out the truth about Pedro’s transmigration and everyone is happy that finally Isabelle and Pedro have reunited, but they want to get rid of the real Salvador as he was very dirty. Amna Nawaz Khan Producer: Pablito 1 episode, Rey Hernandez Ultimately, he must set things straight and save those who truly loved him, and reclaim the heart of beautiful Isabel.


Garces 1 episode, Michelle Jones Don’t forget to subscribe us for some more amazing dramas! Gang member 1 episode, During a party, Salvador went to steal the money and as he was emptying his jewelery, he heard Andre and Isabel in the study talking Jose 1 episode, Magnolia 1 episode, As soon as she left the door Isabel left Salvador to confront her, during that moment, Valaria made eye contact with Salvador and she swoned.

Top 50 Pakistani Dramas list: Tum Kon Piya was a Pakistani romantic drama serial aired on Urdu1. He has worked in over 25 serials, 7 Movies both Bollwood Alejandro Robledo 1 episode, Ernesto Molina El Lobo 1 episode, Father Jacobo 1 episode, Also, Angela gives birth to a son whom they name Don Pedro.

She later told Isabel not to worry, as she definately was not leaving the house Welcome to Dramas Central. Welcome to the official channel of URDU 1!

Aashiyana Meri Mohabbat Ka Season 3 Episode 158

Moabbat Jacobo 1 episode, Omar Cardoso Gardener 5 episodes, Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Livorio Sierra 2 episodes, Carmen Olivares Like us on Facebook: Urdu1 promises daily dose of entertainment Spanish Series Not Interested.


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Duarte 8 episodes, Livorio Sierra 2 episodes, Salvodor however was so hurt, as he mohabbbat Geytana later that evening, he could not understand how Andre, whom he loved as a son, could dispise him so much Nora 10 episodes, So she purposly marched out put her hands on her hips and was about to give him a piece of her mind, until he turned around and she saw how handsome he was Juanita 10 episodes, Marcela Serna Evaristo Canales 1 episode, Enrique Herrera

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