In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Episode 6 – Kufa Dwellers. Episode 36 – The Bears of Aunts. On the evening of 17 October Mukhtar’s men clashed with government forces. The Glass Agency Husayn’s grandson Muhammad al-Baqir praised him: Watch now on “UnMade”.

The most important happenings are: Support for Mukhtar’s revolt came from two divergent groups: He executed most of them, including Umar ibn Sa’ad and Shimr ibn Ziljawshan. Men of Anjolos TV Series The Umayyad army was defeated, and many of the senior Umayyad military leaders including Ibn Ziyad and Husayn ibn Numayr al-Sakuni were killed. Muawiyah , a companion of Muhammad and the governor of Syria , who had been at war with Ali , invaded Iraq. Their History and Doctrines.

A Tehran mullah-in-training struggles to take care of his ailing wife and their children in this profoundly moving melodrama. I slew everyone who had taken part in shedding their blood and I have continued doing so until this day The Victory of the Marwanids, A.

Use the HTML below. The Messenger of God After expressing some doubts, Ibn al-Ashtar eventually joined him. He wanted to establish a new government that is guided by the word of justice according to the teachings of Islam prophet Mohammed. Mukhtar ruled for only a couple of years and his control was limited to Kufa and its surroundings, but his ideology survived after his death.

Episode 23 – The Uprising of Nsma. Mukhtar returned to Kufa where he declared Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyaha son of Alithe Mahdi and the Imamand called for the establishment of an Alid caliphate and retaliation for Husayn’s murder.

Mukhtar al-Thaqafi

Episode 20 – The Last Game. He had invented it to increase his support among more religious people and compared it to the Ark of the Covenant[30] episdoe but Julius Wellhausen holds he was not the originator of the concept. Mukhtar and his moive planned to overthrow the governor and seize control of Kufa on Thursday, 19 October 14 Rabi al-Awwal 66 AH.


Although Mukhtar had pro- Alid [b] tendencies from a young age, an incident from his late-thirties suggests otherwise. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Episode 24 – The Government of Law.

[Serial] مختار نامه Mukhtarnama – Episode 25 – Urdu –

The Prophet and the Age of the Caliphates: Translated by Ostle, Robin; Walzer, Sofie. Yes No Report this. Episode 39 – Mlvie the Giant. After his release Mukhtar resumed his revolutionary activities. Uddu this review helpful to you? Edit Storyline Mukhtar Thaqafi is a Muslim leader who wants to take revenge to the murder of Husain bin Ali against the ones who he considers the enemies of Islam, not just by killing them but to stand against the government that supports them.

Mukhtarnama – Episode 25 – Urdu Video –

Having lost their commander, the Kufans retreated in the e;isode of another Umayyad army. He took power in by expelling the governor of Kufa and ruled for nearly two years.

A government bodyguard protects a politician from a suicide bomber, and then begins islaamic question his dedication to his job. A History of the Muslim World to That evening, after ordering the execution of all mama Syrian captives, Ibn Anas died from an illness. Episode 30 – The Scarecrow. Black Banners from the East: From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.


The Arab Kingdom and Its Fall. Saint Mary TV Movie This story basically follows the most important happenings in Prophet Josephs life, from the view of muslims. Start With a Classic Cult.

After the assassination of Ali by a member of the Kharijitesa rebel faction opposed to Ali and Urduu, in Januaryhis elder son Hasan became Caliph. Prophet Joseph TV Series Saeb 9 episodes Mostafa Khademi Eslam The latter names her Episode 40 – Flying. Want to Make a Cult Classic? While early historical accounts are unanimous in portraying Mukhtar in a negative light, [68] modern historians hold a variety of views.

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Therefore, I took over this region and became like one of them, except that I sought to avenge the blood of the Prophet’s family, while the other Arabs neglected the matter. Al-Abdul Jader, Adel Episodee.

The governor left the city after being bribed and threatened by Mukhtar.

Abbasids used this as a propaganda tool during their revolution to enhance their legitimacy claim and to appeal to pro-Alid masses. Peyk 29 episodes, This idea became influential afterwards, especially in Shia Islamwhere it became one of its central tenets.

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