Sat Apr 07, I used my old edims on a compatible old-school system winxp, gt etc It can do Hz fine even at x , but when I connect it to my computer.. What are my options if I can’t reach that high? Hopfully theyll give me the experience Im hoping for. My main reason of bringing this up is, not having to shell out a couple grand on a new TV, Graphics card and Shutter glasses just to experience a little 3D action.

There’s this very interesting video site which is about to open called Vreel. I cant play 3d dvds on the iz3d mediaplayer. This topic is locked from further discussion. Beyond this distance we actually begin to throw away display resolution. Has anyone had the experience with this type of convergence of 3D? Also have Steroscopic player 1. Needs manual activation from E-D. Users browsing this forum:

A proper description of that mode can be found here. It is not a problem you would get from glasses in the movies or Nvidia 3d Vision. I know for a fact it supports at least Hz at x, not sure if that includes x How bad is the performance hit in shutter mode compared to anaglyph?

I had one about a year ago and sold it because it hurt my eyes and i dont wear any prescrition glasses.

IZ3D: PC games in 3D on your monitor with this driver! – PC/Mac/Linux Society – GameSpot

How many of you have done anything like this before? Bing [Bot]Google [Bot] and 0 guests.

The site admins announced it’ll have some kind of plugin feature. Anyway, this anaglyph 3d, are you sure it causes dizzyness or is mofies just your opinion?


IZ3D: PC games in 3D on your monitor with this driver!

This topic is locked from further discussion. Pretty sure it can do hz at p???

Last edited by Zerofool on Mon Dec 20, ajaglyph Any details smaller than that simply blend together. I been talking to Yuri about it a little as well.

Just wait for a while and see what happens from the IZ3D-team first. Xsan3 Follow Forum Posts: You’re not exactly right. If you use interleaved output in combination with the e-d-activator you’ll have perfect sync but with anagglyph resolution. Segya One Eyed Hopeful Joined: Bring back the main forum list. Cant find it on their site and want to test it out, especially as 1.

So, Any comments on any of this????? But if you really want 3d you should try Movoes 3d Vision which gives you normal colors and from what I heard doesn’t give annoyances like dizzyness and headaches. I think the filters are a bit off because the 3D-effect is so much worse with my glasses than my father’s Moovies the 13th 3D-glasses and sometimes does not oz3d out all that it should. Mon Feb 25, 3: What are my options if I can’t reach that high?

I believe the e-dimensional dongle has a “line-blanking” mode, which is used in conjunction with the interlaced driver. If I understand your question correctly, you ask about the options to get full-rez per eye shutter mode, is that correct? And does it also require high fps count to keep sync? Mlvies Ive been living under a Rock, since Ive recently discovered that there are downloadable programs that can convert a lot of modern games in to Anaglyphic 3D format.


This equates to 1 meter of distance for every. Lastly, Ive also realized that Nvidia Control panel has a feature that supports Anaglyphic anwglyph as well. Previous topic Next topic. Sun Apr 13, 2: Use the optimised anaglyph 3D option its slightly better.

Hello, new member here. There is no ghosting or flicker with their extremely clever single display solution.

And what kind of glasses do I need to view it in 3d? As far from Hold Display guys as possible!!! Tue Feb 12, I think a new player is in progress but i have no idea if it will support dual outputs though.

anaglyph 3D gaming . Questions..?

Wed Mar 17, 3: I used my old edims on a compatible old-school system winxp, gt etc Download IZ3D software it has anaglyph 3d support for free. Will the player have support for filed-sequential movies any time soon? That’s interesting, but it appears that I’m spoiled and I can notice imperfections on even higher resolutions even with AAso I guess it’s very individual thing, I guess that’s one of the things that separate videophiles from the rest of the normal people.

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