December Turned out very beautiful. March Johnny, thank you for taking the time to write this article and to post the samples! Looking forward to the update. December Would you ever consider giving a photoshop tutorial on this? May Hi Johnny, I found the tutorial really helpful and the pictures are beautiful. I also adjusted Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation. I shot a roll of film which I was really excited about, got it home, opened up the back of the camera, and something looked a bit odd- I realised straight away what I’d done.

A LR tutorial would be amazing on how to convert your digital raws into film-like edits. Lenses with good optical quality will help and not hinder you. The film isn’t gonna get enough light. May Just found this article. You will get significantly better colors and overall more authentic results with the current workflow that Rebecca uses in her products, especially with an updated sensor and the latest version of Adobe Lightroom. I may of had to embrace the horrible world of lousy skin tones and colour balance, but hey, at least I can still shoot with integrity, thinking about what Im doing!

This article has been a great eye opener for me to the difference between film and digital exposure.

Film does not give you these exact colors unless you apply a custom color profile while you scan or in post productionwhich is nothing different than applying a custom RGB curve in Lightroom. What do you think the future is for analog photography?


Denise, thanks for your ovrrexpose words. Your page is great and I will keep a eye on it. Thanks and have a nice day!

Overexposing vs higher film speed

To make ocerexpose write-up a little more plausible I asked my wife to borrow her Contax no joke this time and shot a roll of Fuji H with an exposure bracket of five stops. Once I got into Lightroom, I could see the the airy pastel effect on the foreground which was pretty but the sky was just blown out completely. If you then over expose by two stops, the total change is over exposure by one stop. I still receive quite a few emails about this topic and would like to provide a solution for everyone who cannot wait: Scanned on a Frontier SP I specified for brighter contrast, neutral contrast and neutral colour during scanning.

No beautiful film workshops to attend and meet like-minded people.

Care to recommend a book or camera to get started with? Thank you so much for sharing this article! I researched labs in the U.

I think a little more experimentation on my part is required. Either will reduce the amount of light and the colors will also saturate. There is no reason to feel like an idiot. RaymondCJan 29, I personally use Lightroom 4. August Thanks for fiilm feedback and your question, Fabiana.

Overexposing vs higher film speed | Photography Forums

When you rate a film at a higher film speed than it is you under expose the film. December How do you process overexposed film? Would you by any chance still offer a Lightroom 5 preset of the workflow demonstrated in this article?


Thanks so much for all the info!

A slow car needs this much time 30 mins to get home. But I love the film look and colors.

Great interview, thanks for sharing. An enthusiast from Malaysia. In theory metering with a retracted bulb reduces the amount of light that falls onto the cell of your meter and with pointing it down a little you take the proportion of the sky back a little bit.

Jose Villa

The idea behind rating the film a stop slower is only to give it a full stop more of exposure with every shot have a look here for more information. This means he overexposes by one full stop per default. Thank you for your time! As the vlla tones get lighter with pastel post processing, you need a certain level overexpoze saturation and contrast in your original picture to achieve a subtle and natural looking result.

I am totally addicted. Thank you so much for this article!

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