For the former, after getting the deep vision for your team, you can path back to getting a full clear and recalling or looking at opportunities. Strong junglers can invade and come out unscathed, especially against tank counterparts. These are masteries that will give damage immediately to a jungler on this tier of the ferocity tree, and that utility far outweighs the damage Battle Trance will give you overall, because Battle Trance damage only applies during combat with champions. Counter jungling is the act of invading the enemy jungle and killing their monster camps. Landing the kills quickly is important to ensure you do not fall behind on money and experience. Most monsters in the jungle carry a buff that will last for a couple minutes, making you stronger or faster. Arachne excels at this thanks to her life leeching. Usually, junglers start with the camp closest to the bottom lane duo because this allows them to receive as less punishment as possible, but if the jungler is on the red team and the champion has ways of attacking faster then they can start at Krugs.

You’ll have to prioritize ganks over camps and do your best to help out your team before it’s too late. Vision Route A When to do this? Decent guide, however, some things already were changed like scuttle crabs as for example: Maybe a bit into the middle of the lane close to your turret but that will require you to be in lane for a decent amount of time for the ward to pay itself off. Certain content reproduced under license. It is important to note that jungling is not solely about getting buffs for yourself and only ganking.

Because junglers have a disproportionate impact on the game as a whole thanks to their freedom, you must pre-plan your approach to the game and that begins with the champion you pick. In case you play the jungler who is weaker early then you should ward the bush bbasics your buff and the river because the enemy might try to do this.

Jungle in LoL | Jungle guide: Best items, Champions Tier List, Safe Routes

If they cannot do that, they are too slow to be considered viable given the necessary early pressure a jungler has to now produce. Whatever method that you choose to be rid of the jungling person, make sure to start with Ward.


If you manage to catch the enemies in your jungle by surprise then you might win the ensuing fight and snowball the game from that. It can’t be as simple as just killing creeps and grabbing buffs.

After hitting a plant you can choose where your help is needed, on top or on mid lane. The event will pit regional rivals against each other in grudge matches for glory and bragging rights. Killing Baron Nashor gives another very important team buff. If you cannot counter their gank you can kill their monsters and steal buffs. Each type of Dragon gives a different buff: So what can your team do to help control the jungle? Its compatriots on Tier 4 are not as worth it for a jungler either, in so far as they do not help with your clear.

Mid-Season Invitational Who will own the Rift when fourteen regional champions clash at our international showdown in Berlin and Paris? Hunter and assassin gods tend to be best at this. Invades are more popular, and hers are more safe now that you have another rappel target in plants. Usually, junglers start with the camp closest to the bottom lane duo because this allows them to receive as less punishment as possible, but if the jungler is on the red team and the champion has ways of attacking faster then they can start at Krugs.

Pro Tips: Rule the Jungle

The problem with this role is that there are very many people, especially among beginners, who do not know how to effectively play it, being one of the hardest roles in the game. Scores Standings News Guides Videos. Wards are basocs item of choice to allow for this kind of knowledge.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Similar to Ganking Route A, this route is meant to create early support onto solo lanes if they have a lot of kill pressure or are prone to being pushed in.


Not only is your moment-to-moment gameplay vastly different from the constant trading and minion-killing of lanes, but you need to approach the role with an entirely different mindset. Rengar seems to have been a good and patient kitty, as he was the beneficiary of a massive rework after suffering a long-winded period of subpar play and win rates. The most obvious will be the buffs you acquire.

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Broxah mentioned sacrificing yourself, and donating kills to your laners is exactly that. The most notable example is Olaf, who struggles to find a relevant keystone mastery for the jungle with the removal of Strength of the Ages. Third, and last type of the junglers are the counter-junglers. Jungle monsters much differ from the casual minions, they gave levels and never hit you first.

As far as bassics junglers go, Zac and Gragas provide similar strengths; both are strong initiators and can lock enemy carries in frustratingly long crowd-control junglig. Matches are a Best of 3 Format.

Ganking Route B When to do this? Tanks will also be able to jungle at this point, so long as they can output enough damage through their jngling to make the kill occur quickly. If you are, then you can solo him just fine. Even if you’re not able to get ganks off, make sure that the enemies are aware that you’re around looking to have an impact, and that if they make the smallest mistake you’re jungliny to punish them for it.

Scryer’s Blooms spawn between 3: As such, junglers should be more inclined to take the other two masteries in its place in order to clear their jungle faster. Customise your esports experience by showing or hiding spoilers site-wide.

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