So late already u want to watch BD? Before long, he also lost his heart to this sweet angel. Despite his passion for music, he was denied the chance to have a career in this area by the instruction of his stepfather. Love was a foreign emotion to him. To others, he is the ruthless ‘crown prince’ with such capability that he is admired for his talent but yet unapproachable. It was amazing to witness Min Chul’s gradual transformation from the cool, reserved man to the caring, loving husband every woman longed for. Tanushree Dutta-Nana Patekar row:

Never miss a great news story! Sign up for the daily ET Panache newsletter. Classic Romance to Remember When they were little girls growing up, they got a visit from the president of a large record company and his stepson, Sun Jae Ryu Shi Won. However, Yeon-soo’s sincerity and illness touches her and they rebuild their relationship. Khan, who was today sentenced to five years in prison for killing two blackbucks about 20 year ago, has been kept in ward no.

She was unwilling to show her soft side to anyone, except Yeon Soo, for fear of appearing vulnerable. Orphaned since young, she finds a friend xay Yeon-soo but her misunderstanding towards Yeon-soo creates a rift in their sisterly love. But yet, the wall crumbles when he meet Yeon Soo.

Sung-chun’s involvement in the murder was covered up. Must-read BD articles – posted by Ella. Register a new account. Megaupload instruction diagrams by Hyc. My all tym fave drama!

The realisation of Yong-jun’s actual death and his actual birthright corners him into a dilemma. The Victory Showroom Kiss!!! They ostracized him totally, making his attempts futile. There was something special about her that distinguished her from the other women that he had mingled with. He did not believe in love, until love came to him in the form of Yeon Soo.

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SBS Official Site l koreanwiz. Hence, he could only pursue his passion under a pseudo identity, ‘Zero’. She 4eh his life with her sweet disposition and genuine smile. Sign up for a new account in our community. Kim Yeon Soo Choi Ji Wooa simple, kind-hearted and sweet-looking girl who grew up in an orphanage. Sun-jae’s father was murdered by Sung-chun in before Sun-jae was born. Before she could stop herself, she gave her heart to him completely.


In a way, it was also understandable why she behaved the way she did. Indeed, love does wonderful things to people and eay has the power to thaw even a heart made of glacier.

Initially, he had only meant to tease her, as he had never met a woman like her.

Her warm personality had enabled her to have many friends at the orphanage and they also enjoy being around her. Falling in love with someone is like drinking juwt. Despite San-jae’s affection for her, she stands firm in her love for Min-chul however her illness lands her in an emotional struggle of her love for Min-chul. Boisterous and helpful, Na-rae is Yeon-soo’s closest friend and confidante. Salman Khan is ‘not aware’ of the case.

Before long, he also lost his heart to this sweet angel. Impressed with Sae-na’s talent, she offers dram an opportunity to be a singer. Review by Zhen Yin at soompi. In Beautiful Days, Lee Byung Hun as Lee Minchul, fully demonstrated his charismatic screen presence and acting powerness, creating one of the most unforgettable character in Korea drama. Sae Na wants to be a singer so Yun Soo hopes that she will see her there someday.

But ultimately, true love prevailed.

Qaidi No. 106, Salman Khan, served dal-roti in jail

Kind-hearted and submissive, Myong-ja is a victim of circumstances. However, Yeon-soo’s sincerity and illness touches her and they rebuild their relationship. 4ah blood pressure was later declared normal.

Drag according to your convenience. When Min-chul finally realises the truth, his amiability warms her and she looks forward to better days dama unfortunately, the truth of Yong-jun’s death crumbles her, guilt-stricken, she turns to suicide. The BD-family soompi threads. Managing a Michelin-star restaurant is like a CEO navigating boardroom challenges: Sun Jae’s real father iust killed by his stepfather although no one knows the truth. On the reported threat to Khan by a gangster, Singh said, “We are thinking of keeping him with some other prisoners from tomorrow so that he is not alone considering the threat to him.


I didn’t see this thread To him, his sister was his most important family and he would do everything in his power to protect and dramw for her, in order to let her live a happy and carefree life. The path is often strewn with ups and downs, as well as difficulties.

A famous singer in her heyday, Kyong-hee was framed by Sung-chun for sya drug charge. He bore a bitter grudge towards his father throughout the years for not fulfilling his responsibility as a father. Not even Yeon Soo’s illness could tear them apart. However, fate dealt a harsh blow to her and shattered her dream of fulfilling love, when she discovered she had a terminal illness.

InYonsoo leaves Sena at the orphanage to look for a job and earn money so that Sena can join her later. The drama brings his acting career to greater heights creating legions of fans that are noo by Lee Byung Hun. Salman Khan’s appeal against verdict postponed to April 3. In spite of his aloof facade, she found her heart drawing close to him. Sooraj Barjatya, Salman Khan to reunite for another family jut.

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