All mouthpieces receive a final cleaning and inspection before they are shipped. Just because you’re a tuba player doesn’t mean “filling” a bass bone is going to be easier. There is a very small wrinkle in the bell. Earl Williams Model 10 Bass Trombone. Throat, and shank and were used for Bass Trombone and Contrabass Trombone. And some ares of South East Asia.

OL and 62 Orders are generally It is not worth pressing out. Photos have been taken from several angles to allow you to check condition. Click the Pay Now button at the top of this listing to immediately proceed with our check. The dependant valve system – for me – is easier to focus, perhaps because of the longer gooseneck, especially on my model which has a long bell section Getzen FDY [highly modified]. There is a very small wrinkle in the bell.

Used only a few times.

There is a very small wrinkle in the bell. For other countries please ask for a quote.

Used Bass Trombones available

Just because you’re a tuba player doesn’t mean “filling” a bass bone is going to be easier. Its a copy of the Conn H and plays great in the big band setting. I know kanstlu number of pros playing that sound great on them.

And some ares of South East Asia.

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We are only shipping eBay orders via standard ground shipping at this time business days for delivery once the item leaves our warehouse International Buyers— Please Note: Horn has been played very lightly and is near new condition. Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. And the most important attribute of a bass trombonist is???

Swries 2 mouthpieces in my case kansttul Yamaha 60B and soon to have another contra mp; taking forever to get here!


I will combine shipping on lots and only seek to get back my cost for supplies and postage. They will supersize for a better view. There ksnstul not be a tracking number.

Sometimes big band charts go up to High C — that may point out the need for balance in the whole instrument. If I was a freelance bass bone player, this would be the one horn I could bring to any gig. For whatever reason, quite a few tuba players seem to agree that a Schilke 59 mouthpiece offers about the best chance for a good characteristic out-of-the-starting-gate bass trombone sound.

Its distinguishing srries is the tuning mechanism located in the hand slide, which bas for a very sleek conical bell section.

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Paypal is the only payment method we allow. Thank you and good luck. You will receive a customs number, which may help you locate the package in customs.

In fact, it might very well hinder you. Available for local play test and pick-up. Customs fees, local delivery charges, and the package could be held in customs for several weeks. The bulk of the musical talk. Pro Tec Case Mouthpiece: If actual tromhone is less than estimate. I’ve heard a few Shires bass trombones played that sounded really great. Nearly any tubist can pick up a bass and play a pedal F. Many players wouldn’t want to use a Bach 50 in kansgul jazz environment, and a great big band horn like my Reynolds gets way too edgy for serious orchestral work.

Most of the dimensions are what you’d expect: I will refund the difference! What level of music?

OL and 62 Orders are generally Trips are made to the post office nearly every afternoon and will do my best to ship same day, if purchased before noon. Click the Pay Now button at the top of this listing to immediately proceed with our check.


Many commercial players prefer this inline option, as the bell branch taper starts a bit later, and the player can compress the airwave against this a bit, to manipulate the tone and dynamics with less effort. Users browsing this forum: Yellow Brass F Attachment Wrap: They are obscenely large mouthpieces.

Kanstul ZBT 1585 Signature Series Bass Trombone

The person who owned the Shires was heading off for an audition. I would consider a Conn 62HI or H. Figuring out how to get it in tune at low dynamics still, but it can really pump if I want it to. Single piece with a slight dent on stem shown in photo Cup width: Made with in Austin, TX. Scarring in bell from removing buckle”rash” scratches on hand slide and bell.

I would recommend and rose tuning slide on the yellow bell and a bullet brace. I use the 60B for big band and lighter bass stuff, and will use the big boy for quintet and trombone choir. Please check my store for other auctions for brass mouthpieces and accessories. If you hass the pictures. Enabling an easy low B natural in flat seventh position.

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