Turgut is using all of his connections in order to get Nazif sign a confession. On the top of all this, sergeant Yasin takes in custody Mahir and spends the night in prison. When Serra is sure that Turgut is in love with Feride, she goes to talk to Feride. He’s determined to take back the money even if he puts his life in danger. See also TV Schedule. His father is being charged with the murder of the head prosecutor. The two most famous shows by URDU 1 ever are as follows:

Feride is keen on giving him the maximum punishment and enforces his warrant first thing early in the morning. Turgut, who follow constantly, decides that he has had enough, and makes an astonishingly shocking decision. You can share this latest Episode of Rishtey Episode 88 with our viewers and you friends. Karadayi is a Turkish television drama series produced by Ay Yapim. Commissioner Yasin wants to help to this job. Feride decides to learn who’s Mahir Kara. Mahir, in unexpected move, forms an alliance with Yasin, because he knows that the reason for removal Feride from the case is his fault. Home Dramas urdu one Karadayi.

Ibrahim flees shocked at the news that Necdet not only wants to kill him but has also brutally murdered their childhood friend Vedat, something Necdet blamed on Mahir. Writer of the drama write this story very well. The famous Baaghi drama based on the life of late social media sensation Qandeel Baloch is another fresh and unique topic.

Turgut is caught up in his lies after Mahir’s investigations.

Mahir is thinking that with the discovery of the fingerprint his father will be released, but is faced with another obstacle.

It was established back in in Dubai, U. This amazing stance of URDU 1 deserves a lot of our appreciation as it is very rare and almost absent in other channels and media houses.

When she learns that Mahir will be spending the night on the island she is devastated. All of these shows are family shows, provide entertainment, awareness, and are also worth watching. Mahir is exposed, Necdet shares this news with Turgut who in return directly tells Feride’s parents about the real identity of Eepisode Ipek.


Yes, the fingerprint does not belong to his father, but the final result is not what Mahir anticipated.

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She learns some things that surprising her. The crew and actors performed best in this new Mai Souteli Episode Feride realizes that Mahir has lied to her, and consults with Turgut.

When the channel started its telecast, it presented the programs in a blend of both local and foreign content. All evidence that might prove his father’s innocence are destroyed and Mahir sees no other way than to urd1u at his father’s trial with surprising outcome.

Nazif meets with Ayten and he decides to engage Mahir and Ayten in their next meeting. Kader who had abandoned her son 30 years ago, comes face to face with Mahir. Be kagadayi first one to add a plot. Mahir and Yasin are able to locate Uru1 and before Necdet kills him, he tells Mahir that Necdet is behind everything.

Karadayi Full Episode 88 – 24 April By Urdu1

While Mahir is searching for ways of getting his father confession reversed, Turgut is investigated who this young attorney is that keeps getting in his way. Karadayi, a series based on the story of the quest for justice and love, is one of the biggest shows in the Turkish drama history.

Mahir and Feride’s fight for life and death, leads to Feride be wounded. Both make moves to win Feride. All videos hosted on third party websites. After the trial Feride leaves the town to karasayi away from Mahir. Turgut, who follow constantly, decides that he has had enough, and makes an astonishingly shocking decision.

Yasin and Mahir are playing a game. Orhan falls more and more into the trap of Necdet and even helps kardaayi with his karadwyi business.

karadayi episode 88 on urdu one

Turgut, who is now certain that Mahir is there on a secret mission, is looking for ways of ridding himself of Mahir. See also TV Schedule. URDU 1 has also steeped in to the Pakistani fashion industry. On Nazif’s trial day, Geveze Ahmet, one of the key witnesses to the trial, is shot in front of the court before being able to testify. Everyone is playing his trump card few hours before the trial. His father is being charged with the murder of the head prosecutor. The employers as well as the employed of this holding group are extensively talented and experienced too.


Oops, your web browser will be unsupported soon. Both the countries watch this drama. Mahir throws himself on fire without realizing it. All of these are experienced people in the fields of Media, Telecommunication, and broadcastings.

Famous dramas on URDU 1 Urdu 1 has this given us the best ever dramas in all genres and on all the topics. He stands at a cross road where he must choose between an impossible love and justice for his father. Turgut instructs Necdet to murder Nazif Kara in the prison. In order not to give up on the innocence of the case Mahir, goes over the truth regarding Emin with Feride. In a very less time of just years, URDU 1 broadcasted some very exceptional programs.

Feride is devastated and seconds before the wedding proposal from the man she knew as Salih, her world falls apart.

Mahir leaves the ball before the evening is over. However, the truth that he learns from his father has shaken him up.

You can share this latest Episode of Mai Souteli Episode 29 with our viewers and you friends. And because they have missed the last boat back, they are forced to stay on the island. Feride, who still cannot admit it to herself, she is falling for Mahir.

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