Free Anime in AU Update: Noriaki Sugiyama as William T. In the Aegis VII colony, where the Red Marker was found, there are some suicides and murders and the people are slowly going mad. Teaming up with Logan, the pair seek out the villain to exact their revenge. The List Dec 22, Like any war story worth watching, God Eater has a relatable cast of heroes to root for, forced to battle through situations where the stakes are literally life and death.

Yu Gangjin as Mr. A fated encounter unites Guts with the charismatic and deadly young man named Griffith. Won-Seok Seo as Fred Abberline. Jae-Hyeon Lee as Paula Ranmao. He goes through many hardships after joining the syndicate but he is willing to risk everything as long as he can be close to Maria. Carly Hunter Justin Cook.

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Like any war story worth watching, God Eater has a relatable cast of heroes to root for, forced to battle through situations where the stakes are literally life and death. Daiki Hachimaki Sound Effects: Right after his infiltration, episore U.

Takayuki Furukawa Director of Photography: In the Great Kanto Desert, scattered humans eke out a living in the hot sand. Collectibles Nov 24, Alexandre Coadour as Bardroy Grell Sutcliff. Michael Tatum as Gyuanime Michaelis. Anime Boston – Funimation Apr 5, Posted 12 October – Michael Pan as Undertaker.


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Sebastian Fitzner as Ciel Phantomhive. John Swasey as Undertaker. Dakaretai Fnglish 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. Tony Stark is a physicist, an engineer, and the CEO of a major arms manufacturing company. Works ep 5 Production Reed 5 episodes eps10, 16, 23 R. Funimation Industry Panel Jul 30, Welcome to Tdoane’s Official Forum! With that in mind, we come to Gangsta.

Chunibyo Demo Koi Ga Shitai!

Black Butler (TV)

Harukata Kinoshita Executive producer: Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Viscount Druitt eps 4, David Production eps 6, 13 Production Reed 4 episodes eps 4, 10, 16, Driven by a quest for status, the Karneva exert military and social prowess the likes of which have never been seen before. Posted 03 October – Tamori Suizu Format Editing: Although Adlet might not be the strongest man alive, he is a savvy warrior, as are all the Braves.

I only really enjoy dubbed anime cause needing to constantly read subtitles and not being able to understand what’s going on because it’s in a different language kinda gives me a headache. Monica Rial as Mey-Rin. Takafumi Kawakami as James ep 7 Villager B ep 8. Netflix Latin America Licensed by: Junichi Suwabe as Undertaker.

Carly Hunter Justin Cook. Taku Iwasaki Original creator: See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings.


Posted 10 October – So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season. Hiromasa Ogura Chief Animation Director: I just recently started watching anime in my spare time and was wondering what websites could help dhb out in my current situation.

After being infected by a Phantom during one of her experiments, Aki Ross and her mentor, Dr.

Best Dub Anime (win over 100 diamonds)

Since then, smaller spacequakes plague the world on a irregular basis. So if anyone could help me out with a list of websites that have a good collection of dubbed anime, preferable one that has AOT on the list, it would be greatly appreciated. It’s too bad a lot of good anime have only a few episodes and many of them don’t get a new season.

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. However, it is Arslan’s destiny to be a ruler, and despite the trials that face him, he must now embark on a journey to reclaim his fallen kingdom.

Kana Uetake as Ciel’s mother.

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