Choi Min Supporting Cast. Just keep clicking Hearties! Jae Kang tells Jae Ha that if he refuses, he must quit the army and be kicked out of the Palace. Now we have the confidence that we can stop it. One comrade has a metal pin in his foot from a childhood injury. I loved it too!

What more when skinship is already involved?! I will seriously miss this show! So hearties, are we going to continue on clicking or we’ll wait in July? I think the writers want to tell us that a disaster is coming. I can’t let go. I love the two main characters, and even the side characters are fascinating and show so much potential depth.

Jae Ha defuses the situation by saying they were joking around.

I think we can add the fact that JS was wearing black kinf the kihg of ep 19 ; and there’s an irony there, while JS is celebrating a staff’s birthday, SK’s life is about to end. They’re like the dream team. Add and Subtract Game. But I wanted heats emotional beat. Said future troublesome member is currently getting officially discharged from the army.

Oh btw, talking about symbolism. The drama shows these different aspects to Jae Ha, making him feel really three-dimensional and believable as a entitled prince who nevertheless seems like a good guy deep down.

Lee Seung Gi perfectly portrays a typical rogue prince whom will only satisfied when done according to his wishes. Ha Ji Won Main Cast. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.


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Is it the official voting which determine the winner in the awards? AnneMichelle “A man is manly when he knows his self worth and feels comfortable with it.

Posted April 2, I’m so smitten about our Ah-Ha couple too abhahaha. Lee Soon Jae Supporting Cast. Lhej May 27, at 6: He doesn’t set up expectations for her as we sometimes do in so many relationships, only to be disappointed when they are not 33. I loved everything in this drama!

The King asks her name?

The King 2 Hearts

Just check this article: Like JH was such a brat in the beginning but then did his best to be a king. She puts out her hand for a shake and he sees the earpiece in her ear. Hi luvs, I’ve replied some of your comments in Lee Si Eon Supporting Cast.

Prepare your tissue dear: Hang Ah is told that the final member from the South Korean side is the Prince, the younger brother of the King.

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Ra Mi Ran Supporting Cast. I even can name the dramas for each kind of hero and heroine.

She toys with the guy a bit, but then the guy gets serious and manages to land a kick that causes Hang An to bleed. As ejg said, they set the bar high. I can only spare 1 more hour before I go to the office but I’ll ask my kids to click this for me through-out the day Jae-ha is headed to the border to try and speak to someone from the North, and she asks to be the one to go.


How long can we vote? In the bigger picture, it is about how people need each other. Jae-ha holds out his hand. This baby looks good and hits me even better as a viewer. K2H set the bar high.

Osi May 28, at 6: I dont think these have been posted here. Her commander tells her that nothing will happen, she needs aub do this for the sake of their country.

I don’t usually re-watch and re-watch episodes, but this time it is different. I love the OSTs. Right off the bat we see how pretty this drama is, and the cinematography is fast-paced without being jerky, and the editing either speeds up or slows down appropriately with the context of the scene.

On the contrary, I believe JH is turned on by it. I am your Unni?

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